Can you hear me now? Tales from a Cisco voice instructor:

January, 2011

January 31, 2011  7:54 PM

Cut and Paste Between Computers (Windows and Mac)

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

I love my office setup at home. I have a Windows based VM server, a Windows workstation, and a Mac laptop. The flexibility that this setup gives me is invaluable when I am developing. Since the developing varies between writing courses and books to creating instructional videos, the computer that...

January 28, 2011  9:03 PM

Free Tech Videos

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

If you are reading this blog, you are mostly likely someone that finds technology interesting and enjoyable. For the most part, that is a good thing. However, the knowledge you gain does come with a price. That price being that others find out that you know things about technology and then you...

January 26, 2011  8:58 PM

Create a Free Online Survey

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

I had to send a survey out to a number of people today. First I thought I would email it to them in a PDF, but I really didn't want to have to manually compile the data once I received the PDFs back. That's when I figured I would create an online survey. I looked at a number of options and while...

January 23, 2011  5:32 PM

My Dream Cell Phone

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

As I have written in the past, I have an iPhone and I am very happy with it. But today I stumbled across a phone that makes the iPhone look like a rock. I immediately decided that I had found my next phone. This thing is amazing. It has a modular bluetooth headset that doubles as a "mouse," a built...

January 21, 2011  7:58 PM

Solving Home Router Problems – Automatic Router Refresh

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

Home wireless routers are great and yet frustrating at the same time. It seems that no matter what brand or model I get I have intermittent problems. At least once a week and sometimes as often as everyday one of my PCs fails to connect to the router. When this happens, I start running trough the...

January 16, 2011  6:24 PM

Are We Too Comfortable With Technology?

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

I saw a story on the web today that made me really start to wonder about some of the advances we are making in technology. I have always thought that the main purpose of technology was to make the life of the average human a little easier and more enjoyable. Everyday I...

January 13, 2011  8:16 PM

Cisco Wants Your TV

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Cisco UMI. It is their new home video conferencing product. It hooks up to your TV and allows you to have 1080p video calls with other UMI owners. It's pretty cool, but due to the price I think it will be a little while before there is one in every home. Well, UMI...

January 7, 2011  7:05 PM

The Mac App Store is Now Open – But Be Careful!

Dave Bateman Dave Bateman Profile: Dave Bateman

When I got my first iPod touch, a friend told me that I had better be careful when visiting the App store. This caused me to wonder if there were malicious apps on the store. He assured me that wasn't the problem, but that there were so many interesting apps I would find myself spending more...

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