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October 25, 2010  9:28 PM

Fork you OpenOffice

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

OpenOffice (Being run into the ground by Oracle) is now been forked into LibreOffice.

October 25, 2010  9:25 PM

Has Oracle ruined another company?

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

When Oracle purchased JD Edwards and company some years back, I knew that would be the “end” to JDE. The customer base was huge and loyal, but Oracle does not like loyal followings or people or cult groups hanging arounds it’s doors. Somehow in the doc com age they grew into a large unbalanced powerhouse with a semi-decent database that in my opinion is a lot more work than it’s worth.

Oracle has money, from where I don’t know but they do, and the like to buy companies. Funny thing was SUN was on sale and a good but. So good in fact everyone in Silicon Valley passed on them and Oracle decided they would throw them a bone. Personally SUN had ruined it’s own company from the inside. The management was living in a dream world and while IT changed, SUN went the wrong direction with Solaris and it’s hardware offering and it’s been a long downhill slide into nothing-ness.

With that said now Oracle, the lest loved tech company, now owns SUN, Java, OpenOffice, and a few other products and is slowly running them all into the ground. All this while the people who have maintained these products leave the company a dozen at a times. Apple announced last week that they will not be using JAVA anymore on Mac and when Apple parts ways with you it’s time to worry. Steve Jobs does not menace words. The “C” level idiots at Oracle had better figure out no one likes them in IT and they are running a few companies into the ground all this because they can. While I don’t say they don’t have the right to destroy these products and companies I have to wonder what the motivation is?

There is an OPEN LETTER TO ORACLE & some interesting reading HERE.

October 25, 2010  11:42 AM

Ray Ozzie Follow up….

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

Did I mention that I thought Ray would end up at Google? I know I did in the office a few times. Should have put it online.

Link:: http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/25/ozzie-future-google/

October 25, 2010  11:30 AM

JoliCloud to release a Netbook of it’s own?

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

Link:: http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/25/jolicloud-netbook/

I love netbooks, and I love netbooks that run Linux. Meego and Ubuntu are pretty good, but Jolicloud is onto something.

October 22, 2010  9:32 AM

Why the Windows Phone 7 is already dead

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

Talking about showing up late to the party…. The Windows Phone 7 is out and I would submit it is already dead or at least on life support. My next thought it how many of these will Microsoft give away to inflate the numbers so it looks like they are selling like hot cakes?

The Apple iPhone took the phone world by storm a few years back (2007). Today I would say it is the gold standard. Google dropped Android and has done a very good job of getting it out there and making the OS very easy to port to mobile hardware. The Blackberry is still a few years behind but still making ground in business, where the iPhone and Android fail.

With all that said the Windows Phone 7 is out, and I have seen all the demos online. I have not gotten my hands on one yet but would love to review a few of them. The saddest part is they do not have any way to managed like Blackberry and of course no mention of Lotus integration (surprise surprise!).

Windows Phone 7 looks like a hack job between the best of the iPhone and some Android in there too. They are late to the party and will have to spend Billions to sell it. Sadly I don’t think Microsoft has it in them to compete with Apple anymore. Apple has won over the hearts of the young generation in the world. Apple is the must have device and frankly while I am a Blackberry users, I long to own an iPhone or Android phone so that I can tinker and be apart of that movement. But even on my worst day would take my Storm2 over anything Microsoft has to offer.

P.S.- I owned a Windows Phone in 2006/2007 and it was a horrible little device. I am not using that experience to base the new Windows Phone 7 on, but lord knows that little Motorola Que was better off in the trash can than in my pocket.

October 22, 2010  9:08 AM

Lotusphere 2011!

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

I am all excited, are you? I want to know what do you look forward too the most when you attend Lotusphere. I know I am going to be looking forward to meeting all the awesome people I “chat” and “communicate” with over the web in the Lotus Community face to face.

I am also trying to find out what is a must see session vs. a session to skip? I am sure they are all good, but after bing at COMMON for so many years I know which presenters to skip unless I needed a nap.

Lotusphere has opened up the “other” hotels now so book away and let me know about your Lotusphere experiences.

October 20, 2010  8:57 AM

Ray Ozzie is leaving Microsoft!

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

Let me start off an say, it’s long overdue. Ray is a one smart dude but he stayed on the Micorsoft team a little too long for me. I would have to wonder why he stayed so long there?

If I were to interview Ray I would ask the following questions:

1. When you arrived at Microsoft did you plan on staying this long?

2. Do you think Microsoft understands the future of collaboration in the enterprise?

3. With such a disjointed product set, limited platform choices and them giving away products to beat companies like Lotus & IBM does Microsoft have the focus in the right places?

4. Why is Sharepoint a huge load of crap, and is giving it away the only way they can get it market share?

5. Does the rest of the world know why Lotus Notes & Domino, some 15 years later, is still a visionary application, while Microsoft Exchange & Outlook are one trick ponies in comparison?

These are the questions I would ask. Sadly I don’t think he would sit down with me after gettting to question #4, but I digress.

Good luck to you Ray and lets hope we see you land someplace that has more vision than pushing out average OSes with more issues than you can shake a stick at…..oh was that mean?

LINK – BBC – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11571046


1. NO
2. NO
3. Microsoft is a company without a vision. They are profit driven and could care less about the user.
4. Yes David, Sharepoint is th equivalent of dog crap in a box, no one will buy it but they will take it for free.
5. I am Ray Ozzie, I knew Lotus was awesome when I put pen to paper the first time!

Just having some fun is all…..


October 20, 2010  6:44 AM

Ubuntu 10.10 is fully cooked and ready to use

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

Being a fan of Ubuntu I would like to announce that Ubuntu 10.10 is out and it’s a perfect 10. Sorry, I could not resist.

LINK :: http://www.osnews.com/story/23890/Ubuntu_10_10_Released

October 18, 2010  9:08 AM

What to write this week?

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

It has hit me that after a this weekend while I was thinking about what I was going to write this week….I had nothing. I mean I could write about a few things at work that are bugging me about Lotus, but then I might be in trouble for doing that. There have been some very odd postings this past week about where Lotus is going and the future of Lotus.

I think maybe that is my direction for this week. To talk about what I know about the future of Lotus.

P.S. – Thanks for reading my blog and make sure you pass it on to others.

October 13, 2010  7:43 AM

Hello Enterprise Linux

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

After my last post about Microsoft I feel it very appropriate to share this bit of information. Enterprise Linux is again on the rise. If Microsoft does not get it’s act together Linux will take over the world.

“The Linux Foundation says Linux is poised for significant growth in the enterprise, some of it at the expense of Windows servers. 76.4% of companies surveyed are planning to add more Linux servers in the next twelve months. 41.2% are increasing their Windows servers, while 43.6% will decrease or stay the same. Over the next five years 79.4% of businesses surveyed plan to add more Linux servers compared to other operating systems, while only 21.3% plan to add more Windows servers.”

LINK:: http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/reports/7195/1/

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