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January 3, 2012  3:29 PM

Video: code quality

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Android, Application security, quality, Security, Software Quality, veracode

Matt Peachey, vice president, Emea, Veracode - says eight out of 10 applications will be insecure. In this video he discusses why developers do not relate security to code...

January 26, 2011  3:12 PM

Video booth: Ed Amoroso calls for software developers to raise their game

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quality, Security

I recently asked Ed Amoroso, chief security officer at AT&T about what kept him awake at night. He says software produced by the best developers using the very best tools still produces vulnerability. Ed wants to see software developement becomes more of an engineering profession. He says:

July 13, 2009  9:35 AM

Apollo 11 and the forgotten art of software engineering

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
", AGC, apollo, quality, Software engineering

The Apollo lunar landing programme, which culminated in Neil Armstrong
and Buzz Aldrin's moon walk on 20 July 1969, represents a technical
achievement that has yet to...

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