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August 9, 2010  1:53 PM

August Patch Tuesday – a busy time for the deployment team

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Application Compatibility, Applications, ChangeBase, Compatibility, Deployment, Microsoft, patch, Security, Windows

November 23, 2009  3:23 PM

The road to Windows 7

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Deployment, MDT, PSR, Windows 7

Here in the sunny heartland of the UK we had a solid Windows 7 release within days of RTM. How did we get a build out to a cross section of users so rapidly? The story starts several...

November 3, 2009  5:19 PM

Back on the chaingang…

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My iPod is fully loaded with the best of my collection to keep me spurred on, and the Pretenders' tune made me stop and think for a moment.

It's a productionline here at deployment central.

Engineer 1 connects bare-metal hardware and deploys the image from a Microsoft Deployment...

February 3, 2009  11:35 AM

Office 2007 Deployment: Let’s Get Visual (Visual Studio 2008 Overview)

phughes2 Profile: phughes2
Deployment, Office 2007, Ribbon, Visual Studio, VSTO

Monday was exciting wasn't it? Snow everywhere and a fair number of people forced to enjoy themselves in the event transport links ground to a halt. But that excitement doesn't come close to what we are going to look at in this post; Visual Studio 2008

Now the one question you will have...

January 12, 2009  10:47 AM

Office 2007 Deployment: Fight for your rights!

phughes2 Profile: phughes2
Deployment, Kix, Managment, Office 2007

Something which has come up during our deployment of Office 2007 is the issue over rights, more specifically that of local administrator rights. You see, a lot of what we are going to do in terms of the deployment requires those rights in order to install the various parts...

January 7, 2009  1:52 PM

Office 2007 Deployment: Modify the van… (the Office 2007 Customization tool)

phughes2 Profile: phughes2
Deployment, Office 2007, Settings

So after sending out those files to yonder workstations, we should be in a good position to install Office itself by running the setup executable located in the local MSOCache. But if we...

January 5, 2009  9:58 AM

Office 2007 Deployment: Free Delivery (preparing for a silent deployment with cacheing)

phughes2 Profile: phughes2
Cache, Deployment, Office 2007, XML

So after deciding whether those files we found with potential Office 2007 compatibility issues required intervention on the part of the users, aided or not by relevant support personnel,...

December 16, 2008  11:57 AM

Office 2007 Deployment: The results are in… (how to analyse those Officescan cab files)

phughes2 Profile: phughes2
Deployment, Migration, Office 2007, Officescan, OMPM

On our last exciting encounter in the Office 2007 deployment saga, we had put in place some code to run the Officescan application which scans for files on user's machines to discover if...

December 15, 2008  9:37 AM

Office 2007 Deployment: The Discovery Channel (using officescan to look at your legacy files)

phughes2 Profile: phughes2
Compatibility, Deployment, Office 2007, OMPM

Now that we've established the core goal of the project, to rollout Office 2007 via a KIX logon script with add-ons and all sorts of other lovely goodness, the next thing to do is to find out if there are going to be issues with the rollout, and what after-effects the...

December 11, 2008  6:37 PM

Office 2007 Deployment: And so it begins…

phughes2 Profile: phughes2
Deployment, Office 2007, rollout

I wish I could start this with "My name is Earl" but alas I cannot. My name is Paul Hughes, and for a short time, you will find entries on this blog written by myself as well as Cliff Saran.

But before I go further, it's best to start off as to why these guest entries have come...

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