Can you hear me now? Tales from a Cisco voice instructor:

November, 2012

November 30, 2012  9:31 PM

The Cost of Poor Performance

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

I hate when my Internet connection is slow. It really drives me crazy. I guess I am just another victim of our instant society. What bothers me even more is when my connection is fine, but the site I am trying to access has poor performance. There has been more than one time I have just gone to a...

November 29, 2012  6:39 PM

Cisco Annouces Another Acquistion

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

There was a time when Cisco acquired more companies in a day than the total calorie intake on all their employees. OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but they were known for their frequent acquisitions.  Back then there were many people that started a company with the single goal of...

November 28, 2012  6:25 PM

Cisco’s Next Generation Encryption

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

I'll be the first to admit that cryptography is not the most exciting topic, but as networking grows, encryption methods must as well. The encryption that was used years ago and thought to be impenetrable at the time is now pretty much a joke. This isn't because it was bad when it was created, but...

November 27, 2012  8:27 PM

Windows 8 Cheat Sheet

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

If you have had the pleasure (insert sarcasm here) of installing windows 8 on your PC ,or you just purchased a new PC and was pleasantly surprised to find that Windows 8 was pre-installed (insert sarcasm again), you may find that you could use a little help navigating. While we do live in a mouse...

November 26, 2012  7:36 PM

Network Security Tool Kit in Your Pocket

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

I just finished remodeling my kitchen and while it was a lot of work it turned out pretty good and ended up not being as difficult as other tasks I have taken on in my life. The main reason I think the project went as well as it did is because I had the right tools. I have this one saw that I...

November 25, 2012  5:00 PM

Samsung’s Android Camera – Cool, But Who is Going to Buy it?

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

As you well know by now, the most popular camera nowadays is a cell phone. Almost every cell phone has a camera and many people have taken to using them as their primary camera. There are still the hold outs that want a "real" camera. There are still those, like my sister-in-law, that feels if it...

November 17, 2012  6:37 PM

A new Kind of Internet Shopping

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

Imagine that you are waiting for a train and instead of wasting time playing some game about disgruntled birds on your phone, you use it to do your grocery shopping. When I first heard of this idea my first thought was that, while the mobile phone is great for a lot of things, doing online shopping...

November 16, 2012  6:03 PM

Windows 8 – Bring the Start Menu Back

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

They say old habits die hard, and I am sure that many users of Microsoft's new OS, Windows 8, are finding that old adage very true this week. I can't tell you how many times I went to click the Start button only to remember that it's not there! At first I thought this would not bother me, but it...

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