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August 8, 2007  9:55 PM

Green is not in Oracle’s vocabulary

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Green IT, inefficiency, Oracle, Software Quality

As I mentioned yesterday, I met up with Oracle president Charles Phillips this morning. As I suspected, Phillips discussed

July 23, 2007  4:21 PM

Get outta my InBox

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attachments, Bandwidth, Email, inefficiency, Storage

My email InBox is full again. Someone sent me a 24 Mbyte file. Needless to say that particular attachment was the first to get deleted. I wish people would learn how to use email properly. It is not designed for sending massive files. Sending such files not only wastes bandwidth, it also takes up...

June 15, 2007  10:53 PM

Can the IT industry be green?

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Green IT, inefficiency, IT industry

There is no one answer. The industry relies on businesses and consumers to buy the latest hardware, software, mobile phones and gadgets. The manufacturers create demand for new products and fulfil that demand with ever-more sophisticated products. Financially, the IT industry seems like it can...

June 7, 2007  9:52 PM

Can’t get rid of the hot air

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Air-conditioning, Green IT, inefficiency

Our office has been rather hot today. Even though the aircon is on full blast, it is ineffective. Why? because the PCs on our desks and computer monitors are radiating heat. In fact, PCs have a fan to expel the hot air from inside the case straight into the office. The PC generates hot air, because...

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