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Jul 22 2010   6:59PM GMT

Check Entry – Post_Click Event

Craig Hatmaker Craig Hatmaker Profile: Craig Hatmaker

There are two times when you want to check entries:
  1. When the user changes something and 
  2. When they want to post entries to the database (aka add, change or delete data). 

Today’s post covers the second situation.  The second situation requires a “Post” button.  We give the user a “Post” button with this command:

Create_Easy_Button “Post”, “Sheet1.Post_Click”, 105, 10

The code for that routine is here:  Code for Easy Button
The “Sheet1.” is the worksheet with the “Post” button on it, AND with the Post_Click routine in it.  It’s possible that your “Data” worksheet isn’t Sheet1.  To determine which sheet it is:
  1. Copy the code below to your “Data” worksheet
  2. Use Alt-F8 to bring up the Macros’ list. 
  3. Note the Sheet# name infront of Post_Click.  That’s the Macro name you’ll need.
105 is the number of pixels to the right for the upper left corner of your button.  10 is the number of pixels down.
If you’ve been following along from the beginning, you have a workable “Update” spreadsheet.  But we have more to do.  We have to wire up the “When the user changes something” event (See bullet #1 at top) and we need to control how the cursor moves from cell to cell so it automatically skips over protected (non-entry) cells.  Stay tuned.  More to come.  Here is today’s code:

Sub Post_Click()


   Wrapper for Post and Load_Data_Logs tied to “Update Logs” button


     Date   Init Modification

   05/22/09 CWH  Initial Programming


    On Error Resume Next


    Settings “Disable”      ‘Disable events, screen updates & Calc.s


    Dim bResult As Boolean

    bResult = Post(sConnect, _

                   Me.Name, _

                   “”, sFields, _

                   “”, sData, _


    If bResult = Success Then _

        Load_Data False     ‘False means no prompting

    Settings “Clear”        ‘Enable events


    On Error GoTo 0


End Sub

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