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Jul 18 2008   12:23PM GMT

Crying wolf on Facebook security

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Earlier this week I met up briefly with JP Rangaswami, managing director of BT Design.
and a former CIO of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein.

He was speaking at a Computer Weekly event on social networking. JP made a good point about the likes of Facebook that I’d like to share here.

He said that social networking on a website is no different to a conversation people have by the water cooler, or for that matter, down the pub, or outside when they are having a ciggie break. Now you can’t stop people talking, so why are we so afraid of them using Facebook?


I think security companies grabbing headlines with horror stories of social networking misuse are missing the point.

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  • Daz Salt
    Yes, but the difference with the conversation by a water cooler is that your colleagues, even the nosey ones, are the only ones listening. Even at your local pub, a stranger might raise an eyebrow on overhearing something, but we are still only talking about a few people.

    Posting personal information on a social networking site is like putting an article in a local newspaper and then finding every newspaper - worldwide - also featured the article. Even if it were free to do so, you wouldn't advertise personally identifiable information in that way - and you would be shocked if you discovered that it had happened.

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  • maaz
    Obvoisly who ever said that has no sense of proportion - I agree with Daz; to make the scenarios comparabele: If all converstions were recorded by the water coolers or the local pubs, along with the bio-data and other associted history of the person or persons involved in such converstions for any one to colate and exploit at a later date - then tell us what the ex-CIO of DKW, or any one else for that matter, will have to say?

    Perhaps he would also be well adivsed to read up on the Data protection act which relates to data stored and searchable on comupters.

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  • haesellanh
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  • adnywardl
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