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March 24, 2011  8:54 AM

Facebook, PPC and Mobile Marketing…Oh My!

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

Facebook Test Mines Real-Time Conversations for Ad Targeting
This month — and for the first time — Facebook started to mine real-time conversations to target ads. The delivery model is being tested by only 1% of Facebook users worldwide. On Facebook, that’s a focus group 6 million people strong.  [Read Full Story at Ad Age Digital]


Half of Mobile Search Queries Have Local Intent: Bing Exec
A Bing executive at CTIA Wireless 2011 revealed that 50 percent of search queries on mobile have a local intent with users searching for restaurants, movies and other forms of entertainment closest to them.   [Read Full Story at Mobile Marketer]


How to Maximize PPC Campaigns and Optimize Landing Pages with @JoannaLord
This week on inbound now we have a special guest from SEOMoz, Joanna Lord. Joanna is Director of Customer Acquisition over at SEOMoz, an expert in PPC campaigns, and remarketing. She shares some valuable tips for companies using Adwords and some common mistakes to avoid.  [Read Full Story at]


To Facebook Or Not To Facebook, That Is The Question
E-commerce sales will hit $197 billion this year, per Forrester. But while Amazon has about a 10% share of that, for Facebook to generate even 5% of that total, it would need to spend millions upgrading infrastructure to support the retailers, buyers, devices and payment options that Amazon does, according to a new report from WebMediaBrands’ SocialTimes Pro.  [Read Full Story at MarketingDaily]

March 16, 2011  9:31 AM

Tips on Sales and Marketing and Social Login

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

Bringing marketing and sales together
What is it about uniting for a common cause that causes such disunity? Why can’t different groups within the same enterprise get along?   [Read Full Story at BtoB Online]


Rebalance B2B Marketing Budgets to Maximize Sales
While conducting research for my upcoming book, we analyzed B2B marketers’ budgets and found that spending trends for most B2B companies show that marketing dollars are spent targeting the wrong level of audience.   [Read Full Story at MarketingProfs]


B2B Sites See Big Rise in LinkedIn Logins
Business-to-business (B2B) websites share the same reasons to offer social sign-on to their visitors as business-to-consumer sites—a wealth of information on their registered users, plus the ease of allowing users to carry their identity around with them rather than forcing them to fill out yet another online form. [Read Full Story at eMarketer]


Who Do You Trust? Industry Analysts Reign Supreme
A SiriusDecisions survey recently examined which IT sources are trusted most by buyers during the buying lifecycle, and the results indicate not surprisingly that Industry Analysts and Peers are the most influential and trusted sources of information.   [Read Full Story at ITMarketingWorld]

March 8, 2011  4:00 PM

Email Marketing and Inbound Link Tracking Best Practices

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

How to Make Your Subscribers Stay in Your List
There are many reasons for having a list. It could be for news disseminating purposes, for your latest posts, for paid information, or most likely for marketing things around people who’re interested enough to sign up.
Whatever the reason is, list collectors agree on the same thing- we all want to keep our subscribers loyal and never leaving… [Read Full Story]


Tracking Inbound Links Improves Your Online ROI
Whether you’re spending money on banner ads or investing time on an email newsletter, it’s important to know whether your efforts are paying off. By using tracking codes you can determine which campaigns deliver traffic to your site, generate leads, and even get people to click on a “buy now” button… [Read Full Story]


How to Make Your Email Marketing More Human
Chris Donald of the Inbox Group posted last week at with some basic tips on making your online marketing more human. It’s a nice post full of common sense e-mail marketing tips which will not only provide a better experience for your subscribers, but generate more leads and conversions from your e-mail marketing efforts… [Read Full Story]

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