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March 30, 2008  4:46 AM

Know Those PowerPoint MVPs to Help Yourself

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Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals

Microsoft has an award called Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) for these independent experts around the world who are awarded for voluntarily sharing their high quality, real world expertise in offline and online technical communities. In the area of presentation skills, there’re PowerPoint MVPs for everyone. They’re just technology individuals, without paid by Microsoft. As PowerPoint MVP Sonia Coleman put it: “Our reward is the satisfaction of being able to help others with what we’ve learned here.”. So if we know more guys like them, we get better resources for our further presentations.

Austin Myers
Solutions to Multimedia in PowerPoint

Bill Foley
He was born and raised in Texas. PTT specializes in creating Word document management systems (Userforms and templates), lesson plans and graphics for the nuclear industry, doing Instructor Training for utilities and creating PowerPoint training presentations/PowerPoint CBTs (using VBA).
Professional Training Technologies, Inc.

Brian Reilly
Typical projects for Reillyand are the automatic creation of multi-hundred page proposals or presentations from custom databases.

Echo Swinford
Echo’s Voice

Geetesh Bajaj
Geetesh Bajaj

Glenna Shaw
She grew up near Huntington, West Virginia, mixed those traits with a generous helping of twenty years technical experience and got herself the perfect blend for PowerPoint troubleshooting.
PowerPoint Magician

Kathy Jacobs
Right now, herl time is spent writing, supporting her site, and answering PowerPoint and other questions.
PowerPoint Answers

Shawn Toh (aka tohlz)
He lives on the sunny island of Singapore, and loves to do advanced animation tricks using PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Heaven
The Art of PowerPointing blog

Shyam Pillai
VB Guru

Steve Rindsberg
Photographer; A/V & Multi-image producer; owner of RDP, a 35mm slide imaging service bureau; programmer; writer. Along came PowerPoint, and he ended up writing a monthly column for The Cobb Group’s Inside PowerPoint and some bits of books for Que.
The PowerPoint FAQ
Steve Rindsberg/RDP – PowerPoint Add-ins, PowerPoint FAQ and more

TAJ Simmons
TAJ Simmons’ Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds

William Peterson
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March 26, 2008  2:05 PM

Quick Try This: Your Personal Show In MySpace Profile

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

Flah Show in MySpace Profile

Whether you know it or not, MySpace connects people with people in the Web communities. Decking a perfect profile of yourself in MySpace is the first step of your social network online. If you insert a Flash animation as your personal show in profile, it will be great to show than just texts and pictures.

Well it’s pretty simple to do so within copy and paste technique. At first, you need to have your Flash file hosted; it’s easy to purchase some online spaces nowadays, just select some well-known Web hosting services like 1&1 or DreamHost with your credit card.

After the SWF Flash file is hosted somewhere, copy the URL where it’s hosted, such as:

Now you may login your MySpace account and go to edit profile section where you want the Flash show to appear, just modify the URL and width/height in the following HTML codes as you like, then copy and paste them in the profile field:

<embed src=”” mce_src=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ quality=”high” pluginspage=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” />

Finally you can save all, and all your friends and potential friends will view and like your updated MySpace profile with the Flash showoff.

William Peterson
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March 23, 2008  4:33 AM

Flash Mind For iGeneration: PowerPoint to Flash Solution in This Spring

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

The developers from Russia made a great success on PowerPoint to Flash conversion technologies called FlashSpring in recent years, which seems really rock solid on the conversion quality. Days ago, they leveled up the simple but powerful converter technology to a series of exciting solutions on PowerPoint to Flash, iSpring. And I had a great test drive of iSpring Pro from its Giveaway of the Day promotion.

iSpring Pro in PowerPoint 2007

I don’t care about the such features like “Insert Flash” or “Resources”, because its Flash presentation competitor in leading role Articulate Presenter already has better and utility ones. The program instability and output quality is gorgeous on iSpring, also the great compression to output originals PowerPoint to a 10% compaaible file size of Flash. However, it has some backs, such as PowerPoint 2007 support, which looks like what it said in promotion: just “works fine”. My PowerPoint 2007 crashed many times, and most animations on SmartArt are not applicable in output. But do you know, iSpring has a iSpring Free available beside its US$199 Pro.

