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February 24, 2008  1:25 PM

How Do You Pick the Right Internet Technology for Management of Enterprise Presentations?

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To know some technologies for further activities on Internet as it’s worth the effort.

We are entering an era of online business, and many enterprise managers are facing the dilemma – which way to go – remain with tried and true applications or experiment with such newcomers as Google Apps. While the Internet brings a lot of noise where “it’s cool” is the most popular definition for Ajax or Flash widgets, we need to make an overview of what’s out there on the rich Internet applications for enterprises. Various techniques and technologies are used for the development of the front end for complex distributed systems in enterprise. Regarding tons of business presentation to share and manage, managers need integrated Internet applications built on existing system.

From the development end, Web application industry is still in the early stages with benefits and shortcomings. However, those titans have started building the framework and market up. Adobe constructs the base using its cross-platform Flash technology, with the advanced support from Adobe Flex and AIR. This solution is really powerful on the root of Flash popularity. Google, the leading Internet competitor, makes the JavaScript way from open source Ajax Frameworks. This combination of JavaScript and DHTML techniques and has recently been used most prominently by Google for its successful projects such as Gmail and Google Maps. But creating a large application in this framework is very difficult to work in developing. Google released the Google Web Toolkit to capture the industry. Recently, Microsoft Silverlight by Microsoft, which can be considered a subset of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), likes to attract the developers with previous development experiences in the field of .NET Framework 3.0 and XAML. Besides, there’re other weaker technologies such as Java applets, ActiveX controls, etc. in the RIA market.

Maybe you’ve heard of these technologies, but for presentations management. Flash development still is the king currently as it could be optimized for general Internet access without too many hassles. As a Flash developer, I clearly know the defects such as loss of visibility to search engines, or Internet connection failure. I cannot tell who will win finally; however, Flash technology seems more friendly for most Internet users.

William Peterson
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February 21, 2008  3:53 PM

Meet Scribd’s iPaper: Flash-based Viewer Platform Built for All Web Documents – PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and More

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cross platform - iPaper

Scribd, one of the best Web-based document sharing communities, has launch its exclusive online document viewer platform: iPaper. As iPaper is just an easy Flash widget online like YouTube video, everyone can embed in existing Web pages cross platform, and it is claiming to be the killer of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office Viewer. I don’t agree with that actually, but this Flash-based platform is really great for showing miscellaneous documents online as business presentations. Besides it just displays static documents without any effects, iPaper could be the best practice of Web document viewer platform.


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February 16, 2008  11:58 AM

Best Practices for Playing and Controlling More in PowerPoint Presentations

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You ever want to insert, control and play Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Flash movies, PDF documents or anything in PowerPoint to enhance your excellent presentations. Here you get the chance.

As we’ve already known, Microsoft PowerPoint is an incredibly powerful and popular tool for helping anyone create and conduct rich presentations. PowerPoint even allows you to integrate rich media, video and documents into the slides.

To insert Word, Excel and PDF files, you must have Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer, and go to PowerPoint menus: Insert -> Object, then you can insert these files as objects into your presentation.

Insert Object in Office 2007

If you use ActiveX controls in PowerPoint, which can be as simple as a text box, as complex as an entire dialog, and in some cases as complex as a small application, you can insert and control more such as Flash movies as you want. Click the More Controls tool More Controls in the toolbox (you need to Show Developer tab in the Ribbon at PowerPoint Options -> Popular -> Top options for working with PowerPoint), and then click the control you want in the list (e.g. Shockwave Flash Object). Just place and resize the control in the slide as you like.

More Conbtrols in PowerPoint 2007

To make full use of the control, you have to set the properties. Make sure the control is selected, and then click Properties Properties on the toolbar. Complete the source path to link your Flash movie or other files to the controls, and now you get ready to play it as well.

Flash Object Properties

Certainly a good presentation cannot depend on text and pictures only, try to grab more items to power up your presentations in PowerPoint.

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February 13, 2008  2:46 PM

On The Road: Microsoft Office Has To Bet Its Future On The Web

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After retired, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was showed publicly for the first time, and talked about the next big Office release, code-named Office 14, in a speech at the Microsoft Office System Developer Conference in San Jose, California, which he said it would offer limited capabilities to view and edit the data other than full functionality of Office online. It was still unclear how the Office 14 applications would be packaged and delivered. Gates did say that SharePoint Server, which is becoming more closely aligned with Office, “will be able to render a greater set of Office documents in an HTML environment.”

Why Microsoft Office has to do this? We know, the online office applications grew up and became more and more popular last year. The next generation of office suites is destined to be built on the open community over Web technology in the near future. Certainly Microsoft loves the Web 2.0 sphere, but it carefully moves the office from desktop to the Web as the market is not easy to take up. Think about Google Docs or ThinkFree Office for individuals, while Microsoft targets all the business. Better Web compliance on traditional and professional applications would be more lovely for most enterprises. That’s what Microsoft Office wants in the coming decades.

