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July 1, 2008  11:30 AM

Good to Make Business Hot – Mix up with Presentation Spices

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Corporate presentation is something significant for a team in any conferences to show up their power and confidence. However, presentations are not the most entertaining films to view, especially on sonorous afternoons in air conditioned and darkened rooms that lull you to sleep. To make any exceptions on the rule, some good tips are necessary, not tricks of business. Got some good points from Heather Johnson’s blog post “How to Spice Up a Presentation” on Jenna Sweeney’s Corporate Training & e-Learning Blog.

= Know your subject and know your audience
= Interaction to get your audience involved: ask and invite questions
= The shorter and more powerful the message
= Use your hands to complement your words and slides
= Talk eloquently without the use of too many “ahs” and “ums” and “likes”
= Know your slides thoroughly and never get them mixed up in the middle of a presentation

How to Spice Up a Presentation

More than these good tips above, I think too many words in slides would be huge mistake in any presentations. Just titled, narrated, multimedia added. Your words, smiles, gestures are superior to guide audiences live. Another, some reasonable silence with a nice face between sentences instead of “ahs” or “ums” could be better, I think.

William Peterson
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June 5, 2008  4:17 AM

Perfect Presentation Online – Your SlideShare PowerPoint Slides with YouTube Video Narration Together on Omnisio

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Once you’re back from various conferences, uploading your video recordings on presentation to YouTube, and uploading PowerPoint slides to SlideShare could be the best way to share your masterpiece socially, so that people who could not make it to the conference, are able to run through your presentation. How about put them together on your blog?

Just embed them with the codes from YouTube and SlideShare on your blog. But it’s not perfect – your PowerPoint slides and the audio-video recording are embedded separately and your readers will therefore have to watch them repeatedly in two different ways. Fortunately, this age-old problem can be solved in minutes with Omnisio – a free service that lets you synchronize pre-recording audio-video with a PowerPoint presentation. Now you can just upload your PowerPoint presentation to Slideshare, video to YouTube and then synchronize the two with Omnisio.

It’s not a service promotion; just experience this yourself on Omnisio.


William Peterson
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June 1, 2008  7:39 AM

Quick Tips to Enhance Your Presentation in PowerPoint 2007

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After your meticulously constructed the contents of next-day presentation, enrichment is great for your confidence. Applying some quick enhancements to your presentation is really easy, because you’ll find PowerPoint 2007 has made them ready for you.

1. Themes offer you more thoughts

Access the Design tab of the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007, the Themes gallery provides several themes here with thumbnail previews, and you can just hove your mouse cursor over and get live preview with new theme in current presentation.

Furthermore, the built-in theme colors are very friendly feature to help you make professional design. Fonts, Effects are also already selected by designers, and what you need is just a few clicks.


2. Quick Styles is what you want

In Drawing section of Home tab, you can decorate the selected contents with this fascinating idea: just live preview and apply preset style in mouse hover and clicks. That’s why it called “Quick”.

Like theme feature, the preset style or layout is well designed. Everyone can easily access it and make a professional-like presentation.


3. Use SmartArt in smart

SmartArt is so cool that everyone will like it. Actually it just provides the quick way to make designer-quality graphics from preset templates, as better graphics can essential promote your presentation.

You may create one from SmartArt icon of Insert tab, and simply all the boring listing, process, cycle, relationship contents into a smart and bright view. That’s SmartArt simply did for you.


William Peterson
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May 27, 2008  2:56 PM

Silverlight Technology on the Future Business Presentation

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I caught some funny Silverlight applications from those passionate guys who work in Microsoft’s Silverlight Business Development Team, such as Silverlight Games, Silverlight Instant Messaging Client, Silverlight Clock.

Silverlight Clock

I like those trial Web applications to improve our satisfaction of Internet lifestyle. Moreover, as its called “Flash Killer”, it’s really not a bad idea to advance the ease of future business presentation. Whatever, at least we get a nice alternative in current Flash-Flash world. I guess, Microsoft will embed Silverlight technology support in his next generation Internet Explorer in near future, and that is, no more compatibility hassles. We’ll do our businesses over Silverlight technology platform then, as we with Adobe Flash today. The focal point is, we may not know the advantages of Silverlight over Flash, so we stay here.

William Peterson
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May 24, 2008  3:00 AM

PowerPoint 2008 for Mac Than iWork Keynote ’08, You Think That?

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

As not a loyal Apple fan, I just ever tested PowerPoint 2008 for Mac and iWork Keynote ’08 for gadgets when Microsoft made its campaign, and found no significance on their comparison. Yet months later I solemnly read the details of Macworld’s article of PowerPoint 2008 vs. Keynote ’08: The Office Suite Smackdown by Franklin N. Tessler, I realized that this was really a good point. Because there’s no clear winner in the rivalry, and PowerPoint 2008 may have surpassed in several areas; however, Keynote ’08 caught the favor from Mac users upon Apple’s reputation. Is this what you think so?

Read that interesting article on the Macworld’s site …

Office 2008 for MaciWork '08

William Peterson
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May 21, 2008  11:55 AM

Introducing MasterViews: Effective PowerPoint Presentations for International Audiences

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Today I recommend a great site MasterViews International, which provides selected solutions, how-to techniques and resources on effective presentation-making, information design, presentation technology, and delivery approaches. I usually glance and read those articles here, because I can really get effective information for my inspirations.

