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March 24, 2011  4:09 PM

Safe Harbour fails to answer overseas cloud security concerns

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", Google, Google Apps, IBM, Safe Harbor, safe-harbour

In the past week I've met IBM and Google and asked them about cloud security.  Sure, data is mirrored, replicated and always available...

No my question concerns data jurisdiction and the ability for governments to subpoena hosting and cloud providers to provide law and...

November 19, 2009  7:04 PM

Chrome OS – is this the first OS for cloud computing?

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Desktop, Google, Google Apps, Netbook, Windows

Google has fleshed out its strategy for Chrome OS, an operating system which will only run web applications and will offer no local storage...

April 2, 2008  11:31 AM

Google Docs now offline

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Google Apps, Microsoft

It has finally happened. Google has finally realised that not all of us can remain connected to the Internet cloud. Google has released a version of Google Docs that...

February 4, 2008  6:32 PM

Can Microsoft swallow Yahoo?

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Google, Google Apps, Microsoft, Office 2007, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Yahoo

The bid for Yahoo will see Microsoft betting the future of the company on the Internet. Microsoft's software is getting better and that means it is harder for users to justify upgrading to the latest version. At the same time, Google is provided a basic suite of office productivity software for...

November 6, 2007  10:33 PM

Google: does Android make sense?

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Android, Google Apps, Java, Linux, Symbian, Windows Mobile

Are we impressed with Google's Android announcement? The search engine company has steadily been chipping away at Microsoft, offering a free word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software and email. It has made breakthroughs in publically accessible web services like Google Map, making MS...

October 3, 2007  10:09 PM

Office users get serious alternatives

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Adobe, Buzzword, Google, Google Apps, Microsoft

Along with the news that Microsoft is going online with Office Live Workspace, Adobe looks like it has made a smart acquisition earlier this week. Adobe has purchased the Buzzword word processor. Buzzword is a web-based, collaborative word processor built on the Adobe Flash platform, including...

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