By the way, Web presentation is already the developed field since its nature of shared shows. To head on next business trend, the deployment of Web office can be trial with Web presentation integration from now on.

Click to enlarge - I Want You For Office 14

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February 10, 2008  11:47 AM

Not Just Type Well: Build Up Your Good Business With Text

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Definitely the words in a PowerPoint presentation should be concise to help audiences understand your statement, and appealing to catch viewers’ eyes at least. It’s not the time showing your typing skills except some stupid typo. And the full page of mission statement or notes is redundant on the screen for everyone. For good and better business opportunities, now it’s great to review the creating process of your PowerPoint presentation.

You must know you don’t want to be verbose and the audiences don’t need, either. While times you are faced with this dilemma whether your presentation includes lots of text on a slide, you can try to rescue the show from text floods. The first thing to do is highlights on most important text. Once you’ve nailed that down, you have a couple options. The simplest way is to change the font and color of these really imperative text that you want people to take note of. PowerPoint already provides some text effects or WordArt to make them special. To have the eyes drawn to the words instantly, you may need some advanced treatments. You might want to try animating those words to stand out them, select the words and click on Custom Animation from the Slide Show menu (or Custom Animation from Animations in 2007). Pick any animation you want to apply, especially Entrance and Emphasis. If you don’t like the customized text effects, set a good text background to stick out words by contrast. Just draw, format and animate a rectangle, then send it to back under the words you concentrated. That way it will provide a stand-out background for your text that your audience will be sure to notice as well.

Text usually gets leading role for readers unless you have persuasive or exclusive pictures in a presentation. What I think about text presentation is that you cannot ignore the detailed job in PowerPoint to try. Sometimes they actually make sense, and your opportunities depend on these points.

February 8, 2008  2:09 AM

Live Workshop Rivalry: Build Your Presentation Mind On the Road

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Not a great presentation can be just made by an impulse on an office desktop. You probably catch an excellent idea to strengthen your presentation on the road home or far far away from your workspace. Turn your car back in the highway long queue? Internet is born to help people build the virtual bridge anywhere anytime. Microsoft Office Live revealed its Workspace Beta months ago to response the challengers, especially Google Docs.

Click to enlarge - Live Worksapce

As a part of Office Live, the Workspace is just an online companion to Microsoft Office or a free SharePoint Lite for everyone. Besides its only 250 MB storage, the Workspace doesn’t offer an online presentation editor within a Web page like Google Docs but launching your installed Microsoft PowerPoint to do the editing. I really don’t prefer this idea. Actually the only flashpoint of the Workspace to me, is the official support of PowerPoint 2007 documents, while Google Docs cannot make that. Despite ThinkFree Office also supports Office 2007 X files, its Java Applet application seems unfriendly to explore.

Click to enlarge - Google Docs

Referring to the article Five Reasons Google Docs Beats Office Live Workspace (believe me, it’s not Google’s promotion essay), we can know that, Google really helps, while Microsoft just takes the popular Web 2.0 to promote Microsoft Office:

1. Office Live Workspace Does Not Allow You To Create And Edit Documents Within A Web Page. Google Docs Does;
2. Microsoft Office Live Workspace Has A 250 MB 1,000 Average Office Documents Limitation. Google Docs Does Not;
3. Microsoft’s Office Live WorkSpace Is VaporWare. Google Docs is Real;
4. You’re Better Off Trusting Google Than Microsoft When It Comes To Web 2.0 Security Issues;
5. Office Live Workspace Is Optimized For Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint Data. Google Is Optimized For Web 2.0.

I have to state that I use and like Microsoft Office as well as Google Docs. Google Docs also has drawback, such as its online async due to Internet delay. And Live Workspace is not a white elephant because of its official development support. Everyone can benefit from the rivalry to keep your continuous inspiration efficiently over Internet.

William Peterson
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February 1, 2008  11:40 AM

Recording and Combining: Your Better Presentation With Voice Narration

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As I usually provide support on public presentations at some conferences and seminars, I find that most presenters’ voice narration in the speech would be recorded live for further references. Actually I recommend that the presenters should record narration by themselves with the microphone and PowerPoint’s internal recorder. In this way, your speech will be perfectly matched with every slides of the presentation, and the narrated presentation could be better materials for more absent audiences. Read Virginia Tech’s comprenhesive instructions for how to record narration during presentation.

If the voice narration has been recorded independently, or some content needs modification, you can also manage and split audio into segments related to each PowerPoint slide. Audacity ( is the recommended audio editor for everyone. Please notice that all sounds need to be embedded in presentation for integration, refer to Office PowerPoint Help “Embedded and linked sound files in a presentation” at

Someone may ask me, why not record live speech with presentation as video directly? Video can record everything in the conference, but your final presentation don’t need all the things definitely. In most business occasions, visual slides and voice narration are the most important parts in the presentation, so narrated presentation is enough, besides video files usually face the encoding problems. How do you think about this?

