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August 13, 2008  12:50 PM

Stick to Omnisio: Imagining the Next Generation YouTube Presentation Service

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There’s nothing exciting for presenters after the events that YouTube video embedded in Google Presentation service (refer to my previous post YouTube Video in Google Presentation, As Expected ). Perhaps we can imagine the future from the collaboration of YouTube and Omnisio. The better interactive features (such as Video Annotations) will enahce the experience and free the creation. But how about the next generation service we can do presentations in YouTube like what we know in Omnisio?

We believe that Google will not ignore the best part in Omnisio to add the presentation slides with online video synchronized (refer to my previous post Perfect Presentation Online – Your SlideShare PowerPoint Slides with YouTube Video Narration Together on Omnisio ). So the empowerment of collaborative online video could that better video presentation collaboration experience for users. Maybe the presentation service by next generation YouTube will be integrated with Google Presentation, and boost the multimedia enhancement of next generation Webcasting.

William Peterson
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August 11, 2008  3:38 AM

Your Office at Work: Fresh Resource Center inside Microsoft Office

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Microsoft's Office at Work

Not only you, I’m engaged to Microsoft’s Office at Work, which is far more than some hints and tips for those office applications. Because the contents there are really helpful in our daily office life. We can not miss those great ideas to stuff:

  • A popular article from Office Hours on ninja tricks you can perform
  • An introduction to readability stats
  • A review of phishing and other email warnings
  • Updated Excel tips (the most popular program folks are looking for hints on this page)
  • Most e-mailed templates (based on email this link data)
  • A link to our own comic, Office OFFline
  • Plus keeping last month’s most popular article, PowerPoint without bullets

The best part here is, you’ll find the resources you want to see on different prospects, such as Office at Home, Office at School, Office at a Small Business.

William Peterson
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August 5, 2008  3:07 AM

New Presentation Technology in Review: Thank MVP Geetesh on FlashPPT

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In early twenty-first century, I devoted myself into the presentation innovations, shaking up a business practice were settled to the future. Quite a few of my thoughts may come out as I also like to dig more on Microsoft PowerPoint. Yet Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) in PowerPoint have their own opinions on the experienced presentation skills. I really appreciate their works in practice. Here I recommend MVP Geetesh’s latest professional reviewing and ranking for the Flash/PowerPoint mixed tools on his FlashPPT site. You’ll find the technical details about the PowerPoint to Flash presentation (

Also, you may like the presentation guru Geetesh Bajaj‘s another presentation site Indezine ( and his PowerPoint Blog (, which contain more nice PowerPoint templates and a lot of presentation resources for everyone.

One thing I need to claim, I’m not Microsoft MVPs only the IT presentation concerned businessman. So I just think that improving presentation skills is important for modern guys with new presentation technologies to make the business world easier. We don’t need to be the PowerPoint MVP, but we appreciate all efforts of the MVPs to help us become the MVP in our own field with better presentation skills. Thank all MVPs.

William Peterson
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July 25, 2008  8:56 AM

Saving Yourself from Desktop Publishing: Keep Your PDF Documents Online

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No doubt that one of the great contributions by Adobe is the standard of Portable Document Format (PDF) from 15 years ago. As Adobe referred, PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system. Post Script, Distiller Server, Acrobat Connect, so many deeply developed technologies around it. But who cares these or those technical aspects? All the reasons we favor it so much could be: cross-platform compatibility, compact size, easy creation, nice security, print and browser friendly, etc.

This morning, one friend of mine told me that she would store all her documents in PDF other than Word documents in the future. Maybe it was a good idea to do so, but I persuaded her not do that, because Word documents are Word documents, while PDF documents are PDF documents in your own business. Word documents could be the best-ever desktop sharing, as PDF might be the best-ever desktop publishing. However, that wasn’t enough for the good arrangement of one’s business. The advanced suggestion from my mind is: backup all Word documents, convert them to PDF documents, and store all PDF online. Why online? Definitely there’re millions of answers to this question in the Internet times. After all, we’ve already entered the upper class of traditional desktop publishing, with the online documents.

