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January 24, 2008  1:58 AM

The Presentation Outlook: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Review with Recommendations – Part 2

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

Continued from previous post

The X Files: New Documents Makes The World Differences

Such wise improvements for an application would be great spotlight, but Microsoft’s totally new Office format (OOXML) for PowerPoint 2007 is not that satisfied to ensure widest compatibility of files. Certainly, Microsoft provides PowerPoint Viewer 2007 (Get it directly at But most users don’t just tend to watch and go. As they’re still using previous versions of PowerPoint, new X format make the documents become untouchable files. The unfriendliness will scare some new officers away.

Also, Microsoft makes an Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats” (Go to find it at to make up any inconveniences. But even so, the current situation is that, most PowerPoint 2007 users cannot edit the old non-X documents properly: wrong position, sprained objects and some loss.

The essential recommendation on this point is that you’d better transform the new PowerPoint 2007 files formats PPTX/PPSX to older vision files formats PPT/PPS before you take your presentation to anywhere else. Maybe you can always save your documents as non-X files to avoid some problems before PowerPoint 2007 is generally installed in most computers.

By the way, you can enable the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Compatibility Checker in PowerPoint 2007, and PowerPoint will prompt for those features in current presentation which are not supported by earlier versions of PowerPoint. Once continue to save, those unsupported contents will be removed or converted to static objects in older versions. This is the friendliest feature for compatibility as Microsoft has knew there’re always some troubles definitely.

However, as the new ribbon tab rearranges the group of commands and features, it puzzles most upgraded users from previous versions. On the other side, the pretty ribbon takes much more system memories and other resources and may slow down your computer somehow. Therefore most people think the starting time is delayed in PowerPoint 2007 from previous versions. About the ribbon, I generally favor the idea that introduces more intuitive icons to click on. If you’re really not filled with the tabs, just right click and “Minimize the Ribbon”.


To be continued….

January 23, 2008  9:06 AM

The Presentation Outlook: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Review with Recommendations – Part 1

WPeterson William Peterson Profile: WPeterson

This essay just provides personal perspective on using PowerPoint 2007 as presentation tool and share the proven methods and techniques I’ve developed after the throughout year of facilitating PowerPoint 2007 presentations.

Like any other baby, PowerPoint 2007 is really delighted with its 1st birthday and Christmas gift Service Pack 1 this winter. Also, the parent Microsoft is so happy to see the new baby’s greatly sales excellence last year. However, we still need to look carefully at what the newcomer executes and conduct a review of PowerPoint 2007 with recommendations that every user and consultant would consider.

While most of practice users are fond of PowerPoint 2007 focusing on their attention on the design process, we produce more functionally by leveraging meaningful business approach. We’ll experiment with three fundamental elements in PowerPoint 2007 and provide integrated recommendations for current and potential users.

Charming New Face: Does Everyone Like The Ribbon?

Most IT organizations tend to deploy new PowerPoint 2007 through its favored enterprise acquisition channel in the one year. All enthusiasm apart, actually many things stayed the same in PowerPoint 2007 from previous versions.

One of the great changes of PowerPoint 2007 is it lets users make presentations much faster and easier than ever before. Actually, just the new ribbon interface make PowerPoint 2007 look and feel dramatically fresh, even though most features are unchanged. Compared with long drop-down menu and task listing in earlier versions, the ribbon is simply more accessible and usable, and people really like the WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get] thing. About Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, you can read more at


To be continued….

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