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February 4, 2009  11:01 AM

Let’s Talk about Presentation Skills from Our President Obama

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President Obama’s “HOT” is the result of our economy’s “COLD”. For me, his charisma is more than those inspired stimulus plan. I watched Obama’s first presidential show on CNN days ago, and considered the inaugural speech an excellent public presentation model for everyone, who wants to be another president or not.

Dr. Rich Kirschner mentioned about Obama’s presentation skill was kind of “Powerful Use of Persuasive Speech for Positive Change“, and I agreed with that.

All in all, Obama uses persuasive speech to take a potentially damaging set of revelations, and turn it to his advantage. Such talk actually has the potential to play an important role in bringing about positive change in this fundamental area of our civic discourse.

Such skills could be useful in most business negotiations, although many techies don’t like this way as I know. Actually not everyone can create its own presentation style like Steve Jobs, and sometimes it’s better to do business with old technologies.

Obama's Presidential Inauguration

William Peterson
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February 3, 2009  9:49 AM

Besides Presentation Skills, More about Those PowerPoint Professionals…

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As I introduced before about Microsoft Certified PowerPoint Most Valuable Professionals (refer to my previous post Know Those PowerPoint MVPs to Help Yourself), who are really great PowerPoint professors and active contributors on presentation skills, the official Microsoft PowerPoint Team finally wrote something more (more than I knew at least) about those PowerPoint MVPs on its PowerPoint Team Blog.

PowerPoint’s Most Valued Professionals…

So how about PowerPoint’s MVPs?

PowerPoint’s MVPs are a great group, excellent folks who represent a diverse set of specialties and talents with the PowerPoint product. We have world-class designers, design consultants, writers, programmers, and some amazing feature hackers. A terrific, talented, and generous group of folks you really should get to know better.

Where Do Most Valuable Professionals Hang Out?

MVP World

Sadly I’m not a PowerPoint MVP like them, because I’m not an active community member, and am totally a businessman. However, I appreciate Microsoft’s MVP program to reward these real helpers, for everyone.

William Peterson
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January 5, 2009  7:00 AM

Mouse Over Multimedia: Add Interactive Content to Your Site with Apture

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You may know snaP shots to add a quick preview of outgoing links, but actually snaP was used as advertising more than contextual content, as I know. So the unexpected pop-ups that occur when you accidentally scroll over text links become irritating irrelevant advertising sometimes. Apture is a little different. It gives independent publishers the power to find and incorporate relevant multimedia items, such as video clips from YouTube, photos from Flickr, Wikipedia articles, music, podcasts, and much more from around the web directly on to your site with a single click of a button.

multimedia content by apture

Tablefy has a brief look at the pros and cons of Apture, and we really consider the free service as a unique product and well worth checking out. You may experience with examples or watch the video tour below:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="600" height="357" wmode="transparent" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" /]

William Peterson
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December 27, 2008  9:49 AM

On the Meeting: Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing and Web conferencing

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Sure, once mostly a face-to-face practice, now executives are increasingly offering their wisdom via teleconference. It’s really more efficient than old ways to facilitate with modern technologies. Certainly teleconferencing is just the live exchange of voice on the meeting, and the videoconferencing has been used widely in last decade. Then now, conducting a live meetings or presentations via the Internet could be easier for anyone. Web conference, or Webniar can be seen everywhere over the Internet.

Right, I’m a techie fan, and here I’d like to review these current technologies for teleconferencing, videoconferencing and Web conferencing.

1. Internet Teleconference, such as Skype
Internet telephony involves conducting a teleconference over the Internet or a Wide Area Network. One key technology in this area is Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). A lot of commercial VoIP networks available over the world, and Skype is the most popular one for personal and SME uses. Actually Skype offers a series of solution for business to start off such tele-conferencing soon.

One thing left, video conferencing is supported on Skype. And it’s usually my first place alternative for international calls.

2. Videoconference Impact on Education, Medicine and Business
No doubt videoconferencing could be sort of essentials on distance education, and also helps most doctors diagnose any complicated illness. And especially on business, it enables individuals in faraway places to have meetings on short notice. Time and money that used to be spent in traveling can be used to have short meetings. The technology is also used for telecommuting, in which employees work from home.

I ever tried such video conferencing on e-learning, and it works well. And it’s also widely used for any international conference on UN, or most multi-national enterprises.

3. The Boom of Web Conferencing Services
Web conferencing is not just the Internet version of teleconferencing or video conferencing, there’re some other typical advanced features here: slide show presentations, live or streaming video, VoIP, Web tours, meeting recording, whiteboard, text chat, polls and surveys, and screen sharing/desktop sharing/application sharing.

A lot of IT vendors provide Web conferencing service, including Adobe, IBM and Microsoft. But I still prefer another two services: Cisco’s WebEx ( and Citrix’s GoToMeeting (

Web conferencing

We really have more and more meetings to go, and technologies just make them cost-efficient with our brilliant ideas.

William Peterson
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December 25, 2008  2:12 PM

Project Presentation Essential: Create Project Report Effortlessly in Office 2003

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“As a Project Team Leader, how much time have you lost trying to take information from Microsoft Project and drop into to PowerPoint presentation? If you are like me, you’ve probably done a few ‘Print Screen’ and Pastes…”

I’m not a skilled Microsoft Project user, but I suddenly found this old add-in for Project 2003 terribly useful here. Basically, the installation drops a new toolbar within Project with a button labeled “Create Report Presentation…” and it allows you to select which milestones to show as well as which fields to include. Magically, now you get an auto-generated PowerPoint presentation with a slide dedicated to the project tasks. Maybe it’s a little out to use Office 2003, but I can’t find such good add-in with Office 2007. Whatever, it’s not bad trying this for just project leaders.