Furthermore, MasterViews is associated with MasterNewMedia, which also has a lot of informative contents. You’ll love them all.

MasterViews International

William Peterson
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May 17, 2008  3:49 PM

Live Up Yourself as Flash Video with Flash Media Encoder

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

Forget off the latest beta version of called Adobe Flash Player 10 with advanced 3D and GPU capabilities, you’ll like to build your own live streaming station site with latest Adobe Flash Media Encoder. Just visit:

Adobe Flash Media Encoder 2.5 software is designed to enable you to capture live audio and video while streaming it in real time to Flash Media Server software or Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS). When high-quality streaming is your priority, Flash Media Encoder 2.5 can help you broadcast live events and around-the-clock broadcasting such as:

Sporting events
Educational or promotional events

As I know, most IT news sites deployed Flash media server products as its webcast solution, and the solution is really recommended and awarded. However, for individuals, stored Flash video like YouTube way might be more acceptable, so Flash Video Encoder is preferred.

William Peterson
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May 14, 2008  3:58 PM

Recommend Presentations as the Solution, and the PowerPoint Article

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

Today I carefully read the article “PowerPoint Prowess: Using Presentations as a Solution” by Randy Lipson and Tina Teodorescu, and found it really useful to explore the presentation mind in conceptual view. Here I just show some great points, and please read the full article on

Presentations are a critical part of successful selling, but they have to communicate to the customer’s mindset.

In sales, there is a lot of emphasis put on a salesperson’s PowerPoint prowess. Sales managers and those departments and individuals who are responsible for helping sales reps to be as successful as possible, often voice the need to “improve presentation skills” as a top priority. But this emphasis leads to a lot of pressure put on salespeople to be expert presenters, and often gives a false impression that a knock ‘em dead presentation is a rep’s key to success.

What ‘s Missing? The Solution Roadmap

The Keys to Building and Presenting Winning Presentations
• Base the presentation on the prospect’s needs and the best solution to meet those needs.
• Build trust to gain in-depth information.
• Confirm information with a letter of understanding before any presentations are made.

William Peterson
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May 11, 2008  11:06 AM

Presentation Skills in More Practices Not Technology

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

According to BusinessWeek’s columnist Carmine Gallo made “Rethinking the Presentation“, my “Business Presentation over your IT” is just one tactic to assist the presentation. Beyond any mechanics of PowerPoint or Keynote, some practial tips can really save you from a boring or confusing presentation in reality. I reviewed them to rethink my technology way.

An approach to presentation design that is simple, visual, and “ultimately more meaningful” should be significantly recommended. Prepare in analog, cut the noise, avoid bullet points, and picture superiority. Follow these keys, I have to agree that most professional designs are set on paper in hands, but slide software really helps in progress. if you need to complete the presentation sometimes. The proficiency of using slide software may not improve your creative ability, while it definitely improves the output if you’ve already had the inspiration.

We wouldn’t rip off the such “PowerPoint culture” as Garr Reynolds described, because making the visual approach still needs the technology. Similarly, should we give up computer as it influences the traditional computing way? The suggestion on the slide software manufacturer such as Microsoft is, connecting the cold-bloody software with designers’ mind, for example, SmartArt in Office 2007 is nice one.


William Peterson
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May 8, 2008  9:47 AM

Learn From Everyone: WikiHow’s PowerPoint Tutorials and Articles

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

Wiki is great, as everyone could be the contributor to share the unlimited knowledge. This wiki website WikiHow calls itself the ‘How-to Manual You Can Edit’ because it allows users to add and edit the tutorials it hosts.

Here I just introduce WikiHow’s Presentation Software category, which provides how-to steps for performing several tasks and using some important features in Microsoft PowerPoint. You know, usually I contribute some terms in those articles, where you may find my name on the author list.

19 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials:

Add Music to Powerpoint

Add a Template to the Autocontent Wizard in PowerPoint

Change the Background on Powerpoint Slides

Convert PowerPoint to Flash Using Open Source Tools

Convert PowerPoint to Flash Using Wondershare

Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to Screensaver

Create a Flowchart

Embed Music in a PowerPoint Presentation

Embed and Insert a Chart in a Powerpoint Presentation

Fill out a PDF Form With PowerPoint

Make Animations With Microsoft Powerpoint

a PowerPoint Presentation with Lots of Bitmap Images and Small File Size

Make an Awesome Rpg on Powerpoint

Publish a PowerPoint Presentation Online

Put a Hyperlink in Microsoft PowerPoint

Save a Powerpoint Presentation on a Thumbdrive

Show the Slide Number and Total Number of Slides on Every Powerpoint Slide

Use Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Use WonderShare PP2DVD to Burn PowerPoint to DVD

2 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials:

Add a Sound to a Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Insert Flash Into PowerPoint 2007

Certainly it’s recommended to add your words on some specified topics in WikiHow you’re really good at; learning is the process of sharing knowledges, that is, helping everyone is helping yourself in philosophy.

William Peterson
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