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August 2, 2011  10:31 AM

Online, Content, and Social Media Marketing Best Practices

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

16 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools
I took the opportunity to contact some of my esteemed friends and colleagues who are experts in their field and asked for their advice on their favorite little known social media secret and social media tools, including their own if they had them. Here’s what they told me…  [Read full story at techipedia]


3 BIG Inbound Marketing Reasons Adobe Flash is Bad for Your Website
Flash definitely scores well in the “Coolness” category and has a purpose for websites. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you want a website that is cool or you want a website that actually complements your inbound marketing strategy?  [Read full story at B2Community]


6 Simple Steps to Define Your Audience for Content Marketing
Getting your content marketing strategy off the ground requires that you have correctly defined your audience. Quite simply your content should resonate and be valuable to your target audience. Perform a simple exercise to define your audience so that you have a clear path to creating content that will be impactful.  [Read full story at B2Community]

August 1, 2011  10:57 AM

Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote Your Brand

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

The Surprising Discovery About Twitter Retweets
Why does one person receive more RTs than another? I’ve been studying this phenomenon for a while now, and here are some things I’ve learned about Twitter retweets.  [Read full story at Bit Rebels]


10 Social Media Marketing Tips to Kickstart Your Week
With so many great social media marketing tips being passed around the blogosphere each week, I wanted to pass along some of the best tips that hit my Google Reader this weekend and share them with the community.  [Read full story at]


When to ask for a “Call to Action” in Social Media?
In this post, I pose a question and look for your input. A question that I really do not have an exact answer to – in fact I do not think there is a correct answer. It falls into the category of “it depends.” When is it appropriate for a brand/company to ask for something from their social followers? 
[Read full story at SocialSteve’s Blog]

July 28, 2011  10:15 AM

Relating Social Media and Search to Public Relations

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

Social Media and Public Relations. Friends or Enemies?
Last month, we launched a new monthly B2B expert roundtable series titled: B2B Marketing – In 140 Words Or Less. The intent is to start conversations on the toughest topics facing today’s B2B marketing community. 
[Read full story at B2Bbloggers]


Why is Search Important to PR?
In the State of the Media 2011 Pew Research stated that search is the one factor that most affected the news business in the past decade.   Since news is a vital part of PR, perhaps we should examine how search plays a part in PR and media relations.  [Read full story at Business2Community]


McKinsey’s Thought Leadership Called Into Question: A B2B Public Relations Lesson
McKinsey, whose intellectual capital is typically the gold standard for consulting firms, has been slammed by the media about the study’s vague methodology and questionable results. The fallout provides some important reminders for public relations professionals…  [Read full story at B2Bliss]

July 27, 2011  9:37 AM

Understanding B2B Mobile Marketing

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

The ABCs of Mobile Marketing [Glossary]
For those who are just getting started with B2B mobile marketing, just getting to the basics can be a bit intimidating.  With a few short steps and some new terminology, however, you can launch your mobile marketing initiatives with confidence.  [Read full story at HubSpot]


Opportunity Calls: How to Effectively Capture Mobile Marketing Conversions
Smartphone use is exploding, providing new opportunities for marketers to connect and engage with target audiences. According to ComScore, 69.5 million Americans owned a smartphone as of Dec. 31, 2010—up 13% from the three months prior. Of those users, 68.8% used their devices to… 
[Read full story at MarketingProfs]


Infographic: Mobile Email Marketing
The use of mobile for emails continues to grow with stats suggesting that it accounts for up to 30% of email openings. This infographic from e-Dialog has some useful stats on who is using mobile email, and the kinds of emails people want to receive…  [Read full story at eConsultancy]

July 26, 2011  10:15 AM

Improve your SEO and Search Marketing with These Tips

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

5 Ways to Avoid Making Your Site Lose Rankings
SERPS (short for search engine results pages) refers to how well your site ranks when a consumer searches for a keyword in Google. On the other hand, PageRank is actually a trademark of Google, and it refers to how important and relevant the search engine thinks your site is – websites are graded on a scale from 1-10.  [Read full story at ePROneur]


Is Google+ the Ultimate Content Marketing Platform?
As we’ve said around here a few hundred times, smart social media marketing is actually content marketing. Why? Because people love to share content on social networks. If that content is yours, you’re being introduced to new people with every share … to people who now have an opportunity to know, like, and trust you enough to buy from you.  [Read full story at copyblogger]


Measuring The Effectiveness Of Content Marketing and SEO
Of the 14 posts in this content marketing series, this one has been the most difficult to write. The reason? Accurately measuring the impact or ROI on a content marketing strategy can be difficult and, while there are a number of really good ways to get at measurement, you’ll never get to measures like those from a PPC or retargeting campaign.  [Read full story at MediaPost]

July 25, 2011  12:11 PM

Best Practices to Improve Your Marketing Content

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

Less is more in B2B marketing content
How do you convert LEAD to DEAL in 4 moves? Looks like a question from a school entrance paper or from the puzzle section of the Daily Telegraph. Actually I have been working on that problem for both 10 minutes and for 20 years.  [Read full story at B2B Marketing]


