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May 1, 2008  3:49 PM

Rich Internet Applications: The Open Future is On

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When I heard the news that, the research from Forrest said the popular AJAX is too old for rich Internet applications, and it will be replaced by Adobe AIR or Microsoft Silverlight in the future, I really don’t agree with that idea. Although the new technologies AIR or Silverlight are hot and appreciated by developers, we cannot deny the further improvement on AJAX, which is just built on the simplest platform over rich Internet.

Open Screen Project by Adobe

However, Adobe’s Open Screen Project is really favorable. The project is is working to enable a consistent runtime environment – taking advantage of Adobe® Flash® Player and, in the future, Adobe AIR — that will remove barriers for developers and designers as they publish content and applications across desktops and consumer devices, including phones, mobile internet devices (MIDs), and set top boxes. Also, it is supported by technology leaders. I think, most IT guys will be interested in the details, just visit

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April 28, 2008  9:45 AM

YouTube Video in Google Presentation, As Expected

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Caught from Official Google Docs Blog last Friday, Google Presentation took Speaker notes and YouTube videos in.

As we expected the feature of YouTube videos in Google Presentation long long time ago, Google finally simplify the adding YouTube in Presentation way with its adopted YouTube. About the traditional methods to add YouTube Flash videos in PowerPoint presentation, please read my complete guide.

Videos can help you make a point, command the attention of your audience, or even add humor to your presentation. Now in presentations, you can insert one or more YouTube videos onto your slides and play the videos while you’re presenting.

YouTube in Google Presentation

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April 27, 2008  5:56 AM

AOL’s Rich Internet Mail in Microsoft’s Silverlight Experience

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AOL Mail in Microsoft Silverlight

Beyond the common sense of popular AJAX Web mail, AOL plans on new gadget for old Web mail service, which offers industry-leading performance, unique skinning options and rich media content capabilities. Generally, the spotlight upon those boring slogans is the Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 technology in called convenience of the Web and the performance of a desktop application together.

AOL demonstrated the new RIA Mail at Microsoft’s MIX08 conference. The demo highlighted a version of RIA created specifically for fans of the video game Halo, featuring a Halo mail “skin” as well as Halo-specific content and advertising to create a dynamic online experience.

According to my ever experiences on Flash-based or AJAX-based Web mail services, Google’s Gmail‘s still my favorite as its really Internet-friendly technology. However, AOL’s RIA Mail seems shinning and nice. If the high-appreciated future mail service can be launched to beat up Yahoo or Earthlink’s Web mail, I think Microsoft’s Silverlight should be the best weapon to arm to tooth. Also, I guess the new AOL mail may promote Silverlight as its engaging case study.

William Peterson
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April 21, 2008  8:48 AM

Criticize the Top Players of Web Presentation in Flash: authorSTREAM, SlideShare and Google

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Google Presentation on Google Docs

authorSTREAM from authorGEN


After authorSTREAM continuously sent the e-newsletter “PowerPoint on iPod and YouTube” to me and all others, I had a glimpse of its new campaign upon popular elements. It got me thinking about the current Web presentation services on Web 2.0. It might be easy to find that most palyers on the stage build their Web presentation system on Flash platform, and promote the idea as community like YouTube. Whatever how many sites follow the fad to provide Web presentation services, most of them don’t catch the real feeling of Web 2.0. Here I just express my initial thinking to the well-done Flash projects on the Web presentation stage. Anyway, feel free to think through some of your own in the comments.

. Google Docs by Google. Firstly, to be fair, Google always offers various Web freebies as most peoples preferred, so I cannot judge a Web search engine provider with any presentation related critics. But under its well-known brand and Web technologies, Google Docs could be really great alternative to Microsoft Office Suite, especially with its better documents compatibility recently. Meanwhile, the defects are obvious: animation effects, crashed scripts and limited features. For most exsiting Google users, the ability within one universal Google account is certainly easy to use.