Adobe’s Create PDF Online

PDFCreator on SourceForge

Google Docs with “Save as PDF”

On the honor of the great help from Adobe’s PDF for our businesses these years, let’s move our PDF documents to the Internet, and leave the business with PDF in a better vision.

William Peterson
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July 23, 2008  8:25 AM

Web Presentation Doesn’t Work Effectively As You Want, Dose It?

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web presentation

Whatever how people called it, Web presentation, online presentation or Webcasting; whatever who made it, Zoho, Adobe or Google, Web presentation tools and technologies have deeply integrated into all businessmen’s IT lives. The old Mini-Guide by Robin Good’s has generally presented the fact a year ago. The new technology defeated the traditional presentation which held in a conference room, and has been favored by most businessmen nowadays. However, presenting from a distance has too many uncertain factors. I am not meant to dampen the usefulness of Web presentation as the trend and future, but people really need to keep some ideas in mind when taking it, and make it work effectively.

1. The Internet will limit what you can do.
Web presentation is based on the Internet, and definitely would be limited by the Internet. That means, some rich media contents, such as embedded high resolution graphics or video clips will be loaded slowly or unsuccessfully because of bandwidth limitations or browser incompatibilities. As a result, participants may be annoyed with these issues. There’s no such solution except you must consider these potentials when making presentations.

2. Your audience is multitasking.
You’ve done a great job when presenting, but your audience might not know you’re a such good presenter. Because people can do other activities while you’re presenting – such as checking e-mails, reading news or cracking snacks. You can not send a warning or forbid them to do so. Making the audience far far away focused on the Web presentation is based on how you think over the audiences would do while presenting.

3. Graphics need more explanation.
Certainly the Web presentations need more graphics than traditional ways as words can’t be the attractive contents when the presenter is not really “presenting” in front of. But graphics also mixed up other contents when the presenter can not point on the exact position on screen. Adding explanatory arrows and callout text could make it clear what you are referring. Graphics are good components in slides, but don’t abuse your freedom.

Knowing these points just makes you presenting smart next time. And you can explore more tips like those above through standing in other’s shoes. If you can meet the needs of the participants wherever they may be, your Web presentation can double the efficiency as you want, doesn’t it?

William Peterson
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Presenting from a Distance: Webcasting Tips, By Dave Paradi

July 20, 2008  9:02 AM

Do We Really Need Microsoft Office? No in the Past and Future

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Bill Gates with Microsoft Office

Yesterday I read the an article “Do I Need to Buy Microsoft Office?” at Ask a Geek of latest Popular Science. As the its result of “Our geek weighs the options and finds Office might not be the best bet”, I agree that Microsoft Office’s rivals are really powerful and nice, such as Google Docs, OpenOffice or Corel’s WordPerfect Office suite. On my personal side, I would rather choose Google Docs, whether Google would charge me some fees or not in the future. But most businesses nowadays must have the Microsoft Office suite installed, while IBM extremely loves his Lotus Notes software as exception.

In the future, desktop software will be completely replaced with Web applications without doubts. So Microsoft Office is certainly the product for current days. But we can not rush to the future without it because of its popularity in the past. Because a lot of people are working with it now, and will work with it in the future for a long time. In order to avoid any bad incompatibility, our business must have and manage it. Just think about, you partner sent you a document in DOCX format, but you cannot read the contents properly with your OpenOffice, and you will ask for another PDF copy? That’s also why a huge enterprise IBM can not abandon its ever popurlar used Lotus Notes easily.

William Peterson
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July 20, 2008  8:46 AM

Make Shows in Trends: Business Presentations in YouTube Way

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Let us think of more useful ways to wake up the popularity to make and judge the old business presentations. Nobody can ignore the incredible power from the best-ever online community YouTube, even Obama wants his final presidential victory. Not in your business style for YouTube? Just remember, every firm is a potential IT-based organization in this Internet era.

