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August 29, 2012  4:48 PM

Java exploit questions Oracle’s security

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Oracle has said "no comment" to the question I posed on when it would release a patch for a serious security hole in its Java runtime environment, that is currently being exploited.At the time of writing, there was absolutely no info or advice or the company's

January 3, 2012  3:29 PM

Video: code quality

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Android, Application security, quality, Security, Software Quality, veracode

Matt Peachey, vice president, Emea, Veracode - says eight out of 10 applications will be insecure. In this video he discusses why developers do not relate security to code...

April 28, 2011  2:47 PM

Can you cut your IT security budget?

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
budget, Security

Among the sessions at this year's Infosecurity Europe conference was a panel discussion that explored the topic of how you would slash your IT security budget by 30%. It is near...

January 26, 2011  3:12 PM

Video booth: Ed Amoroso calls for software developers to raise their game

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
quality, Security

I recently asked Ed Amoroso, chief security officer at AT&T about what kept him awake at night. He says software produced by the best developers using the very best tools still produces vulnerability. Ed wants to see software developement becomes more of an engineering profession. He says:

January 11, 2011  3:16 AM

Would Rights Management reduce leakage from increased BI use?

imurphy Profile: imurphy
Apple, BI, BlackBerry, Collaboration, Digital rights management, DRM, ipad, iPhone, Microsoft, PlayBook, Security

Anytime you allow people access to core and sensitive corporate data you need to ensure that there is a security process in place. With users now being encouraged to use BI to mine through those corporate database treasure troves to find even the merest hint of gold, the risks to corporate data...

August 9, 2010  1:53 PM

August Patch Tuesday – a busy time for the deployment team

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Application Compatibility, Applications, ChangeBase, Compatibility, Deployment, Microsoft, patch, Security, Windows

August 2, 2010  2:26 PM

Microsoft Releases Emergency Update Today

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Application Compatibility, Applications, ChangeBase, Microsoft, patch, Security, Windows

Later today, Microsoft will issue an emergency patch to fix a critical flaw in Windows that enables hackers to run code and take over PCs. Outlined on the Trusted Reviews site, there are several things that spring to mind.

This type of response from Microsoft is known as an OOB (Out OF...

May 20, 2009  2:14 PM

OpenSSH renders 32-bit encrypted text as plain text

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
OpenSSH, Security

The Royal Holloway Information Security Group has identified a fatal flaw in OpenSSH v4.7 running on Debian Linux, which causes 32-bit encrypted...

April 23, 2009  12:50 PM

IT procurment needs a rethink – industry consolidation changes the game

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Symantec, ukoug

Oracle's acquisition of Sun shows that everything is up for grabs Oracle has spent $35 billion since 2005 on major software acquisitions including Peoplesoft, Hyperion and Siebel. In 2008 HP bought EDS for $13.9 billion....

February 10, 2009  4:47 PM

Office 2007 Deployment: The Main Script Part 5

phughes2 Profile: phughes2
Office 2007, Security, VSTO

And now we reach the point where we install those Ribbon customisations. Now last time, I left Part 4 of the Main Script entry with the question of what could make the install...

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