Head in the Clouds: SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Strategy:

September, 2015

September 30, 2015  9:34 AM

Should you ponder the ethics of cloud apps you create?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore

Let's do some supposin'. Suppose you work for a giant, global manufacturer. The company might make air conditioners. Or diesel-powered cars. Suppose you're given detailed specifications for an embedded software project that disguises the operating status of a product being designed. Suppose the...

September 30, 2015  8:32 AM

Building cloud apps? What about the specs?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Application development, Functional specification, Software Requirements Specification

Whatever language(s) you happen to use for coding applications and services, there's no doubt that you are among the world's best it. You've got the skill, the talent, the insight, and the brains to write efficient, compact code that runs flawlessly. But, from what

September 25, 2015  12:46 PM

Not exactly best practices

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Application development, Application migration

Yesterday (Sept. 24), I attended a cloud summit seminar sponsored by the Object Management Group's Cloud Standards Customer Council. This was not about scrutinizing lines of code, but rather, an examination of real-world situations as seen through...

September 23, 2015  2:00 PM

What not to do in the cloud — “Cloud Anti-Patterns”

Valerie Silverthorne Profile: Valerie Silverthorne

Sometimes the best ideas start with a rant. At least that’s what happened to Mallika Iyer, a Cloud Foundry specialist at Pivotal who helps clients either start or expand their cloud efforts. After a particularly frustrating day, Iyer was complaining to...

September 18, 2015  8:29 AM

Have you forgotten about Windows?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
64-bit Windows, Application development, Desktop applications

We're all so busy reading (you) or writing (me) about developing apps for cloud and mobile platforms, it's getting pretty tough to find much in the way of Windows coverage. If you've forgotten about Windows on the desktop, you may be making a mistake. Certainly, we all know the PC is dead,...

September 14, 2015  8:17 AM

What is a software engineer? Not even IBM knows

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Cloud Applications, Mobile & Enterprise Application Development, Software engineering

We're all aware that as cloud applications grow in importance, businesses are clamoring to hire more software engineers. They might work in mobile application development, database design and administration, security, communications, analytics, or somewhere else. While most businesses...

September 9, 2015  4:46 PM

Last year’s iOS mobile cloud apps are so last year

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Cloud Applications, iOS 9, iPhone 6, Mobile applications

And just like that, all the mobile cloud apps you worked so hard to build and deploy for iOS 8 throughout the past year are now woefully, utterly obsolete. Sure they are. If your mobile apps don't support iOS 9's snazzy new 3D Touch technology, you are, well, out of touch. The technology was...

September 4, 2015  12:34 PM

Can your cloud apps handle interrupted transactions?

Joel Shore Joel Shore Profile: Joel Shore
Application development, Cloud Applications, Deferred transaction, QA testing

When someone using your mobile cloud app begins a transaction and communications is unexpectedly lost, what happens on both the device and server sides when that break is detected? And what actions follow when communications is restored, likely in a completely new session? These are important...

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