By the way, the iSpring menu buttons were non-intrusive making working with PowerPoint simple. The cool ribbon and tech for PowerPoint 2007 got another full-featured competitor PPT2Flash Professional, who may has a little better support on PowerPoint 2007, at least the instability as I know. If you need more on this point, just give more than a try.

PPT2Flash Professional in PowerPoint 2007

William Peterson
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March 19, 2008  11:54 AM

Gonna Catch Up: 2.4 Release Candidate

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

The open-source office application suite, a free alternative to Microsoft’s ubiquitous Office, is nearing final release on version 2.4. With on track to launch version 3.0 later this year. continues to evolve. As practice makes perfect, in the coming version, its interface continues to develop into almost a twin of MS-Office’s pre-ribbon interface.

About the Office PowerPoint’s competitor Impress, there’s no problems opening a presentation created in Power Point 2007; and slide transitions applied in PowerPoint also carried over in Impress. The slideshow was editable in Impress as well. It seems that OpenOffice has added more animations options as slide transitions.

It’s great that OpenOffice is compatible with MS Office, but Microsoft Office file formats are not native to it. Everyone thinks that OpenOffice has to be an exact MS Office clone. That’s not the case, and OpenOffice has a lot of features that Microsoft Office doesn’t, like the way it integrates with Mysql to perform advanced variable stream data features for printing.

Whether corporates want to direct clients towards OpenOffice as a software solution depends on a variety of factors: budget, client’s dependence on complex spreadsheet processes and macros and the interoperability of OpenOffice with UC platforms and email and messaging systems. Certainly, OpenOffice could be a good choice, and it’s always good for further development by yourself, not just under the Microsoft’s construction.

William Peterson
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March 16, 2008  9:12 AM

Make Your Live Homepage in PowerPoint Slides

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

You probably will like this way: a live window within a slide in PowerPoint, which displays the live Webpage, not just a pop-up Internet Explorer when clicking a hyperlink. Actually it’s easy to do so, at first you should add a Microsoft Web Browser control to a slide, and then run a macro as an action to the live Webpage in PowerPoint.

Live Webpage in PowerPoint

1. Show The Control Toolbar In PowerPoint
    In PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions, point to View -> Toolbars, and click Control Toolbox, now the box shows up;
    In PowerPoint 2007, click the Microsoft Office Button -> PowerPoint Options -> Popular, click the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box, and then click OK, now the control group is in the Developer tab.

2. Draw The Web Browser In A Slide
    Click “More Controls” button, and then click “Microsoft Web Browser”, and then draw the control on your slide. The Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX control now appears on your slide.

3. Make A go2URL Macro For Presentation
    Launch the “Visual Basic Editor” in PowerPoint:
    In PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions, go to Tools -> Macro -> Visual Basic Editor; in PowerPoint 2007, go to Visual Basic in the Developer tab;
    On the Microsoft Visual Basic window, point to Insert -> Module; just specify the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) as you like in the following code, and paste the modified code in the new Module window, which will run the browser, opening the URL:

Sub go2URL ()
Dim varURL as Variant
varURL = ""
Slide1.WebBrowser1.Navigate varURL
End Sub

    Then close the Visual Basic Editor.

4. Add An Action To Run The Macro
    Type any texts or insert any shapes you like, then add the actions to the live Webpage on them: make the texts or shapes selected, and point to Insert -> Action; in the tab of “Mouse Click” or “Mouse Over” as you like, select “Run macro” -> “go2URL”, and OK.

Now preview or save the presentation with macro, you can activate the live Webpage in the PowerPoint slide with a mouseclick or mouseover on the link.

William Peterson
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March 12, 2008  4:02 PM

Be A Superstar With Your PowerPoint Presentation

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

PowerPoint Karaoke by Hans Põldoja

Days ago I came across a cute idea called “PowerPoint Karaoke” on by Hans Põldoja. It introduced a method that can be used in presentation trainings as social activity to improve presentation skills for teachers or other presenters. The main difference between PowerPoint karaoke and real karaoke is that people give PowerPoint presentations instead of singing.

