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September, 2008

September 30, 2008  11:06 PM

What happened to your data?

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

The HR department isn't technical enough to understand that critical & invaluable company data can easily walk out the door (or out the network) any day of the week. There are SO many ways to get data out if you really wanted to. Most companies don't monitor outbound email, they don't control...

September 30, 2008  10:56 PM

PacketTrap releases new network management system – Perspective

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

PacketTrap is a new "startup" network management company. I have been a fan of their free "pt360" tool that gives you a single console for a variety of network management & troubleshooting tools. Besides the free version, they also have commercial versions of the pt360 that offer more features...

September 30, 2008  10:41 PM

Does your network management utility manage VMware?

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

More and more of the typical "physical computer" management & monitoring tools are being retooled to manage the new virtual infrastructure. I have talked with both Packettrap and Solarwinds and both have rumored that they will soon offer versions of their well known network management tools...

September 28, 2008  11:10 PM

How will the Cisco Nexus 1000V change your job role?

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

Recently, I posted a new TechRepublic article about the new Cisco Nexus 1000v. While you cannot even purchase this product yet, I truly believe that it will change the way that virtual networks are administered. Even better, for network admins, it will put the power of network administration back...

September 23, 2008  6:48 AM

When to prefer Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) route over an EIGRP route

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

The shortest path between two points is always a straight line or in this case it’s the administrative distance. OSPF has an administrative distance of 110 while EIGRP has only 90. Therefore, EIGRP would be picked because of its lower administrative cost. If you want to use OSPF over EIGRP,...

September 22, 2008  6:48 AM

Keep it simple with Route Summarization

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

Summarization lumps a series of subnets, or supernets as they are sometimes called, into a single address. This summarization of various subnets have several advantages. It can drastically reduce the size of your routing table and the recalculation of your network because your routing tables are so...

September 22, 2008  6:46 AM

Five ways that a Cisco router initiates a routing request out of an interface

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

As I’m sure you know, a switch switches and a router routes. Among other things, It routes packets of data and it routes requests. Listed below are five ways that a router will automatically initiate a routing request. 1. The router has been booted or rebooted. 2. A primary IP address was...

September 22, 2008  6:38 AM

Cisco to buy instant messaging company – Jabber

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

Cisco's access to the technology necessary to provide a complete instant messaging & presence tracking solution is complete. Today, Cisco purchased Instant Messaging company, Jabber. Cisco aims to be #1 in the communication & collaboration business. To do that, they needed what Jabber...

September 17, 2008  1:27 AM

What is AAA and how do you configure it in the Cisco IOS?

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

Whether you are studying for the Cisco CCNA, CCNP, Cisco Security certifications, the Security+, or the CISSP, you must understand AAA. AAA is authentication, authorization, and accounting. Learn about AAA as it relates to Cisco routers and switches, and how to configure it in the Cisco IOS...

September 15, 2008  1:23 AM

Monitor Cisco routers and switches using the IOS environment command

David Davis David Davis Profile: David Davis

How do you know what the temperature is where your router or switch is? This can tell you if the device is overheating due to fans being out or improver ventilation in the room where the Cisco device is. Additionally, you would want to know if the fans were running and what their speed is. Oh yeah,...

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