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November, 2012

November 6, 2012  3:59 PM

All About the SQL Query Engine

John Andersen Profile: John Andersen

In my past posts I mentioned the SQL Query Engine that evaluates, plans and drives your SQL queries on the IBM i platform. For speed and performance you really should understand why using the SQE is where its at. Here is a good article that dives more deeply into the SQE versus the CQE engines...

November 6, 2012  12:08 AM

The IBM i Sucks

John Andersen Profile: John Andersen

Here is an article for you to check out: Of course the IBM i doesn't really suck, click on the article and find out why. -John...

November 5, 2012  9:13 PM

Getting Started With IBM i SQL

John Andersen Profile: John Andersen

In my previous article I talked about the virtues of moving from Query/400 to DB2 Query Manager, with the major advantage being you can use SQL and all of the features that come with it... But how do you...

November 2, 2012  5:55 PM

Time To Dump Query/400

John Andersen Profile: John Andersen

I admit opening up Query/400 (IBM Query for i) on the rare occasion to crank out a straight forward report. I think its more for nostalgic reasons because Query was the first reporting tool I learned on the AS/400 so many years ago. But my Query/400 use is becoming less and less and instead I...

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