Certainly it’s kind of funny to do so, but actually it’s really an efficient practice like so for your better performance in the future. A PowerPoint karaoke needs to search from Google or Slideshare for random PowerPoint files, and list presentations on different topics to be chosen for participants. If there’s really such a leisure activity with group wisdom and inspirations, any participants can gain more techniques and experiences from others and themselves like a superstar is born in normal karaoke contest.

William Peterson
Presentation Verteran

March 6, 2008  10:40 AM

Why Not Add YouTube Flash Video in Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

Maybe not everyone loves YouTube, watches and uploads videos on YouTube, but in the world’s most popular community, sometimes you would like to add a favorite video on YouTube to your next presentation. Many people have tried various methods to make YouTube video in their PowerPoint. Here I just review these great ideas, and express the clear fact in my words.

Play YouTube Flash Video Online in PowerPoint with Live Connection

If you’re going to give a PowerPoint presentation under the environment with live Internet connection. You can directly embed your expected YouTube video into the slide, and play the video in your presentation from Internet like embedding YouTube video in a Web page. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. At first, you need to find the hidden Control Toolbox out in PowerPoint. In Normal View of PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions, go to View -> Toolbars -> select “Control Toolbox”; for PowerPoint 2007, go to PowerPoint Options -> Popular -> tick “Show Developer tab in the Ribbon”.

2. In the Control Toolbox, click the last icon “More Controls” which is displayed as hummer plus wrench. In the set of controls available on your computer, select “Shockwave Flash Object”. Then use your mouse to draw and resize an area in the slide as you like to place your YouTube video.

3. Go to the YouTube video page you’d like to add, and check the URL in the address bar of your Web browser. You’ll get an address like Change the phrase “watch?v=” to “v/”, and now the address become The address is what we need to link the video from YouTube.

4. Right click the area you drew which is displayed as a big cross, select Properties and go to Properties tab. Just copy and paste the YouTube video address like in the field as value of attribute “Movie”; set the value of attribute “Playing” and “Loop” to False. Close the Properties tab when everything is done.

5. Now save the presentation, preview and enjoy the embedded live YouTube video in the slide with a Internet connection.

Get YouTube Flash Video Offline and Add To Presentations

When you don’t like the live YouTube video way, which requires live and reliable Internet connection, you may download YouTube video to your hard drive, and insert the video into presentation offline. It’s also very easy to make in a few minutes.

1. Go to the YouTube video page you’d like to add, and check the URL in the address bar of your Web browser. You’ll get an address like Then try some online services like KeepVid or other offline tools to retrieve and download the original Flash video file from the address. Rename the downloaded YouTube Flash video file from “get_video” to “xxx.flv” as you like in FLV format.

2. Now you need to decide in which format of YouTube Flash video you’d like to add in PowerPoint presentation. If directly inserting the Flash video in FLV format, you have to ensure the FLV file could be properly played back at first. It’s recommended to install VideoLAN VLC media player to play YouTube Flash video files in FLV format.

3. Find the hidden Control Toolbox out in PowerPoint and go to “More Controls” as the way in the first steps of online YouTube section above. Select “VideoLAN VLC ActiveX Plugin v1/v2” in the set of controls available, then draw and resize the displayed area with mouse in the slide as you like. Right click the area you drew and go to Properties tab, and complete the value of attribute “MRL” with the path of the YouTube Flash video file, like D:\Temp\2008\temp.flv, then close the tab. Now the YouTube Flash video in your hard drive is ready to play in the presentation.

— Insert YouTube Video As Common Video

Besides, you may also try to convert your YouTube Flash video in FLV format to other common video format like AVI, MOV, etc with some online services such as or other offline video conversion tools. Then you can directly insert these converted video in your hard drive via “Insert Movie from File” in PowerPoint.

— Insert YouTube Video As SWF Flash Movie

Generally speaking, to avoid video codec problem with different computers, and ensure the properly video playback in PowerPoint, Flash video in FLV format and other video formats is not recommended to be inserted in PowerPoint. Based on the popularity of Adobe Flash player, which is widely installed on most computers in the world, Flash movie in SWF is highly compatible cross-platform and properly played back. You may try some video to Flash conversion tools, such as WebVideo Author, to convert FLV or other video formats to SWF format.

