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Compliance is Only a “Gentleman’s C”

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A comment from Dr Chuvakin reminded me of how long I’ve been thinking about “checkbox security.” As an auditor, I am certainly familiar with checkboxes, in fact, for my firm, I’ve written a number of them.

When I am going over doing an IT Audit with a new auditor, having a method for examining the environment is vital. Heck, having a method for pen-testing is vital. But it seems that so many people get caught up in thinking that the method IS the solution. If everything is checked off in the methodology, the environment is secure, right?

No. A thousand times. No. I’m sure TJMaxx had a bunch of checkboxes filled in for somebody. Didn’t do them a darn bit of good.

A few years ago I did an internal pen test for a company, and discovered that their use of a web proxy required that the user log in via HTML each time they went to the Internet. Long story short, Cain and Abel easily decrypted their casual hash for me and I was very shortly inside the network, up to admin level AND the CFO’s password. (Geez that was fun; but I digress…)

I asked my engagement manager, who was also doing a SOX 404 audit for them, if their SOX audit would have found this issue. No, of course not! Auditors don’t run Cain and Abel! (Maybe they should, eh?)

So where would that have left that company? SOX “compliant,” but still easily broken into by anyone with a simple tool. Not good. So much for checklists, checkboxes, and methodologies. The difference was, the company cared enough to pay for a quality pen test, not just someone coming in to run a scan. They changed their proxy, and now this issue no longer exists. They’re proud of their security, and they should be.

But if we are not thorough and specific, we can miss the obvious “low-hanging fruit.” In my mind, that’s all an auditor can really hope to do. And even that seems to be a full time job.

So, for those folks who say, “we’re compliant!!!” it doesn’t mean you are supporting a secure environment. It means you’ve gotten all the little boxes checked in someone’s methodology. It’s a “Gentleman’s C.”

What would an “A” look like? More on that later.

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  • Buddyfarr
    wow, I never even thought of how our web filter is authenticating our users. Going to go check that now. Thanks for the information!
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