Introduce an experiment presentation by Bill Conerly at Wichita State University’s annual Economic Outlook Conference:

Economic Outlook

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January 29, 2008  7:43 AM

Convenient with Inconvenience: Impress The World With Visible Keynote

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You must haven’t forgotten Al Gore after his setback in election because of An Inconvenient Truth, which made him Oscar and Nobel winning last year. Al Gore arrived with mountains of research and a compelling, vital message. He left with a Keynote presentation fit for the silver screen. Those inconvenient truths in his slides really impact the world, don’t they?

I deeply appreciate his presidential presentation style and the compact slides design. It’s really good model for every presenter to know making inconvenient animations other than flat description. Every audience loves visual impact while narration is going on. Whether for business or non-profit, a good presenter must have visible keynote in his presentation.

By the way, Nancy Duarte, the CEO and founder of Duarte Design a presentation focused design firm that counts some of the biggest technology companies as clients, works on Al Gore’s project a lot. And you’ll like to watch and learn the designer’s slides clip from the award-winning keynote at

Certainly not everyone is a born designer to make dazzling slides for the world, but some convenient, intuitive, and simple animations in the presentation also can impress your business world.

Al Gore - An Inconvenient Truth

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January 27, 2008  4:57 AM

Learn Keynote Presentations From Our Geek Gods

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

As I started Internet in high school, and studied Information Technology in college, Mr. Bill Gates and Mr. Steve Jobs are always the shinning stars across my IT voyage. Their speeches in recent years are definitely impressive: Windows 98 to Windows Live, iMac to iPhone, CES to MacWorld, etc. The technology has changed dramatically, but they keynoted as usual years by years. Early this month, Bill announced his final resignation from Microsoft in CES, and Steve announced his new gadget MacBook Air from Apple in MacWorld. I believe that most people have watched the shows. And with the memories of these geek titans’ last presentations, we can compare the visuals as well as help us improve our own visuals.

Steve Jobs with MacBook Air Bill Gates in CES 08

I am not attempting to be glib or sarcastic anyway, but actually you’ll be easy to find Bill is not such a good presenter more than a uncle neighborhood with fortune, while Steve often makes artful and effective presentations as he wants in contrasts. I generally agree with Carmine Gallo’s idea “Deliver a Presentation like Steve Jobs” (read it at, which indicates 10 elements to enhance your presentations:

1. Set the theme;
2. Demonstrate enthusiasm;
3. Provide an outline;
4. Make numbers meaningful;
5. Try for an unforgettable moment;
6. Create visual slides;
7. Give ’em a show;
8. Don’t sweat the small stuff;
9. Sell the benefit;
10. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

Everyone can try these techniques and they could be really helpful if you need to make a business presentation successfully. Besides, you cannot forget a key tenet of a presentation other than just dazzling the audience all the time: simplicity. Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means, and every presentation has its own rhythm with presenter for distinct occasions.

More Bill’s presentations on Microsoft:

More Steve’s presentations on Apple:

William Peterson
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January 24, 2008  2:20 AM

The Presentation Outlook: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Review with Recommendations – Part 3

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Continued from previous post

Not Just Smart: Make Other Ways Like A Professional

I don’t want to talk too much about the new feature SmartArt graphics, because it’s really content design component to preset professional styles, although it helps visually communicate information somehow. Just read more about the visual representation of your information and ideas by yourself:

To be really smart and professional to do with PowerPoint 2007, you’re supposed to know some must have equipments. With these recommendations, you and your PowerPoint 2007 are really armed to the tooth in any presentation world.

The first one you definitely need to install is the general support for PDF file. Microsoft has an Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF at to make your PowerPoint presentations and export as the most acceptable document type PDF files. Despite this Microsoft add-in doesn’t have better abilities compared with Adobe Acrobat’s add-in (more about Adobe Acrobat at, its ease to export really makes sense for most users.


If you still fancy classic menus in previous versions not the ribbon in PowerPoint 2007, the producer of high performance add-ins and tools for Microsoft Office offers Classic Menu for PowerPoint to show classic menus and toolbars on ribbon of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. See details at It retains all PowerPoint 2007 features and recalls the classic drop-down menu. You may love this hybrid way to quickly get into PowerPoint.


Regularly your PowerPoint documents will be used for online presentation in the Internet times, and I think most peopel won’t believe the feature of directly saving as Web pages in PowerPoint, which generates a bundle of files with unfriendly codes in pages, and no improvements in PowerPoint 2007. Multimedia software manufacturer Wondershare introduces the Flash conversion add-in to make online presentation properly with PowerPoint 2007. More information goes to As SilverLight is under construction, Flash still takes up current Web content authoring. If you have multiple presentations on business or teaching, this one could be a great tool.


With one year evolution of PowerPoint 2007, the baby has been accepted by most of us. We like the Ribbon, hate the incompatibility, and want to be new professors on it. At the end of the common review, I just recommend the last thing: Don’t forget to install the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 1 (218.3 MB, There’re no more secrets from Microsoft, because you’ve known PowerPoint 2007.

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