. authorSTREAM by authorGEN. Before its athorSTREAM promoted to me, I have knew its producer authorGEN as its leading in multimedia presentation solution. The company of authorGEN has produced authorPOINT, which creates professional presentation for business and e-learning from PowerPoint. Upon the stable technology of PowerPoint presentations to online Flash shows, authorSTREAM made a rapid growth on the Web presentation stage. The promotion idea with popular elements blogs, iPod and YouTube included also sounds great. Actually its presentation technologies are really advanced, that is, the animated slids and embedded audio would be the fair point as so far.

. SlideShare by SlideShare. It launched the service early, and the community is generally popular upon the well-done construction and promotion these years. As the king of Web presentation service, its entire community system including slideshow sharing, rating and additional features does no wrose than how YouTube works. Moreover, its affiliation on Facebook as one integrated online application ( leads better attractions. However, unfortunately it didn’t provide plentiful office features like Google Docs, or enhanced presentation abilities like authorSTREAM. But really like YouTube community, it cannot stop its popularity on the stage.

Well, that’s the quick review I came up with. Like most users, I’m not sure there’s a real toplist there, but it doesn’t mean I can’t make some nice opinions. By the way, you may have a look at Google’s presentation in Flash about Q1 2008 Quarterly Earnings Summary on SlideShare’s Slideshow of the Day.


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April 20, 2008  7:49 AM

The Master’s New Delivery: Steve Jobs’ Keynote On The Apple “i”

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Again, with great delivery, simple visuals, total engagement, Steve made his next best presentation: on what’s important and skims over what’s not: “The ’90s are not important.” Watch the masterpiece and always learn more essentials.

William Peterson
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April 16, 2008  1:19 PM

Media Player and Adobe TV: Test Drive Adobe Family’s Newbies

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

Adobe Media Player

Adobe officially unveiled long-waiting Adobe Media Player and Adobe TV last week.

Adobe Media Player is a cross-platform Adobe AIR application that offers content discovery and interaction. Companies that are offering content for the player include CBS, MTV Networks, Universal Music Group, PBS, CondéNet, and Scripps Networks. The official support of streaming Flash video in FLV format for Adobe Media Player could be a nice point to end-users, however, Adobe targets on the high definition media playback in 1080p, 720p or 480i resolutions. It’s really great as a combination of Web and traditional media.

Adobe TV is just a network in Adobe Media Player and offers “expert instruction and original series programming” about Adobe products. Its four channels targets at Photographers, Designers, Video Professionals, and Developers. By the way, the streaming is very smooth and in high quality.

I’m satisfied with the newbies from Adobe, and Adobe Media Player is the best AIR application I ever seen.

William Peterson
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April 13, 2008  6:46 AM

Make PowerPoint Presentation as Digital Signage Solution to Empower Your Business

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Digital Signage

Digital signage is the system that is used to convey your message, information or advertisements to your customers, students or colleagues. In simplistic terms, digital signage can be a PowerPoint presentation or you may wish to use a professional digital signage software package. Your message can then be displayed on large format LCD monitors, large plasma screens, multiple monitors, video walls, or through a projector onto a projection screen, a suspended acrylic rear projection screen or onto glass window film which may be touchscreen.

To reduce the time and effort needed to develop high-end presentations and graphics from any type of digital signage application, existing clip art galleries, imported images in any format, and link slide elements to real-time data sources to create stunning visual displays with continuously updated content could be combined with live video inputs, a real-time crawling ticker, video clip playback, and multiple animated logos and clocks, and you have everything you need to produce a full digital signage production just within Microsoft PowerPoint.

You may never know your PowerPoint application could be so powerful. Actually it is, and the unprecedented ease of use coupled with the highest quality output means users can create professional
and compeling digital signage in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

digital signage with powerpoint

You may find more about this solution by yourself on Google:

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April 12, 2008  6:56 AM

Recommend Some Silverlight Demos from Microsoft Development Community

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Silverlight Demonstration

As Silverlight is really hot other than just Microsoft, I’m digging on it recent days, and now recommend some demos for everyone to know the further technology better, and plan it in your own business. The resources are just from Microsoft develper Nigel Parker’s presentation in his blog. Thanks for the effort.

Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Surface Demonstration (Video Support)

French Silverlight 1.0 Application (Script#)

Silverlight 1.0 Inking Search Sample

Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Invaders

Glenn Conner Interview
Amazon Demo Silverlight 1.1 Alpha

Building a Video Player in 8 mins with Silverlight 1.0

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April 6, 2008  3:52 PM

Silverlight 2 On the Go: Microsoft’s YouTube With No Flash Video

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Microsoft developer Ashish Thapliyal has published a roadmap for the Silverlight 2 Web platform, confirming a final launch scheduled for the summer, and noting that Silverlight won’t be able to play back .flv Flash video files.

Besides, Microsoft also beta lauched its Microsoft Video in Silverlight, which was considered as Silverlight’s YouTube community experiment. Definitely Microsoft Silverlight shouldn’t support Flash video files as Adobe Flash’s hot competitor, and the video streaming in Silverlight is really clearer and smoother than common Flash videos. But, Silvelight videos cannot load video in cumulative progress like Flash does, and the incompatibility with existing Flash video may scare away the best opportunity to promote with current popularity.

What Silverlight 2 will bring to us, new technology or just a dream? Don’t forget that, even Jobs won’t make Flash Player supported in iPhone officially, most users are still really need it. Therefore, Silverlight can generally support some Flash technologies, her tomorrow will be better, I think.

William Peterson
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April 3, 2008  9:13 AM

Tech Up Your Sales Presentation With New Blood

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A successful presentation never makes anyone sleepy, and the ending applause isn’t the ringing to wake up. Maybe every presenter knows the rule, but not eveyone knows the solution.

Certainly the goal of a sales presentation is to deliver a clear, concise and consistent message to your prospects about your products and your brand, as well as why you’re better than the competition. Doing that and keeping your audience’s attention for longer than 30 minutes is the real chanllenge. Today’s spoiled, information-overloaded prospects demand a richer presentation experience.

The problem with traditional presentation tools is that they use a lot of static text that makes them too long, too common and just plain boring. PowerPoint changed that for a while, but with technology changing so quickly, some claim that even this beloved presentation tool is too old to adapt to the new world. But sales professionals and executives must weigh the benefits of a new presentation tool against the potential for more sales, and it might not be worth taking on the added effort and expense.

Presentation Tools in New Blood

Nevertheless, there are a lot of new tools that can enhance your presentation. Hitachi StarBoard Software, for example, now offers a line of interactive whiteboards, panels and portable tablets that offers dynamic and engaging ways to grab and hold the attention of even the most technology-savvy meeting attendee.

Not exactly multimedia, some Java-enabled technologies can be used within a number of platforms, from PDFs to Web sites to PowerPoint presentations. Actually, Flash is the most powerful software tool today to leverage technology in sales presentations, and Flash interactive sales tools can serve multiple purposes. You can send them in advance of a meeting to prime your prospects and pique their interest, or you can leave them behind after the meeting to help your contact sell your product and service internally. Interactive tools that involve your viewers make them want to talk about you and show your presentation to key decision-makers in their organization.

Presentations developed in Flash now have better integration of video, back-end systems and other Web-based technologies. One benefit of this greater integration is the ability to incorporate dynamic information and develop modular presentations with a focus on user experience and usability. These changes allow for more interactivity, flexibility in customization and a richer experience for the prospect.

The Value of Business Presentations

Although creating these presentations can be costly and complex, these presentations can be substantial enough to deliver a better message for your business, and attract prospects around the globe through WEbinars, for example.

By effectively utilizing new Web and software technologies in every aspect of your sales presentation, you will not only overcome the challenges presented by modern demands, but also reap other advantages, such as being able to track your prospects’ habits and make up successful sales initiatives based on the data collected online.

Beyond the rising expectations, more good presentations come on these greatest tools. Actually, presenters gain more from the use of tools, and making good use of tools: for instant, SmartArt in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is already a nice development to enrich your sales reps.

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