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Feb 19 2009   12:24PM GMT

Office 2007 Deployment: Results

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Office 2007

Now there has been some time between the script being created and tested, let’s go through some of the results we had from the testing and what kind of issues did occur as a result of installing Office in this fashion.

We had carried out the test in stages with a few test users from the various locations we had to deploy to. This also helped to get some sort of benchmark in terms of how long the install would actually take.

The main office test took around 25 minutes on each user’s machine we ran through the script with, with the remote office taking double the time, more than likely due to the slower network link for the other components still coming from the central server. It will be up to yourselves how long the install process should take to be considered acceptable and tune the script accordingly.

Some of the feedback included that fact that there was nothing to tell the users that office had installed along with the rest of the components and they could continue to use their machines. This, in fact brought about the section of the script towards the end:

if $officeinstall <> “0” and not exist (“C:WindowsOfficetrackMessagerecieved.txt”)
 if ($officepresent = “1” and $WebPresent = “1” and $XPSPDFPresent = “1” and $WordRibbon = “1” and $ExcelRibbon = “1” and $PowerpointRibbon = “1”)
  Shell “
  copy “
\servernetlogonMessagerecieved.txt” “C:WindowsOfficeTrack”

It provided the simple message that office had completed which was desired, but this did bring about another factor that KIX can only look at a limited number of variables to refer when performing an IF statement. So choose your variables to check wisely.

There was also the issue with the office welcome screen appearing when the user opened one of the Office applications for the first time. We didn’t want that and that is where this change came in, using the updated Office Customization Tool files found here.

Then when we updated the files on the office installation area (the network location where we copied the Office files from the DVD in the first place) and then ran the OCT again, there were new options presented:


Having disabled the opt-in wizard and the other two components, and resaving the MSP files, from that moment on, any installs were not having the wizard run on first run.

So there we have some of the results of our testing, some of the commications that were sent out, included an email to all staff recieving the install as to the timetable for the installs to take place and what it will mean for them. In some ways it’s needed to make the communcation relevant to those people who will use the system, so we gave a brief overview of some of the ways Office 2007 would be better than what they had before.

A point of feedback was also provided, so if anyone had issues, they could either email or phone the helpdesk about Office specifically.

Before each rollout stage, another mail was sent to those in the relevant rollout group to ensure they knew what would be going on when the install took place, basically a head-ups of what they will see happen.

Then when each day came round and the users started signing onto the system, there were floorwalkers about making sure that things were going as planned and helping with any issues which could have an impact on the install process. So a visible support presense would also reassure users about the whole event and help to minimise any potential downtime.

Now for those eager to see the complete code from start to finish, you may open a text file located here:OfficeInstalltext.txt to see the code in completion.

And that’s it believe it or not.

We have at last reached the end of the deployment diary. From what actually transpired when we deployed it out, we suffered one instance of .NET failing to install to due an existing issue with .NET on that workstation. Also 6 machines froze during the main office install, but a restart cured that ailment.

The rollout via the KIX script for ourselves went very well and shortly will be used again for a further rollout.

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this deployment diary and if you have any queries, please leave comments here or contact me by using Twitter: and you will also find the link to my own blog (Ooh Sometimes) there for your reading amusement.

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