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February 21, 2008  3:09 PM

Microsoft: what’s happening now

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
anti-trust, DOJ, Microsoft, Yahoo

We've just received an alert that Microsoft is making a major announcement later today with Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft, Ray Ozzie, chief software architect, Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Server and Tools Business; and Brad Smith, senior vice president and...

February 4, 2008  6:32 PM

Can Microsoft swallow Yahoo?

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Google, Google Apps, Microsoft, Office 2007, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Yahoo

The bid for Yahoo will see Microsoft betting the future of the company on the Internet. Microsoft's software is getting better and that means it is harder for users to justify upgrading to the latest version. At the same time, Google is provided a basic suite of office productivity software for...

February 1, 2008  3:22 PM

Microsoft’s Yahoo! bid: the end of Windows

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Microsoft, vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Yahoo

Microsoft's £22 billion (44.6 billion) bid for Yahoo! should worry any enterprise business that relies on MS infrastructure. In 2007 the company made $59 billion, so it's fair to say that most of its 2007 earnings are going on this deal. What this could mean is that Microsoft will shift its...

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