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October, 2015

October 30, 2015  10:11 AM

Azul’s Zulu gets early support for upcoming Java 9

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Development tools, Java

With Oracle using this week's JavaOne conference to reaffirm its commitment to the Java platform, third-party tool maker Azul Systems debuted an early access program for Java 9 support in Zulu, its open-source build of the Open Java Development Kit (

October 29, 2015  8:40 AM

Adobe fesses up; will fix the app it broke

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Application development, Customer feedback

In an  earlier IT Knowledge Exchange blog post, I wrote about how Adobe, in an astonishingly poor effort to simplify, completely changed the import procedure in its Lightroom...

October 28, 2015  8:30 PM

The value of Big Data is big. Really big. IBM says so.

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Big Data, Mobile & Enterprise Application Development

Visit any of the TechTarget family of websites or e-publications and Big Data is everywhere. It's unavoidable. Inescapable. IT isn't about applications, it's about the data. Think of all the things we do with big data: collect, validate, authenticate, store, de-dupe, access, secure, encrypt, back...

October 22, 2015  12:17 PM

How ready are your apps for IoT?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Bandwidth, Cloud Applications, Internet of Things, iot

We all know that "things" of all kinds, limited only by your imagination, are already demanding all connectivity all the time. But, you ain't seen nothin' yet, if the predictions of those in the predicting business are accurate. Are your applications and the platforms they run on robust enough to...

October 16, 2015  9:25 AM

What if you build it and no one comes?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Amazon, Application development, Cloud Applications

Application development isn't easy. That's why the profession of software engineering is so valued and why talented cloud and mobile app developers -- like you -- are continually sought after. That said, how do you feel after pouring your soul into a project, only to see it flop and get yanked mere...

October 9, 2015  7:26 PM

I hope your apps are better than this

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Acceptance testing, Application development, QA testing, Software Quality Assurance

Today, let's do something different. Instead of offering up my own opinions, I'll let others hang themselves with their own words. Suffice it to say, test your software fully before shipping it out. These aren't kids cloistered away in their bedrooms building apps for fun; these are commercial...

October 6, 2015  9:31 AM

Fewer, bigger cloud apps, or more that specialize?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Cloud Applications, Consolidation

You'd think we're in a cycle where the number of cloud applications in enterprises is on a steady increase. I would have thought that, too. After all, the rush to decimate legacy IT has turned into something of a drag race. But, according to one study, we'd be wrong. In its

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