Oh I See! Getting CIOs to view their jobs from a different angle:

April, 2014

April 28, 2014  6:58 AM

Budget increase mirage

Arun Gupta Arun Gupta Profile: Arun Gupta

In the beginning of the year CIO surveys depicted an upbeat mood with redefined priorities, business bouncing back, economic situation getting better and last but not the least IT budgets going up. This was the global optimistic view portrayed and shared by many CIOs that I spoke to also; and...

April 21, 2014  8:18 AM

Technology shaping human behavior

Arun Gupta Arun Gupta Profile: Arun Gupta

As a kid I used to watch Star Trek and marvel about Mr. Spock and the technology some of which is reality now. I also devoured (Isaac) Asimov, Arthur C Clarke and other science fiction fantasizing about the future possibilities that will change the way we live. When the internet made its presence...

April 14, 2014  9:13 AM

Sick IT, healthy life

Arun Gupta Arun Gupta Profile: Arun Gupta

I have been sick for most of the week; on Monday there was a niggling pain which I hoped would go away like it did most times. By mid-week it had aggravated considering I ignored not just the pain but also the cause which I was not consciously aware of. Once the connection was made I aggressively...

April 7, 2014  7:54 AM

Can big data deliver big insights?

Arun Gupta Arun Gupta Profile: Arun Gupta

The other day I met a CIO friend who wanted to discuss a tricky situation in which he had landed; he worked in an industry which was in the thick of being projected as one of the industries that will benefit from investments in Big Data. His CEO wanted him to build a data warehouse to rival some of...

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