The Project Report Presentation Add-in for Microsoft Office Project 2003 helps a user to quickly and easily create a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation containing user-selected task information from Microsoft Office Project.

Download Office 2003 Add-in: Project Report Presentation Here > >

PowerPoint Tasks Summary

William Peterson
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December 23, 2008  5:44 AM

We Must Read More for Making Good Design

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I realize that sort of information browsing online is not enough to learn any subjects throughoutly. So I move to reading more professional books like returning the college. Everyone likes better design in its presentation, so we must learn some elementary skills from books at first. And I was recommended to read Timothy Samara’s guidance to enhance my abilities of instructional design.

Here’re two recent books about tips and rules for design starter to make good to better design. Keep these ideas in mind when designing your next presentation or website, poster, and you’ll get excellent design achievement soon.

A Handbook of Basic Design Principles Applied in Contemporary Design

A Graphic Style Manual

Timothy Samara is a graphic designer and educator based in New York City, where he divides his time between consulting, writing, and teaching at the School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design, NYU, and Purchase College. He is the author of several books for Rockport Publishers, including Making and Breaking the Grid, Typography Workbook, Publication Design Workbook, Type Style Finder and Design Elements.

William Peterson
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December 23, 2008  5:42 AM

Not Late to Send Your Online Christmas Card Today!

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Online Christmas Card Maker from

Ready to Christmas yet? So I guess you’ll send lots of Christmas cards as usual this year. But for our eco-friendly future we know, online Christmas card is so popular on recent years. Here introduces a simple Online Christmas Card Maker for everyone in Christmas.

With this card creator you can write your own personal message to a friend or loved one on your chosen card, without the need for any design software. You can then send the Christmas cards as an email, a web link or just print it off and send it.

Besides, there’s an old version Christmas Card Generator from, which is also awesome for the holidays.

William Peterson
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December 20, 2008  3:17 AM

Ideas about Showing PowerPoint Presentations on iPhone

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These days I was totally hooked with Apple iPhone from a friend. Certainly it’s not that fancy touch screen abuse, but those more and more interesting iPhone Applications from various innovative developers. Then I became wondering, how could I make my PowerPoint presentations displayed on iPhone, since it doesn’t like Windows Mobile to install such applications. After a little research, I got these ideas as below:

1. Export as a Series of Pictures to iPhoto on Mac
As Microsoft announced Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 for Mac last year, getting presentations from Mac to iPhone is relatively easy. PowerPoint exports your presentation as a series of pictures directly to iPhoto, or saves those same slide images as pictures to your Pictures folder. From there, sync pictures to your iPhone through iTunes as usual, then use the built-in Photos or slide show program on your iPhone to show your presentation.

It’s really easy to go and try this way. However, the presentation on iPhone becomes kinda picture slideshow, not with all animations along.

2. Convert as Supported MPEG-4 Video Formats
Since iPhone support MPEG-4 video in .mp4, .m4v, .mov formats, some software vendor offers the idea of presentation to video conversion. You can just convert your PowerPoint presentations to MPEG-4 video first, then import or sync the video to iPhone with iTunes.

This method sounds reasonable, and all animations are here. But please see, video presentation is not slideshow anymore, because you can’t control them easily slide by slide. Right?

3. Remote Control PowerPoint from Computers
So some iPhone application developers find this way to connect PowerPoint with computer via Wi-Fi network. Then you can remote control your PowerPoint presentations wirelessly from your iPhone, with a realtime view of your slides. Show your slides on your PC and use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a clicker.

I haven’t tried this app yet, but the idea seems not bad. If everything goes fine in presentation, that’s the best way so far, if you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone.

iPresenter for Microsoft PowerPoint

William Peterson
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December 20, 2008  3:15 AM

Online Holiday Boom with Stand-Out Sales Presentation

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Because of the weak economy, consumers seem to prefer more online shopping with discounts or free shipping on this holiday season. At least, this is good news for most long-waiting online retailers. Based upon sorta great prospect, Abhay Parekh, founder & CEO of an interactive multimedia platform company, is presenting a wiselike guidance for business communicators, on Sales & Marketing Management Magazine:

Five Tips for Creating a Stand-Out Sales Presentation

Looking to create that perfect eye-catching sales presentation to lock in some last-minute Q4 sales? The you had better rethink your strategy and take your presentation to the virtual scale.

1. Show, rather than tell.
2. Ditch your static slide presentations.
3. Go virtual.
4. Survey says?
5. Know when to stop.

Read full article at:

William Peterson
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December 18, 2008  7:26 AM

No Death by PowerPoint: We Know Its Midlife Crisis

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

Recently Ms Laura Bergells showed us an interesting research on PowerPoint Death with data analysis. Clearly, more and more people is concerned about the health statistic of our PowerPoint, because we’re still using it well now and gonna use it more in the future.

I agree that PowerPoint is the best ever presentation tool for desktop authoring. And I guess everyone is considering the inevitable threats from so many Web apps for presentation. PowerPoint is experiencing a midlife crisis as everyone does, but we still like it, don’t we? 🙂

William Peterson
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