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March 9, 2007  3:30 PM

iSCSI Opportunities

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

If you are looking for revenue increasing opportunities – and who isn’t — iSCSI may have your number, or numbers depending on your level of motivation.

According to article, VARs cash in on iSCSI momentum, SMBs are adopting iSCSI rapidly. Recently the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) interviewed 511 IT professionals, 17% of whom have deployed iSCSI in a production environment, while another 20% plan on deploying an iSCSI storage area network within the next two years.

Our sister site found that IDC – iSCSI growth rocketed last quarter,  increasing its revenue by 32%.

And It looks like iSCSI has been growing steadily over the last two years.  An article posted June, 2006 on reported a“105 % revenue growth year over year.” for iSCSI SAN. In December of 2005, HPC wire reported a significant financial coup in ,IDC reports record growth for disk storage systems which stated open/iSCSI SAN market growth of 19.6 percent, doubling its revenue.

Are you planning on catching the iSCSI wind and riding its momentum? Have you caught it already? If so how is it going? We’d like to know!

March 8, 2007  8:26 AM

Channel news: Second Cisco scam; Intel seeks e-mail; Intel won’t upgrade

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

New Jersey man cuffed over $10m Cisco scam A public sector computer technician from
New Jersey has been arrested over allegations he took Cisco for $10m through a fraud that exploited the networking giant’s programme for replacing broken or defective kit. Arrest is
second for Cisco scams in less than a week. [TheReg]

Intel has a month to search for lost e-mails  Blog: The judge overseeing the Advanced Micro Devices-Intel antitrust case has given Intel 30 days to figure out which e-mails it failed to preserve as part of a lapse in document retention, and to submit a report to the court. [CNET]

Savvy hackers take the hardware approach  Sophisticated hackers are finding ways to break into systems by exploiting security flaws in a computer’s device drivers, physical memory and PCI cards. As Executive Editor Dennis Fisher explains, while enterprise software vendors are good at plugging holes in their applications, the same security prowess is lacking for hardware.

Report: Some companies lose data six times a year Sixty-eight percent of companies are losing sensitive data or having it stolen out from under them six times a year, according to new research from the IT Policy Compliance Group. [eWEEK]

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March 7, 2007  3:06 PM

Cisco’s Unified Communications 6 is packed with upgrades that didn’t get coverage

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

Cisco Systems, Inc. has released version 6.0 of its Unified Communications suite. The announcement came earlier this week, but most coverage focused on the addition of mobility to the suite’s abilities.

A more useful aspect of the debut was ably covered by our sister site, specifically focusing on a joint venture between Cisco and IBM under which Unified Communications 6.0 would integrate with Lotus Notes, SameTime nand a variety of other IBM applications.

But there’s a lot more there — a lot more. UC6.0 brings mobility to call manager, the ability to switch from WiFi to cell nets and back again more easily, better integration with directories, toolbar-icon-level integration with Exchange and other Microsoft apps, more effective management, better phones, and — most significantly for much of the channel — new packages designed specifically for the mid- and small-business markets.

UC500, designed for companies of under 500 end users is probably the most interesting part of the new release, because its simplicity and ease-of-installation (not to mention the cost) brings UC within reach of almost any customer, according to Matt Briggs, partner and director of sales for Single Path, a voice-over-IP/Unified Communications specialist Cisco named its Midwestern Regional SMB Partner of the year for 2006.

Prices haven’t been released yet, nor has a release date, though Cisco announcement materials list May of this year as the target for the first shipments to customers. More details and more VAR reaction on the way.

In the meantime, here’s the key Cisco presentation on Unified Communications 6.0, with the full list of features and dates. Warning: it’s 35 pages worth of PowerPoint, but most of them have enough information to justify the slides.

March 7, 2007  10:36 AM

Software as a Service: The Hype Must End

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

Software as a Service (SaaS) can’t possibly live up to the hype that’s being lavished upon it these days. Despite all the talk about creating a channel–or to borrow a more in-vogue term, an “ecosystem”–around Saas as a platform, and some significant early successes, it’s time to snap out of the reverie and smell SaaS for what it is.

And what is it? SaaS is already-widely-failed business model with a new happy Web 2.0 front end slapped onto it. Its main attraction is its promise of affordable scalability–and the accounting trick of moving enterprise software from the capital expenditure to the expense category in the books.

But what organizations might gain in accounting benefits, they will inevitably lose in productivity and flexibility. In other words, they lose all the benefits that we got from the shift to a distributed computing model in the first place.

All of the big technology vendors would just love for SaaS to become the dominant model for delivering their products. Sun, IBM, and HP all would just love to resell some more of their data center compute cycles for it as they try to find new ways to sell more hardware without calling it hardware. But there are a few things standing in the way of SaaS achieving total domination of the software distribution model in its current form–and they’re the same things that brought the ASP model to its knees for all but a selective few who managed to squeeze a profit out of it.

