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Jul 23 2008   8:25AM GMT

Web Presentation Doesn’t Work Effectively As You Want, Dose It?

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Whatever how people called it, Web presentation, online presentation or Webcasting; whatever who made it, Zoho, Adobe or Google, Web presentation tools and technologies have deeply integrated into all businessmen’s IT lives. The old Mini-Guide by Robin Good’s has generally presented the fact a year ago. The new technology defeated the traditional presentation which held in a conference room, and has been favored by most businessmen nowadays. However, presenting from a distance has too many uncertain factors. I am not meant to dampen the usefulness of Web presentation as the trend and future, but people really need to keep some ideas in mind when taking it, and make it work effectively.

1. The Internet will limit what you can do.
Web presentation is based on the Internet, and definitely would be limited by the Internet. That means, some rich media contents, such as embedded high resolution graphics or video clips will be loaded slowly or unsuccessfully because of bandwidth limitations or browser incompatibilities. As a result, participants may be annoyed with these issues. There’s no such solution except you must consider these potentials when making presentations.

2. Your audience is multitasking.
You’ve done a great job when presenting, but your audience might not know you’re a such good presenter. Because people can do other activities while you’re presenting – such as checking e-mails, reading news or cracking snacks. You can not send a warning or forbid them to do so. Making the audience far far away focused on the Web presentation is based on how you think over the audiences would do while presenting.

3. Graphics need more explanation.
Certainly the Web presentations need more graphics than traditional ways as words can’t be the attractive contents when the presenter is not really “presenting” in front of. But graphics also mixed up other contents when the presenter can not point on the exact position on screen. Adding explanatory arrows and callout text could make it clear what you are referring. Graphics are good components in slides, but don’t abuse your freedom.

Knowing these points just makes you presenting smart next time. And you can explore more tips like those above through standing in other’s shoes. If you can meet the needs of the participants wherever they may be, your Web presentation can double the efficiency as you want, doesn’t it?

William Peterson
Presentation Veteran

Presenting from a Distance: Webcasting Tips, By Dave Paradi

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  • Jsheets
    Whatever Webcasting is so popular, you cannot control everything like face-to-face presentation, and it distracts most audiences. I didn't support the way making business presentation online currently. For most occasions, live presentation via camera as Web conferencing is reasonable so. - Jack
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