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July 10, 2008  8:52 AM

Do green mainframes make sense today?

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Green IT, IBM, Linux, Virtualisation, VMware, Xen

Imagine if there was a resurgence of mainframes. IBM says they are greener than Unix and PC servers, and the savings in electricity...

May 2, 2008  6:35 AM

Software must be made green

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
data-centre, Database, Green IT, Oracle

Last year I met with Charles Phillips, president of Oracle and asked him about whether the company's flagship database was green. As I recall, his response was that green IT was something the hardware guys had to deal with. This was not the answer I expected since efficient software design goes...

February 7, 2008  7:04 PM

Eco madness

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Green IT

Whatever plans we put in place to become more energy efficient and produce less waste they must fit in with how we live our lives and how we work. It is all very well saying public transport is green, but the UK public transport system is not an alternative to the car for many people, and until it...

August 22, 2007  8:14 PM

Green memory

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
DDR, Green IT, Memory, Moore's Law

I was speaking to Micron earlier. This company is developing DDR2 memory based on a 78-nanometer fabrication process. Now what's interesting here is that by reducing the size of the transistors, thanks to the 78-nanometer process, the chip actually consumes less power. This means Micron has been...

August 8, 2007  9:55 PM

Green is not in Oracle’s vocabulary

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Green IT, inefficiency, Oracle, Software Quality

As I mentioned yesterday, I met up with Oracle president Charles Phillips this morning. As I suspected, Phillips discussed

August 2, 2007  6:52 PM

Upgrade or buy new?

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Green IT, upgrade

This week I have posted blogs on how to upgrade an old PC and installing more memory....

July 24, 2007  4:34 PM

Barcelona goes green

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
chip, Energy efficiency, Green IT, upgrade

Today, I spoke to Bruce Shaw at AMD, who was over in the UK to talk about AMD's latest and greatest server processor - "Barcelona." This quad core chip is socket compatible with the dual core AMD Opteron processor, yet AMD says it consumes the same amount of electricity and generates the same...

July 12, 2007  7:13 PM

Hot xbox 360 – Internet meltdown

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
data-centre, Energy efficiency, Green IT

An article by Charles Arthur in today's Guardian highlights a growing problem for xbox 360 owners - the thing runs so hot, it overheats causing some kind of component failure. So it's not only poorly engineered - I...

July 9, 2007  7:52 PM

Tackle green IT, make virtualisation affordable

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
data-centre, Energy efficiency, Green IT, Licensing, Virtualisation, VMware

Tomorrow I'm attending a conference in London organised by VMWare - VMware Symposia 2007. It should be an interesting day, not least because I'm keen to see what people really feel about the

July 3, 2007  8:36 PM

Can we cut down e-waste with upgradeable hardware?

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
BIOS, e-waste, Green IT, PC, upgrade

I wish PC hardware could be reconfigured, directly through software, to prevent everyone having to upgrade every few years to support new chipsets, processors, memory architectures and buses. In an article on the BBC's website last...

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