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December 22, 2011  1:51 PM

How to Make Your B2B Marketing Breakthrough During the Holidays

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

How to Make Your B2B Marketing Breakthrough During the Holidays
For many, the holiday season translates to shopping, socializing and stress. Research shows we spend more time socializing and shopping in December at the expense of exercising. While many B2C connections are made during this month, B2B marketing professionals are challenged to get their content noticed…  [Read full story at Marketo]


How Google AdWords is Becoming More Social
It’s becoming more and more difficult to lie in Google AdWords advertising, and social media is to blame. Let me start to explain this through a hypothetical. Imagine you are the advertising manager for Jif, the peanut butter brand. Jif’s brand slogan is “Choosy Mothers Choose Jif.” It’s a brilliant slogan – after all, what mom would dare serve just any peanut butter to their precious children?  [Read full story at]


40 Awesome Marketing Tweets From 2011
“These are a few of my favorite things…” Now that you have that song in your head, let me tell you a little bit about how I come up with some of my blog content. I try to follow as many really interesting people who write about (or simply share) interesting stuff in the world of B2B Marketing. And when I see a topic that I think I could cover in a new or fun or exciting way, I write about it.  [Read full story at B2B Marketing Insider]

December 15, 2011  10:07 AM

Learn Strategies to Enhance Your B2B Online Presence

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

10 Key Strategies To Make Your Website an Inbound Online Marketing Machine
In over 20 years in sales and marketing I have made many cold calls. Over the last 12 months I have not made one cold phone call or bought any expensive mass media marketing,  yet sales have increased and business is much more fun. Isn’t there a better use of your time and money?  Think of how your life might change if you were calling only on prospects who actually want to buy from you.  [Read full story at JeffBullas]


Applying Science to B2B Marketing & Online Testing
The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) suggests that our ability to persuade someone lies in their ability to elaborate on the issue at hand, and one factor that can motivate a someone to engage in elaboration is personal relevance. Recently I came across a B2B marketing case study on regarding this topic that revealed just how important personal relevance may be in motivating buying behavior.  [Read full story at B2B Ideas at Work Blog]


Does Your 2012 Internet Marketing Plan Include SEO?
In one day alone, millions of people search the Internet, looking for information about companies, products and services. If your Website is not fully optimized on an ongoing basis, you are losing out on a large pool of potential customers. Even if you have a great Website, it must be optimized so it can be found.  [Read full story at Business2Community]

December 2, 2011  2:40 PM

The Elements That Drive Search Marketing

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors
Search engine optimization — SEO — seems likes alchemy to the uninitiated. But there’s a science to it. Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors. Below, some major factors or “signals” you should seek to have.  [See chart at Search Engine Land]


On the First Page of Google? Now What?
If your goal is to publish a lot of meaningless content that doesn’t get read, then you’re in the wrong place. On the other hand, if you desire your pages to engage and help the reader take some type of action based upon what they were searching for when they found your site, read on.  [Read full story at PROBLOGGER]


Search Engine Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: The Showdown
When it comes to driving traffic to your website, there are a variety of ways to get visitors. The primary two that individuals and businesses almost always have a struggle with investing their time and money into are search and social. Sometimes the issue is convincing people why these are a necessity for a thriving business.  [Read full story at KISSmetrics]

November 22, 2011  10:16 AM

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Content for Search

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

14 Popular SEO Myths Examined
With so much misinformation about SEO having been dispensed over the years, it’s hard to know what’s true and isn’t true – making it all the more difficult to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff, as it were. Concerned about the potential harm misinformation about SEO can ultimately cause, I decided to compile an alphabetical listing of the most popular and persistent SEO myths, to either debunk or confirm their factuality.  [Read full story at SiteProNews]


4 Ways to Gain SEO Favor with Google
Google’s Matt Cutts wants to dispel the myth that Google considers SEO to be spam. He outlines some basic SEO best practices and strategies for marketers to consider. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be better off than most.  [Read full story at FindandConvert]


5 Press Release SEO Posts & 10 Bonus Tips for Better Google Rankings
Press Release SEO has been one of the most popular topics to attract Google search traffic here on Online Marketing Blog.  In fact, Lee told me he’s been using PRWeb (a TopRank SEO Client) to promote content in a news format since 2001.  [Read full story at TopRank Blog]

November 14, 2011  10:33 AM

Marketing Lessons from the Master…ShamWow!

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

SaaS Marketing Lessons from ShamWow!
I’ve never bought a ShamWow!, but I love their TV ads. The hyper-enthusiastic pitchman, Vince, tells me precisely who should buy the product, what it does, why I desperately need it, and how to buy it… all in 60 seconds! And what’s true for super-absorbent towels is often true for software-as-a-service…   [Read full story at SaaS Marketing Strategy]


B2B Marketing: Testing in Today’s World
Social and behavioral scientists have found that the increase in available communication methods (such as smart phones) has changed how we process information. Basically, many of us today have continual partial attention due to our lessened mind share. This week’s case study was a great example of the need for testing in order to see what works best to combat this continual partial attention and more effectively motivate your target audience to buy.  [Read full story at MLT Creative]


