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March, 2010

March 25, 2010  8:49 AM

Database Compliance

Brentembt Brent Hansen Profile: Brentembt

The evolution of the DBA in the past 10 years is astounding.   That evolution doesn't follow a linear growth pattern either.  I would say it is more of an 89 degree angle.  Every time I am...

March 16, 2010  8:29 AM

Completed Windows 7 Upgrade

Brentembt Brent Hansen Profile: Brentembt

My upgrade to Windows 7 is complete!  It is always the small things that hold the bigger projects up.  And yes, my "small thing" caught me off guard.  I use an air card for a lot of my customer presentations and low and behold it does not come packaged for Windows 7.  Nor could I find the...

March 11, 2010  10:06 AM

Leap of Faith

Brentembt Brent Hansen Profile: Brentembt

I recently made the leap of faith to Windows 7.  The install was painless, but installing all the applications that I use on a daily basis is where the “fun”...

March 1, 2010  8:29 PM

The tools for success

Brentembt Brent Hansen Profile: Brentembt

Hi, my name is Brent Hansen and I am a software consultant manager at Embarcadero Technologies. I spend most of my days and weeks traveling the U.S. listening to DBAs, developers, architects and IT managers express their frustrations, challenges, and wishes about the software that runs their...

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