It’s not any “YouTube+PowerPoint” ways like SlideShare, which can not beat up any points with the real YouTube community. “Hi buddy, you cannot upload your presentations to YouTube, whatever they’re PowerPoint files or Flash animations!” This verdict is like saying that all presentations must be in PowerPoint or Flash formats. Actually, video presentations have been favored by millions of peoples before the PowerPoint and Flash were born. Just put all your old presentations to the front stage. Some tools might be practical this time. TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio (you must know the great one tool) can completely recording and publishing PowerPoint presentations, or some handy manual enables you to create YouTube contents with nothing other than PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker. Besides, any trends-hunter has made the exact kit for this requirement: PPT2YouTube.

You may say “it’s totally not business way”, but it would never be bad to do so whatever the people in YouTube watch and comment your presentations. Business should not waste such great online resources to make up the gap or create more new opportunities.

William Peterson
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July 14, 2008  4:31 AM

Rich Media Presentation: An Convenient Truth for the Business Environments

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I never conducted any experiments to compare the effectiveness and cost savings of integrating rich media presentations into the business of any organizations, but I dare to assure that it’s all evolution of traditional presentations. Because of the introducing of rich media technology in current business presentations, the communication of business environment becomes really better ever.

accordent presenterpro

Whatever the administrative level or marketing frontline at any businesses, those presentations with rich media enhanced lead to the reduction of energy and paper consumption on more business trips. I can not count the exact issues that rich media presentations help on businesses, however, at least you can make good expressions with enrichments.

Just think about, adding related video clips, narrations, and other interactive elements to your prepared business presentation; aren’t those all of what you want to present? Regardless of your explanation as the key usages on any presentations, content is the king. Let content speck louder than words! I drafted this rule in the evolution of future business presentations.

William Peterson
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July 13, 2008  4:56 AM

Flash, Silverlight Go Searchable – A Little Thinking of Search Engine Optimized Rich Media

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Go Searchable

No needs to mention that the proudly announcement of Adobe’s that “Rich Media Search on the Web” on July; as we guess, Microsoft also teams its Silverlight technology up with the rich media content searchable trend. It’s really long long waiting to make this available after years of Flash technology booming. Like Neil Armstrong’s first words on the moon, “that’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind”.

Coming with Google’s “Flash indexing algorithm“, we know the SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) can not live standalone without the requirements from the market. The little thinking from me on search engine optimized rich media: business presentations over the Web now essentially catch up with the help of SEOed.

There’s much to admire about Adobe’s web technology initiatives over the past year or so, such as recent Adobe AIR, But this one, advanced RIA technology with SEO compliance inspires me indeed. As most developed Web apps take SEO as better user experience advantage over Rich Internet Apps, now for searchable Flash, I really recommend businesses to do in this way.

The last words to notify on this thinking, most traditional manufacturers of Flash authoring tools should rearrange the producing of Flash, to satisfy the SEOed Flash content better.

William Peterson
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July 7, 2008  3:16 AM

Be with Do Business in the Online Office as Usual, Why Not

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

Like Photoshop Express’s photo sharing and photo editing, Adobe can’t help unveiling its complete online office solution to gear up file sharing and documents collaborating using From Adobe’s official description, it’s a set of online services – file sharing and storage, PDF converter, online word processor, and web conferencing.

Already one month after its rocket launch to enhance online documentation office upon the mastered Flash technology, Adobe pushed Acrobat all the ways to the de facto international standard. The final release of Acrobat 9 comes that, Adobe actually desires the online service as better component for its desktop apps. Even if the online solution not caught up as Acrobat Professional, but the support of source formats arranged from Word to PowerPoint is really inspired, and better than Google Docs.

That goes here, Google Docs versus By contrast, Google Docs has less enhanced editing, and less powerful conversion – not sophisticated in document contents/web conferencing as Adobe’s strength. But popped with Google’s account, the document collaborating, and file sharing is easy and flexible. More than these, Google’s AJAX structure is a little better than complete Flash core in browsers if we don’t get a faster connection.

Anyway, I encourage people to try more business in the online office, Google or Adobe, whatever you like. But it’s really great influences to improve efficiency, avoid complexity, and help environment. Finally, I recommend this AIR “ for My Desktop” to launch as AIR app from desktop.


William Peterson
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