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March 7, 2007  8:06 AM

Channel news: EMC users switch; Msft readies VoIP, responds to DOT ban

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

Users quit EMC over replicationTwo former EMC storage users said they switched vendors last year because of confusion and complexity within EMC’s replication portfolio. []

Microsoft responds to DOT ban on Vista, Office 2007The Department of Transportation has put an indefinite ban on upgrades to Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 7 and Office 2007. Microsoft has issued a response to some of the charges outlined in the DOT moratorium memo.[All About Microsoft]

Microsoft set to deliver enhanced VoIP solutions Microsoft is predicting that in just three years, the average VoIP solution for business will cost half what it does today. It also announced plans to distribute the public beta-test version of Office Communications Server 2007, Microsoft’s VoIP and unified communications server, and Office Communicator 2007, Microsoft’s unified communications client, to millions of testers later this month. []

Stormy weather for malware defenses Virus writers go after anti-virus vulnerabilities [TheReg]

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March 6, 2007  5:44 PM

Experts warn that time is running out to test daylight-savings fixes

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

IT organizations and the VARs that support them need to be on alert this week for the Y2K-like problems expected to result from changes in the date for the start of daylight savings time (DST).

That according to app dev experts who said most companies should be well into the test phase for the DST patches to their Windows systems, databases and other applications.

Microsoft Corp. and other vendors are doing “a great job” of keeping end users informed of the potential problems, but the patches and advice available aren’t always working on specific applications. Patches and workarounds can break custom applications, data setups and even relatively generic systems, analysts said.

The best thing to do is take systems that could be affected, isolate a server running one or more, and run the clock forward to see what breaks – far enough before the deadline to fix any unexpected problems.

The full version of this story appeared on TechTarget sister site

March 6, 2007  5:36 PM

Some Exchange Server 2007 prospects delayed by another migration — to Exchange 2003

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

Microsoft Corp. plans to ship Exchange Server 2007 to volume customers in December of this year, and will start taking orders Nov. 30. Many customers said they’d like to install the newest version of Exchange, but need to finish their migration to Exchange Server 2003 instead.

Government agencies will be a lot slower than the private sector in moving to Exchange 2007 because their security requirements are specific, and each application has to be approved by the proper security agency.

In the private sector, some managers said they’ll wait until the first Exchange 2007 service pack. Others, because of budget cycles and long rollouts to thousands of users, are still upgrading from Exchange 2000, and the jump to 2007 is just too far.

Others won’t move at all. Microsoft touts the additional security features in both  Exchange Server 2007 and Windows Vista, which it is expected to support. Some, in fact, use less popular e-mail servers such as GroupWise, for advantages in both cost and a smaller population of attackers than the ones plaguing Microsoft’s products.

The full version of this story appeared on TechTarget sister site

March 6, 2007  5:21 PM

Mozilla announces flaw, fix in FireFox, SeaMonkey

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

Mozilla has announced that there is a flaw in both its FireFox browser and the SeaMonkey application suite that would allow attackers to bypass security using a regression error in the way the open-source apps handle IMG tags.

The flaw affects Firefox version and, and SeaMonkey version 1.0.7. The flaw is repaired in later versions of both applications.

Mozilla released those versions last week, including a fix for more than 10 other flaws in Firefox.

Mozilla’s security chief said the organization tries to release a security upgrade every six weeks or so.

The full version of this story appeared on TechTarget sister site

March 6, 2007  5:07 PM

Microsoft updates Vista beta certification exams

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

Microsoft Corp. is revising Windows Vista certification exams to include more information about application support. The additional questions will come in tests to upgrade a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support tag to a Certified IT Professional, in one on troubleshooting applications on a
Vista client, and one on consumer desktop support (specific titles in the story

More information will be added on supporting 2007 Microsoft Office System. A Microsoft spokesperson said the company would add the information because it had been left out inadvertently from earlier versions. Those who have taken the beta exams will be notified of the change and the chance to take an additional beta exam free.

The original version of this story appeared on TechTarget sister site

March 6, 2007  4:03 PM

Vint Cerf reflects on Internet security

Brein Matturro Profile: Brein Matturro

If you’re not sick of all the hacking talk generated by last week’s Black Hat training in DC, check out the DarkReading article about Internet Founding Father Vint Cerf.

Imagine Cerf sitting on his Founding Father throne, listening to Wagner, looking back on a long career. This might be a guy whose advice is worth taking.

Cerf says the biggest Internet security threats are the proliferation of spam, botnets, malware, and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. He has hope for security, though, and cites domain name security (DNSSEC) technology, filtering of source IP addresses, use of IPSec, and two-factor authentication as the promising security measures of the near future.

Didn’t we know this already? Perhaps. But it always helps to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

I’ll leave you with a little Jimi Hendrix this week: “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” Be a wise VAR. Listen to your dad.

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