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Dec 28 2011   6:16PM GMT

How Much Does Texting Really Cost?

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

I am not sure, but I sometimes think people have forgotten how to use a telephone to actually make a call. As cell phones have evolved, more and more features have been added to them making them a much more useful device. I have no problem with that. As a matter of fact, I am sure I use my phone to surf the web far more than I do to talk to someone. However, for the most part, when I need to talk to someone, I actually dial their number and talk to them, not send them a  text. Don’t get me wrong, I do text, but not in place of talking to someone. Far too often I have seen people text each other back and forth for a half an hour to communicate something that could have been done in less than five minutes by actually talking.

This got me thinking, how much does it really cost to text when you account for all of the factors, such as time, loss of productivity, miscommunication, etc? Since there are so many factors, it is hard to calculate, but I am sure that if anyone ever did a study on this the real cost of texting would be alarming. While I was researching this topic, I did find one very interesting fact. When you take a hard look at what carriers charge to send a text, it is staggering, some many even call it criminal. People that don’t have some type of texting plan are normally charged 20 cents per text. While that doesn’t seem that expensive, it is without a doubt the most expensive way to transmit data. Look at it this way, a text is normally 160 characters or less. This means it contains 160 bytes of data. A gigbyte of data is 1,073,741,824 bytes. When you do the math, you see that you can send around 6710886 text per gigabyte. When you multiply 6710866 by 20 (the cost of a single text) you find that a staggering $1,342,173.20 is charged for a single gigabyte worth of texting. I think I’ll just save about $1,342,173 and make a call next time.

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