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May 31 2011   10:15AM GMT

IDRU and DAPR, Pt. I: Closing a Divide – New thinking for new realities

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We touched on IDRU in our prior article (please see if you haven’t read it).  It is paired with DAPR, which we’ll discuss in our next article.


IDRU (Id`-roo) is an acronym:


Inadequacy, Disaster, Runaway, and Unrecoverability. 



And IDRU is this:


Inadequacy:  Inadequacy is manifested as lack of proper awareness, planning, action, proper results, and resultant dire consequence.  On a local scale, we’re aware of inefficient, ineffective, and inadequate attention, inadequate business, and inadequate technology (or use of it), leading to poor business outcomes. 


Disaster:  Today, business frequently finds itself in an unrecoverable posture due to a lack of planning.  In the case of small business, it’s been estimated that more than 60% of startups fail due to lack of a coherent business plan and proper allied execution.  In the case of larger businesses, just Google “List of business failures” for some perspective.


Runaway:  In a true condition of Runaway, you, and any action you take, are irrelevant in the face of an inevitable outcome.  Consider that statement carefully.


A simple analogy will serve:  You are the driver of a car.  You are speeding on a wet and winding road.  There are signs, and they expose your conditions:  One gives the speed limit.  Another  indicates “Slippery When Wet.”  One states “Dangerous Curve Ahead.”  Given the nature and conditions of the road, you should have an adequate awareness of danger, and you should have enough information to take action:  To slow down, to drive with care, to prevent a bad outcome. 


However, you fail to do these things.  Your attention, concern, and actions are inadequate.  You fail to imagine and plan for the contingency that soon happens:  You cannot make the dangerous curve; you break through a guardrail; and you begin a plummet down a cliff.  Your predicament was preventable, But now this, for you, is disaster. 


However – you yet have ‘systems’ at your disposal!  You mash the brake.  There is no effect.  You turn the wheel to the left, to the right – again, your action has no effect.  In fact, your fall accelerates.  You pull the emergency brake.  You are in an emergency and beyond:  You are in a condition of Runaway.  It is, simply, too late. 


(Here, prevention isn’t some part of a disaster plan – it is all of it).  Once you begin Runaway, there is no meaningful action to be taken, and – regardless of remaining plans – no executable part of a plan contains any meaning.  In terms of business and technology, Runaway can occur when systems, security and allied process (and use) start to lag.  If the organization doesn’t invest on a timely basis, and bring new services and products to market in remaining competitive – and learn to make best use of technical business enablements and protections, it becomes harder and harder to regain a responsible forward edge.  It’s a choice:  The organization faces either an ongoing manageable incline – or the face of an impossible cliff.


Unrecoverability:  Once you’re in the zone of an inevitable bad outcome, you are in a position of Unrecoverability.  Our car is in a Runaway condition, and the car and its occupant are now unrecoverable – they will be smashed and killed, respectively.  Any business relying on technology – any Business-Technology Weave – is susceptible to unrecoverable situations.  



For business:  Runaway and unrecoverability begin with such things as failure to invest in the future; loss of business reputation through negligence, poor customer service, poor products, etc.; poor investments in process, the wrong infrastructure; resultant inability to raise captital – or a pouring of efforts into “catching up” at the expense of properly serving the present.


Understanding IDRU’s “value”:  As we can see, Unrecoverability is something to be avoided at all cost:  There can be no good reason to risk even the beginning of IDRU:  Inadequacy. 


It all begins with a modern awareness.  Awareness.  That bring us to DAPR – and our next article.


NP:  Things Are Getting Better, Cannonball Adderley,


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