Oh I See! Getting CIOs to view their jobs from a different angle:

January, 2013

January 28, 2013  8:58 AM

Risk, Reward and Recognition

Arun Gupta Arun Gupta Profile: Arun Gupta

He took a calculated risk with a new solution from a start-up vendor for a critical part of the business. The project started well and then ran into huge issues during a recessionary trend that hit everyone; under pressure the users started taking a cautious approach to every bit of functionality...

January 23, 2013  9:04 AM

Action, reaction or discussion?

Arun Gupta Arun Gupta Profile: Arun Gupta

Discussion The order was released to the vendor after multiple demonstrations and discussions with the business teams. Everyone agreed that any step is a step forward from their current reality; the vendor, IT team, and the users were excited with the new capability...

January 15, 2013  3:21 PM

A Strategic Discussion

Arun Gupta Arun Gupta Profile: Arun Gupta

Recently I had a very interesting discussion with a CIO friend. She is by most benchmarks a successful CIO who has a credible record of delivering many solutions that business has used effectively across her many assignments. Over a year back she joined a company that is well established though...

January 4, 2013  5:12 PM

The CEOs pet project or the Emperor’s new clothes

Arun Gupta Arun Gupta Profile: Arun Gupta

It was evident that the project wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry even though the CEO had endorsed and inaugurated it in a gathering of all key stakeholders. It was (had become) the CEOs project which no one believed in. The floundering state of affairs had the IT team and the CIO wondering on the...

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