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May, 2008

May 28, 2008  9:31 PM

Undelete woes

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It's am easy mistake to make. I put the SanDisk Compact Flash card in the memory card reader this morning and moved a WAV file onto our shared server at work. I then opened the WAV file with Windows Media Player and checked it played okay. Then I accidentally hit the delete button.


May 23, 2008  10:10 AM

A business case for Vista

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Microsoft, SQL Server, vista

Vista is doing well, according to John Curran, director of the Windows group at Microsoft UK. Curran was in London this week for a roundtable with customers, analysts and press, covering Vista deployments.

16 months since Windows Vista was launched, Curran says that Microsoft has...

May 19, 2008  4:13 PM

Oracle readies Web 2.0 for business

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Charles Phillips, Oracle's president, was in London earlier this month at a meeting for bloggers. He was over meeting Oracle's customers, talking to them about their plans for Web 2.0.

Not surprisingly few companies see a genuine business benefit of Web 2.0. Oracle is looking at Web 2.0...

May 15, 2008  9:02 AM

In-car BMW prototype could lead to PCs in cars

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BMW, iPhone, iPod

I was at a meeting yesterday in Munich where carmaker BMW discussed how the car industry needed a standard platform for in-car IT.

Along with the computers that monitor the sensors and safety systems, cars are getting Internet access; they have GPS-based navigation and car radios have...

May 7, 2008  8:54 AM

Plug and pay

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The long weekend gave me a chance to tidy up the house, clear out the clutter and try to make the most of the stuff that I had managed to collect over the years. Well one such item was a NetGear MP101 wireless media player. I once had an idea of streaming MP3 audio around the house to Hi-Fi's in...

May 2, 2008  6:35 AM

Software must be made green

Cliff Saran Profile: Cliff Saran
data-centre, Database, Green IT, Oracle

Last year I met with Charles Phillips, president of Oracle and asked him about whether the company's flagship database was green. As I recall, his response was that green IT was something the hardware guys had to deal with. This was not the answer I expected since efficient software design goes...

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