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January 3, 2012  3:29 PM

Video: code quality

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Android, Application security, quality, Security, Software Quality, veracode

Matt Peachey, vice president, Emea, Veracode - says eight out of 10 applications will be insecure. In this video he discusses why developers do not relate security to code...

March 3, 2011  12:18 PM

Cern video: The quality Root

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Software Quality

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) needs sophisticated software to analyse the massive amounts of data the experiment generates.

Root is 2.5 million lines of C++, which offers a data analysis framework used by physicists working on the LHC experiment. I recently spoke to Axel Naumann, who...

August 14, 2008  9:09 AM

The quality of software should be rated

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Software Quality

I recently came across an interesting posting on software quality from Bola Rotibi, principal analyst at Macehiter Ward-Dutton. In the posting Bola draws an analogy between "good enough software" and a one-star hotel. It's all about managing our...

January 30, 2008  10:42 PM

Autism in commercial software testing

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Autism, Quality assurance, Software Quality, Testing

Today I met Thorkil Sonne, the founder of Danish testing company Specialisterne. Autistic Spectrum Disorder, the most common form of autism affects half a...

August 20, 2007  2:13 PM

Who’s to blame for Skype’s downtime

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Downtime, Microsoft, Skype, Software Quality

Skype is now back online. But why did it fail? Villu Arak, writing on site stated:

The Skype peer-to-peer network became unstable and suffered a critical disruption. The disruption was triggered by a massive restart...

August 8, 2007  9:55 PM

Green is not in Oracle’s vocabulary

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Green IT, inefficiency, Oracle, Software Quality

As I mentioned yesterday, I met up with Oracle president Charles Phillips this morning. As I suspected, Phillips discussed

July 26, 2007  6:19 PM

Billions wasted on poor quality software

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nist, patch, Software Quality, Testing

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (Nist) published a groundbreaking report in May 2002, The Economic Impacts of Inadequate Infrastructure for Software Testing, which estimated the cost of bugs in software to the...

July 25, 2007  7:56 PM

Return of the elk

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Software Quality

I was speaking earlier today to a friend who reminded me of an article I wrote about the Mercedes A Class failing the Elk test. You may recall, prior to its launch, the...

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