The Flash movie file in SWF format could be inserted into PowerPoint presentation as “Shockwave Flash Object” in Contorl Toolbox like the way in the first steps of online YouTube section above. And you can embed the SWF Flash file in your presentation through setting the attribute “EmbedMovie” to True in Properties tab.

By the way, some presentation authoring tools, such as PPT2Flash Professional, Articulate Presenter, offer the shortcut to insert SWF Flash files quickly, and finally output the PowerPoint presentation with YouTube Flash video as Flash movie in SWF format. Flash-based presentation is kind of great solution to avoid compatibility issues from video codec, PowerPoint versions and operating systems, and easy to make Web compliance with.

Maybe the total guide for YouTube video in PowerPoint is a little of complicated for everyone. Google’s PowerPoint killer in Google Docs is highly expected to add the feature to add YouTube video in online presentation instantly, if Google really wants to be the killer. After all, YouTube is a great video treasure for everyone, we can make better use of it with our works and life.

William Peterson
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March 4, 2008  2:39 PM

Keep Reading – Enrich and Storm Your Presentation Brain

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

I usually think reading a printed book has better effects on your mind than scanning the same thing online, although I’m already a Internet addict. Here I recommend some printed books for the IT presenters to read, if you really have non-Internet reading time.

PowerPoint for Teachers on Amazon

PowerPoint for Teachers: Dynamic Presentations and Interactive Classroom Projects is written for especially for teachers to enhance presentations in classroom, but you also can learn abundant information and great ideas to make your own interactive and creative projects with PowerPoint, no matter what your level of expertise. The book is written by Ellen Finkelstein, who has been consulting and teaching PowerPoint more than a decade.

Presentation Zen on Amazon

Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery is the latest collection from presentation designer and internationally acclaimed communications expert Garr Reynolds. The book shares his experience in a provocative mix of illumination, inspiration, education, and guidance that will change the way you think about making presentations with PowerPoint or Keynote. You can also visit his excellent blog Presentation Zen related to professional presentation design.

Happy reading, but not ending.

William Peterson
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March 2, 2008  6:29 AM

For the Benefit of Integrated Google Apps – Be A Killer and Helper

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

One of the major benefits from Google’s versatile online services is the well-integrated account management in a simple way. This is something the application suite providers always do, and it’s popular for existing users to explore news. As we know, Google acquired Zenter and then relaunched as Google Presentation to be Microsoft PowerPoint killer, now it unveils acquired hosted wiki service Jotspot as Google Sites under the Google Apps team, to be Microsoft SharePoint killer.

Google Sites Sample

Other than its hosted wikis with structured templates, users will now simply embed spreadsheets, presentations and word documents from Google Docs, as well as Google Calendars, YouTube Videos and Picasa Albums. This is the cool point for Google’s online applications to challenge Microsoft. Like Google’s Management Director of Enterprise Matthew Glotzbach said, the success of the killer with combined services is allowing businesses to collaborate without all that expensive and complicated Microsoft software.

Google’s online applications may not be perfectly sophisticated and stable yet, but it’s really applicable for most businesses. On my viewpoint for business presentation, the integrated system is practicable and valuable.

William Peterson
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February 28, 2008  4:45 PM

Right, We Need A Powerful Engine for Corporate Presentations

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

When I reviewed some tools in that article Forget PowerPoint: 13 Online Presentation Apps as many other gadget reviews, certainly most of these Internet applications are based on Flash or Ajax like what I said before, I found a description “Focused more on larger corporate customers with a monthly budget for little bit higher-end needs. Provides templates for speedy creation” and Presentation Engine. Enterprise high-end needs? Wasn’t this what we always thought of? So I viewed samples and made its free test drive. Its step-by-step creation with templates was really easy, and the output was exquisite. But I finally got its so-called “Presentation Engine” idea: just stunning multimedia presentation in Flash for rich-media advertising.

Despite rich presentations are used for kind of promotion, they aren’t just ads. More than general slideshows, corporate presentations have such function of e-learning, with efficient knowledge management. So we really need interactive and intuitive features in online presentation applications for better support of corporate learning and training. That’s the powerful engine for corporate presentations. The best solution I think could be integration of corporate LMS development and stable online presentation platform.

William Peterson
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