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Feb 20 2011   4:12PM GMT

Security and Mounting Threats – Redux

David Scott David Scott Profile: David Scott


I discovered an interesting article online:  New Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wi-Fi Users.  The accompanying video from Hak5 is also quite interesting (provided for the hard-core tech types).


If you read the article, and watch the first 5 or 10 minutes of the video, you quickly realize today’s necessity for provocative security awareness.


Today, as I’ve stated oftentimes prior, everyone needs to be security conscious… all the time.  It has to become second nature.  Perhaps “first nature” is more appropriate, as here in the Weave we’re often discussing the need to look at every action and activity through a Security Prism.


The article delivered a realization to me:  I was a bit surprised at the vulnerabilities posed by Facebook, and the associated lapse in security involving allied third-party applications and procedures there, as well as other referenced sites and social media.  Of course, I’m always careful regarding social media – those are not exactly the arbiter, nor the advance-guard, for security.  I maintain a benign presence on social media.


It should be evident by now that increasingly powerful tools for hacking are soon going to be available to the masses – paired with user interfaces that are designed for the same understanding, and ease-of-use, that allows any noob to send and receive e-mail.


Up until now, widespread havoc has been held in abeyance by the fact that most of the folks who harbor the raw skills to go the hacking route, use those advanced skills to hold down fairly lucrative jobs, and they put those skills to positive purpose.  However, once the business of hacking comes to any person, regardless of that person’s direction, proclivities, moral compass… then look out:  You’d better have very forward-looking security in place.  Ah, now we’re starting to understand what I’ve been calling…


…a provocative security awareness.


Here are a couple early posts of mine on Security – worth a revisit: 


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  Security and Insecurity:  Finite vs. Infinite – Pt.  III



Ah yes –  I can see you’re starting to get it.    :^ )


UPDATE:  From ZDNet – Pace of Technology “overwhelms” security professionals



NP:    INXS –  Shabooh, Shoobah – on vinyl, of course.  Hadn’t heard this in awhile; stumbled on a NM/NM copy at the local thrift.

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