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July, 2010

July 27, 2010  11:08 AM

IBM responds to EU mainframe investigation

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anti-trust, EU, IBM, Mainframe, zEnterprise

IBM has issued a statement following the extension of the EU competitions authority investigation into its mainframe business.



July 22, 2010  8:11 AM

Show me the proof

imurphy Profile: imurphy
BI, OpenOffice, Spreadsheets

In an age of increasing computerisation there are times when we need to actually question what the computer is telling us. Take spreadsheets for example. It is not uncommon to discover that the built-in functions can behave differently to the underlying macro and programming languages.


July 19, 2010  12:59 PM

TIBCO Silver Spotfire pubishes BI to the Cloud

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BI, cloud

From the smallest home office business to the largest enterprise, the amount of data that businesses accumulate continues to grow. Using that information effectively is often challenging because users do not possess the tools or the knowledge on how to make the most of their data.


July 16, 2010  12:32 PM

IBM assimilates the competition

imurphy Profile: imurphy
Databases, DeveloperWorks, IBM, Microsoft, Migration, Oracle, Porting, Sybase

Porting a database from one vendors offering to another has always been difficult. To try and ease the pain vendors have product porting guides, third party tools companies have products that will take your schemas and stored procedures and recreate them for the new target database and software...

July 16, 2010  10:08 AM

The problem with Apple

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
Apple, fault, ipad, iPhone, left-hand, recall

The media seems to love the iPhone and iPad. TV gadget shows, celebrities and  journalists feed the hype over a new Apple product. An iPhone or iPad launch is a big event, which drives more and more people to  buy products on Day One of launch, before anyone has even reviewed the...

July 14, 2010  6:00 PM

Terradata and ESRI combine to map data

imurphy Profile: imurphy
ESRI, Terradata

At the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, CA this week, Terradata and ESRI announced a new collaboration aimed at storing business data and Geographical Information System data in the same database. The goal is to enable businesses to better understand where there customers are in order to do...

July 14, 2010  8:49 AM

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 13th July 2010

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Application Compatibility, Applications, ChangeBase, Microsoft, office, Testing, Windows, Windows 7


July 14, 2010  8:41 AM

Oracle announces BI 11g

imurphy Profile: imurphy
Business Intelligence, Oracle

Last week, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Business Intelligence 11g. This is a major release for Oracle and comes at a time when Microsoft and SAP have both made major announcements of their own.

The emphasis at the launch was on Integration with Charles Phillips, President,...

July 8, 2010  6:44 PM

SAP and Sybase – who gains?

imurphy Profile: imurphy
SAP, Sybase

When SAP announced its intention to acquire Sybase in May 2010, it immediately raised a number of questions. Seven weeks on and neither side seems particularly interested in publicly talking about the rationale behind this acquisition.

At first glance, this appears to be a smart move by...

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