3 B2B SEO Assumptions You Should Never Make
You know what they say when you assume something? It makes a [expletive] of U and ME. The old saying holds true in a lot of situations, including B2B SEO. As marketing professionals, it’s never a good idea to assume you understand your target audience perfectly, assume you know everything your competition is doing or assume you aren’t missing the mark in some way.  [Read full story at Business2Community]

November 9, 2011  11:09 AM

CRM Best Practices for 2012

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

Move Over, CRM: CEM Is Transforming Marketing ROI
Customer experience management (CEM) represents an inflection point in marketing—one that marketers should be using to gain advantages for their companies and their customers. In fact, CEM’s role is increasingly vital in a digital world in which company reputations and customer loyalty can be gained or lost in an instant.  [Read full story at]


12 CRM Best Practices for 2012
Constant evolution of your CRM platform is important, but waiting until New Years day 2012 is not a recognised best practice. So if you are looking for practical steps you can take to get the best out of your current investment then look no further.  [Read full story at Collier Pickard]


A Bait Shop Lesson in B2B CRM: “Crickets Self-Serve”
whatever you’re doing in the B2B marketplace, please be sure the customer and prospect engagement experience is well thought out, lest it be you or a client who ends up with “crickets in your hair.” By that, I mean lackluster results or bad outcomes originating from CRM strategies that lacked sufficient customer input, resulting in lack of interest, lost repeat business and/or a damaged reputation.  [Read full story at B2B Ideas at Work Blog]

November 2, 2011  9:25 AM

Boost Your Marketing Efforts Through Social Media

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

5 Ways Commenting on Blogs Boosts Your Marketing Efforts
Blog commenting is underrated—few companies recognize that engaging and commenting on relevant blogs achieves marketing goals and therefore do not realize its full potential as a marketing tool. It’s a great platform for discussion and an engaging method of marketing.  [Read full story at Marketo]


3 Blogging Tips to Enhance Your Lead Generation Efforts
Corporate blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote your products/services and generate new business leads. A blog that is well planned and executed can help you enhance your lead generation efforts.  Try the following…  [Read full story at B2B LeadGen Tips & Tools]


How To Send A Power Tweet That Increases Engagement by 400%
It is estimated that every 20 minutes on Facebook, 1 million links are shared and each month 30 billion pieces of content are posted. On Twitter this hyperactivity continues with 1 billion tweets shared every week.  [Read full story at]

October 27, 2011  10:02 AM

3 Articles to Help You Engage Your Website Visitors

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

How To Use Video To Engage Website Visitors
We’ll cover the statistics first so you can see how website visitors engage with video and then, based on that information, review some practical ideas and steps for how to use online video to make your website sticky and engaging for your website’s visitors.  [Read full story at REELSEO]


10 Tips for Better Content Marketing
st week I wrote about the importance of creating and publishing original content as part of your overall marketing strategy (see Why Content Marketing is King). Today, I offer my 10 tips for better content marketing…  [Read full story at]


5 Ways to Humanize Your Company With Social Media
We call this crazy thing we’re all addicted to social media for a reason: it’s about people. It’s about developing relationships. So if you use social media to connect with your customers (or fans, or followers, or tribe…), authenticity is a must.  [Read full story at Social Media Examiner]

October 24, 2011  2:12 PM

20 Things PR Pros Should Not Do

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

20 Things PR Pros Should Not Do
Recently, Ragan contributor Susan Young showed us the 20 things a PR pro should know how to do, which got me thinking about the things PR professionals should not do—the things that will cause you to lose clients, fail to impress your boss, and generally stagnate in the industry. Here are those things, broken into four categories…  [Read full story at]


3 Ways to Increase Website Engagement
PR professionals (the good ones) disdain it because the spin-like practices of the few reflect badly on the entire profession. And marketing practitioners (again, the good ones) avoid it because they understand that building trust is essential to long-term business success.  [Read full story at]


What PR Pros Should Know About Intellectual Property
Because your job as a public relations professional necessitates your work product incorporating creative, original material, you are constantly dealing with intellectual property (IP). Also, because much of your work will appear in the digital format, whether as a Web site, podcast or audiovisual event, the ease of duplication and dissemination of such digital work makes it all the more important to know where the material came from and how it will be used.  [Read full story at PRNews]

October 18, 2011  9:31 AM

Best Practices in Social Media, SEO, Sales and Content for B2B

EmNichs Emily Nichols Profile: EmNichs

4 B2B Social Media & SEO Blunders to Avoid
There are some things that you can’t take back: including what you release on the Internet.  With over 93% of B2B marketers using social media, online sales has very much become a social business. As marketers we need to do our best to present as well online as we do in person (if not better).  [Read full story at Top Rank Blog]


Content Marketing Key to B2B Sales Funnel
With the average cost per lead increasing and marketers competing for buyer attention, traditional lead generation tactics are no longer enough. Business-to-business (B2B) companies are looking to content marketing to boost their lead generation efforts.  [Read full story at eMarketer]


B2B Marketers Moving Toward Online Content Strategies
B2B marketers are moving away from traditional marketing tactics toward online content marketing: 82% now use content marketing in their programs, making it more popular than search marketing (70%), events (68%), and public relations (64%), according to a report by HiveFire.  [Read full story at MarketingProfs]

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