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May 26, 2010  5:34 PM

McAfee’s lead channel exec shifts to mid-market role

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

McAfee has announced what it describes as a “new alignment” of its business units, one that it says reflects customer interest not in point products but in solutions. The new divisions are:

  • Endpoint security
  • Network security
  • Content security
  • Risk and compliance
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May 25, 2010  5:57 PM

ConnectWise cranks out phase three of current platform

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

For those of you who use the ConnectWise reseller and services business management platform, the developer has flipped the switch on what it calls Phase 3 of ConnectWise 2010.

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May 20, 2010  1:31 PM

Ignorance will not be bliss when it comes to the cloud

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

I know this probably sounds vaguely obsessive, but I spend a lot of time worrying about how technology solution providers are coping with the slow, but sure transition of computing into the cloud.

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May 13, 2010  7:28 PM

CompTIA shares some discoveries (er, research) about e-discovery

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

A new study from the CompTIA tech industry association indicates that 53 percent of IT professionals expect the use of so-called e-discovery — or the discovery process in civil litigation that is using electronic information as evidence — to increase over the next several years.

The data was gleaned out of a survey conducted by CompTIA back in the fourth quarter of last year, canvassing approximately 650 IT professionals and 271 attorneys. Almost 90 percent of the attorneys indicated that they believe law firms will engage in e-discovery processes more frequently. Common triggers include:

  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • Security breaches (external)
  • Lawsuits
  • Intentional internal security breaches
  • Unintentional internal security breaches

From an opportunity standpoint, technology solution providers should be interested to know that only about half of organizations actually have a formal e-discovery process or solution today. Another quarter of them are handling things informally, and the rest don’t have a policy.

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May 13, 2010  4:22 PM

Ellison rips Schwartz

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

Never a dull moment for Larry Ellison.

Oracle’s chairman is not shy about rocking the boat, and this week took aim at former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz in a very public way. In an interview, Ellison blasted Schwartz for spending too much time on his blog (translated into 11 languages!) and cutting sales people and too little time selling high-end Sun hardware. Continued »

May 10, 2010  6:52 PM

Webiplex: Another cool vendor you may not have heard of

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

What would you say about a product that could facilitate workflow and document management between various internal apps–HR, accounting, etc.– as well as handle optical character recognition/scanning for those nasty paper documents we were supposed to be rid of by now?

I would bet you’d be interested in something like that and, if so, you should check out Webiplex.

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May 4, 2010  3:38 PM

Small security vendor eSet earns VAR raves

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

In a world where the big vendors race to get bigger (but not necessarily better), it’s nice to see innovative, smaller vendors gaining channel recognition.

eSet is one such vendor. The security specialist comes out of Bratislava, Slovakia, but with less exotic U.S. headquarters in San Diego. The company is gaining a good reputation for its anti-virus software and building a devoted cadre of VARs, many of which are weary of dealing with Symantec and other security software giants.
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May 4, 2010  1:55 AM

Microsoft to pare back ERP VARs

badarrow Barbara Darrow Profile: badarrow

At last, confirmation from Microsoft that it plans to cut the number of VARs offering its ERP lineups came last week from Bob Scott, who covered Great Plains software long before it morphed into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

 Jeff Edwards, Microsoft’s director of partner strategy, told Scott that there are now about 950 such partners in the U.S. while Microsoft needs just 300 to 400 stronger partners. Scott’s post came out Microsoft Convergence 2010 in Atlanta this week.

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April 30, 2010  5:37 PM

Why project management should be on your radar screen

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

One of the toughest skills to teach anyone is how to be organized, how to keep projects running smoothly — according to deadline and according to the ever-changing expectations of clients. When I talk to technology solution providers about the keys to their success, there are several different themes that repeat, including their focus on building project management discipline. Continued »

April 30, 2010  1:04 AM

Two separate surveys show SMBs investing again for innovation, not just cost savings

Heather Clancy Heather Clancy Profile: Heather Clancy

Two separate surveys offer insight into second half buying priorities among small and midsize businesses across the United States.

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