Can you hear me now? Tales from a Cisco voice instructor:

May, 2012

May 31, 2012  5:48 PM

Move Over Pintrest – Clipboard is in Town

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

It seems like Pintrest is the latest blog social networking site. It is pretty cool, but I find I use it less than I thought I would. It's not bad - it just isn't exactly what I was hoping for. What I want is a quick and easy way to clip any type of web content so that I can access it quickly...

May 30, 2012  9:01 PM

New Tablet – Adults Not Welcome

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

Do we really need another tablet? The folks at Archos certainly think we do. But this time they aren't targeting the typical adult or even young adult, or for that matter even the teen user. Their newest tablet is called the Child Pad and it is aimed directly at your children. They figure every...

May 29, 2012  8:21 PM

The New Mega Virus

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

You may have heard of a virus called Stuxnet. It was responsible for infecting the Iranian nuclear facilities and reportedly caused the centrifuges to have to be shut down several times which negatively effective their uranium enrichment efforts. The possible affect of a virus like this could have...

May 28, 2012  7:33 PM

Beam Me Up Scotty – Advancements in Teleporting

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

It's Monday morning and you just woke up 45 minutes late. You realize that you will never be able to get to work on time and today is the day that you have to deliver that important presentation to the board. You know that being late may very well cost you...

May 26, 2012  6:49 PM

$49 Android PC

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

Android seems to be all the rage nowadays. Over the last couple of years it has really matured and become quite a respectable mobile OS. I know there are those that will disagree with me and that's OK. But from where I see it,

May 25, 2012  8:35 AM

Encrypt Gmail

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

Occasionally I have to send somewhat sensitive information via email. I have never really liked the idea since email is not the most secure form of communication. While there are steps you can take to make it more secure on your end, it could still be at risk on the recipient's end. I normally take...

May 20, 2012  5:00 PM

Fast, Real Fast Wireless

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

Over the years the speed of wireless networking has increased. I remember when it maxed out at 11 Mbps and it served most everyone just fine. Many wired connections were still running 10 Mbps, so no one really noticed. Then 100 Mbps wired connections starting becoming popular and all of the sudden...

May 19, 2012  4:31 PM

See Through Screen

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

Have you ever tried walking and texting at the same time? Sure you have, but most people won't admit it. This act has caused many a proud person to stumble or even fall flat on their face. I am not sure what was so important that they couldn't wait until they sat down to text. But, based on how...

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