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August 11, 2008  9:54 AM

DVLA: a customer oriented architecture

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I recently bought a new car tax. I received a renewal letter from the DVLA with a reference that allowed me to log into its website. It took less than five minutes to order and pay for the new tax disc, and it arrived two days later. This was far better than queuing at the Post Office and...

October 4, 2007  11:36 PM

Industry SOA incompatible with interoperability

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Interoperability, Plug and Play, SOA

Earlier today I met up with CA's chief technology officer Al Nugent. One of the areas we discussed was SOA. If SOA truly delivered on its promise, we would be able to pick and choose best of breed components to build our IT infrastructure, plug them all together, and swap out components that didn't...

May 2, 2007  8:13 PM

BEA 2.0

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BEA, iTunes, Messaging, middleware, MySpace, SOA, Web services, YouTube

A few days ago I attended a meeting with BEA where the company presented its vision of how it would tackle Web 2.0. The hypothetical problem it presented was that of today's teenagers brought up on a diet of iTunes, MySpace YouTube and mash-ups, bringing these technologies into the workplace. And...

May 1, 2007  3:47 PM

About me

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COM, Components, CORBA, FUD, hype, SOA, Web services

I am currently the managing editor on Computer Weekly magazine responsible for commissioning, writing and the magazine strategy concerning all matters relating to technology from up-and-coming research and development to systems management challenges and...

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