13 Ways to Make Your B2B Resource Center Rock
Content marketers create and accumulate a lot of industry information. But one of the challenges they face is how to present all of this information in a way that helps users find the content they want, when they want it. 
[Read full story at CMI]


5 Types of Content That Every Business Must Employ
The creation and distribution of content has become such a significant aspect of effective marketing that it requires a high place in the strategy conversation in most every business. Some might go as far as to suggest content marketing has become the most effective way to build a business. 
[Read full story at Duct Tape Marketing]

July 21, 2011  9:45 AM

Tips for Making That B2B Sale

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

B2B Sales: Are You Playing Buzzword Bingo With Your Prospects?
If you’re in any business involving technology, there can be a terrible temptation for your sales people to fall back on technical language, acronyms and buzzwords. Whilst they may be comfortable with these terms, it’s likely that their prospects aren’t – but your sales people may be blissfully unaware…  [Read full story at Inflexion Point]


Sales Motivation: What to do When You’re New to Prospecting on the Phone
If you were in a job that was more relationship-based selling, it can be quite the transition to go to a position where telephone prospecting is front and center. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t lose hope.  Such a situation is rich with opportunities to refine your sales motivation and your sales skills. 
[Read full story at the SALES Hunter]


B2B: Involve Your Sales People in Social Media Marketing and CRM Now
In many B2B companies, especially those with a longer sales cycle (or buying cycle if you will), there is at least one division where employees meet customers and prospects without sitting behind their computers and campaign or CRM dashboards all the time: sales.  [Read full story at conversionation]

July 20, 2011  9:58 AM

3 Articles to Help Get Your Marketing Game On-Track

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

People Want to Connect With You, Not Be Marketed to
The lure of using social media as part of an integrated marketing strategy is very tempting. However, efficiently and successfully implementing that strategy takes a lot more than just building a Facebook fan page or opening a Twitter account. 
[Read full story at ClickZ]


11 Must-Subscribe Marketing News Blogs and Websites
The savviest marketers are constantly staying on top of the latest trends and news in marketing. Are you one of them? Keeping up-to-date with marketing news can help you stay ahead of the curve in your own marketing and keep ahead of competitors in your industry. So where can you go to make sure you’re in the know?  [Read full story at HubSpot]


6 Ways Twitter Can Help Your B2B Company Even With Google+
We often hear about the restaurant owner tweeting his/her specials to hungry customers or HP hawking its latest deals, but what the heck does that have to do with the B2B space? 
[Read full story at Marx Communications]

July 19, 2011  10:48 AM

3 Articles to Help Enhance Your Brand

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

12 Most Basic Elements For Building A Community Around Your Brand
Brands are bigger than the products or services they provide. They are about people, about passionate users and followers who share their experiences good and bad. A strong and vibrant community can make or break a brand, but creating one is not as hard as you might think. 
[Read full story at The 12 Most…]


A Brand is Bigger Than Performance
Not long ago, a popular post on HBR’s site, by Dan Pallotta, was headlined “A logo is not a brand.” That is a familiar enough declaration, and not far from the phrasing I use myself on the subject of brands. I clicked on the link expecting to find a familiar argument. But what I found was very different. 
[Read full story at Harvard Business Review]


Time to Get Emotional About B2B
There’s one question that I get asked regularly in social situations, when the subject of work comes up. “So, this ‘B2B marketing’ thing: how exactly is it different to B2C?”…“businesses have a different approach to buying things than consumers. They have complex decision-making units, convoluted purchase processes and extended buying cycles.”  [Read full story at B2B Marketing]

July 18, 2011  3:26 PM

How to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

A Consistent Customer Experience Requires Consistency In Managing Voice, Electronic, And Social Interactions
Customers expect the same experience every time they interact with a company — whether it be when researching a product, completing a sales transaction, or getting customer service — over all the communication channels that a company offers. They also expect companies to have an understanding of their past purchase history and prior interactions.  [Read full story at Forrester]


How to Evolve Your B2B Customer Experience Using Images
People tend to have difficulty explaining exactly why they like a product or experience, yet Voice of the Customer (VoC) is most B2B companies’ method of choice for driving customer input. But just try to answer these questions: What does your favorite brand mean to you? Why did you purchase the last gift you bought for someone else? Can you describe your ideal customer experience?  [Read full story at MarketinProfs]


Six Ways to Assess and Improve Your Customer Experience
As humans, we like to fool ourselves. At best, it’s a way to be kind to ourselves (“It’s ok to eat this on vacation!”) and at worst a way to maintain excuses (“I’m too tired to exercise”). As business leaders, however, it can be the worst kind of risky. When you try to look at your own project, business, or even employees without a sharply tuned critical eye, you end up with a viewpoint that inevitably provides some data, but not necessarily the right kind.  [Read full story at 360 Connext]

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