The Business-Technology Weave

Feb 13 2011   2:16PM GMT

The Human-Technology Weave

David Scott David Scott Profile: David Scott


Here on this blog we regularly consider a business-technology weave. 


But we should recognize too that there’s a human-technology weave (well, I guess that’s obvious:  Everything starts, proceeds and ends with humans, after all – at least from any particular human’s perspective!). 




The human-technology weave is, among many things, one with heart pumps, artificial knees, and even implants that dispense medicine at regular intervals… (did you think I was going somewhere else with that?).  We could go on and on…  we influence the brain and mind with meds – and that certainly involves technology.


Human-technology weave?  Sure.  It exists… and… its potential is limitless.  But what of a more integrated personal-technology weave?  What if my smart phone’s content was implanted directly into my head for my mind’s ready access, as a tiny piece of firmware… with some sort of physical tethers into my brain?  How about “dialing” and accessing a friend just by thinking about it? 


Consider this article:,8599,2048138,00.html


And then, have a look at this interesting YouTube clip:


Speaking of mortality:  I don’t feel bad about missing out on immortality:  There will still be accidents, natural disaster, terror – the destruction of things; therefore all will still have to die someday. 


Then again… I guess it’s likely that we’ll all be backed up!  Although, I guess further that a backup would represent an independent “consciousness”… unless maybe a DropBox type affair was invoked (if you’re familiar), with live-time updates of a cohesive consciousness from disparate locations…  would that be dispersed residencies for the common-consciousness…?  Or would they be independent…?  Overlapping…?


But as far as backups go – there might yet not be immortality:  There could be simultaneous destruction of live sites and backup sites, and so on:  Perhaps the whole universe would collapse in on itself, and destruct everything within… a backup of yourself would have to be in alternate, or parallel, or some further universe(s)… if there’s a possibility of more than one universe, that is – and assuming we’d find it…


You know, this can get complicated!  I think I have a headache – please don’t back that up


NP:  Robin Trower, Caravan to Midnight, Chrysalis LP (for you record collectors:  Gold-embossed box on cover stating, “Demonstration Only”).  Trower’s Hendrix-comparisons were unfortunate – and – I love Dewar’s vocals…

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