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November 3, 2010  4:49 PM

Blackberry Reviews are a coming

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

Finally something worth blogging about. I have two new Blackberry units in the mail to me to review and will be looking at them, testing them and give you my opinion (as it is my blog) on the two new items.

1 Torch
1 Curve 3G

How cool is that?

November 3, 2010  1:34 PM

My stuff is old stuff

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So I got to thinking about the blog and I was also thinking about being an Admin too. So what should I blog about? What do the people want to know? What do I need to tell you that you will want to read? These are all things a blogger thinks about and in a time when people get more information from bloggers than they do from the LA Times, you start to realize this blogging thing is big time stuff.

So I was going to write about how not to blog, but figured my body of work on this site should be reason enough to know what not to blog about. Zing!

Then I thought that I should blog about how to do all kinds of neat admin stuff I think is routine, and then it hit me…most of you already know that anyway…or do you?

See this is the problem with blogging. I know stuff about stuff and I want to share it then I start typing and then think, they already know this stuff. Think of some better stuff and that is when I run out of stuff to type.

I would talk about Japan or F1 but as you can see by the title this is about Lotus, and that stuff does not fit in with this stuff unless I try really really hard to make that stuff connect with other stuff and mostly that is a stretch and can take hours to connect, so I just don’t.

Now I am sitting here with a pile of stuff I could blog about but would think it to “average” to pass on to you, but then I read it and think if I want new Admins wants to know this stuff, I should put it on here, and tag it with the right tag so you can find the new stuff for new admins.

So I might start doing that. Putting up stuff I think  you should know and calling it #NEWSTUFF for all the new admins out there who need to know stuff about Lotus.

November 2, 2010  3:31 PM

Fedora 14 released

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

Super job Fedora Team! Fedora 14 is released and out in the open. Download it here!

November 2, 2010  11:47 AM

Why do I need a tool to upgrade Exchange?

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

This seems like an shooting fish in a barrel, but I think it’s great BinaryTree has a tool to help people. They have a few for Lotus which I use now and in the past. Nothing wrong with a nice tool to help you get things done faster, but if I needed a tool to help me upgrade a Domino server from 7 to 8 I would not be using Domino. I have said this before, if you have to rip and replace the server to upgrade then you have a bad product, and that is why EXCHANGE SUCKS!

Link to a Link : BinaryTree

November 2, 2010  10:56 AM

Google sues the United States of America

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

If the headline does not grab you then you are dead. Yes according to OSNews, Google is in fact suing the US Government.

LINK :: OSnews Article

“That is without a single shred of doubt the most awesome headline I ever got to put on OSNews. This headline is so awesome I don’t even need to write anything else, because it would just detract from the awesomeness. Cue Johnny Guitar, with a lone wanderer riding his horse towards a Mojave sunset, after just having… Wait, where were we? Right. Yes, Google has sued the US Department of the Interior because its Request for Quotation regarding a messaging solution demanded the use of Microsoft software.”

Maybe IBM/Lotus should open a case as well and get in the mix. If nothing else the government needs to bid it out and Lotus would have fit the bill better than anything Microsoft would have offered. We all know that but to the Microsoft bigots at the Dept. of the Interior know that?

November 2, 2010  9:33 AM

Lotus Notes is cool – New web site

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

There have been some new sites, besides the Lotus site, that have sprung up talking about the positive things people don’t know how awesome Lotus Notes truly is.

LINK:: www.notesiscool.com

“Welcome to notesiscool.com, the site dedicated to promoting the world’s greatest collaboration client.”

“Notes is Cool’ is provided in order to dispel the myths about Notes being “old and clunky” and to provide a guide to some of the great features.”

Now I can agree to that and to all the Microsoft people out there, what do you have that can compete directly with Lotus Notes & Domino. I will go ahead and answer that for you, Nothing!

CIOs and CEOs need to be reading why Lotus is such a great product and how it can save you time and money where it counts in your business. Plus it is all new and better looking with tons of great new features that Outlook and other clients don’t have.

November 1, 2010  4:57 PM

Lotus, is it the answer to the Social Media in the corporation?

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

A lot of old established companies are in turmoil right now over what to do with social media.

I also think Facebook missed a huge opportunity by not selling Facebook as a service along with mail and applications. I am happy they didn’t but I thought that would be the next logical step for them. Bundle it all up and sell Facebook Corporate Edition so that companies could buy an internal Facebook that most people know how to use, put Web2.0 social media, video, files, photos, apps and communications and sell the crap out of it? Did I just give Facebook an idea they don’t seem to have?

When my check shows up I will let you all know….

So what is a company to do. The upside is Microsoft has nothing of substance to offer in this area. Again all you Microsoft people out there who think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, and you could not be more wrong, they have nothing to offer the brave new world of Web 2.0, unless you count ASP or .NET (which are both pretty much dead now.(Oh and C# is not doing so well either is it?))

So with Microsoft out of the way lets move onto who can provide you those Web 2.0 social media services.

If you guessed Google you would be right, and right next to them is Lotus. What? Lotus? Did you say Lotus?

You came to a Lotus based blog and expected me not to have Lotus in the post at least once?

Google has GOOGLE APPS, and it’s OK. It’s a suite of apps you pay to host by Google and then use them like you would the free ones only they are behind your own domain name. Kind of neat. My take on Google is they are a company that has nothing to sell but the tools they invented to run a company that does not sell anything but the tools they created. It’s an odd company, but I still love the idea of working for Google. They seem like a neat company that thinks and working out the kinks in ideas that have been troubling them for years.

Lotus on the other hand actually offers up a Social Media application called Lotus Connections that integrates, not perfectly, with Lotus Notes, Sametime and other Lotus products. I still think that in the next few years Lotus will move everything into Connections and call it Lotus Collab or something fancy but right now it seems very half baked.

So what to do with all this stuff? Do you embrace it and welcome it in opening up your firewall and allow those crappy good for nothing employees Facebook all day long? Or do you clamp it all down and tell your crappy employees to use Facebook at home? It’s a good question and to that I say embrace it like you did the phone on the desk, the computer, the fax machine(why are these not dead) and the Internet….embrace it because in the next 3 – 7 years every person coming into you company is going to know, understand and love these ways to communicate. Get your company employees smart phones and get them all talking about everything. Social Media is just like the phone or the computer, it is the evolution of communications.

While it is easy to see this now, what is next? What will be the next big communication thingie?

October 30, 2010  10:21 AM

The next step for Lotus

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

I don’t have an inside line to Ed Brill’s powerpoints or any kind of inside person at Lotus to feed me information, but I do know what the past has held and where I think Lotus should go with it. Here are a few things I would like to see Lotus do with the next few releases and while it may not be what you want or what Lotus wants there are a few things that will happen and some that are huge long shots.

  1. Lotus figures out a way to make a one stop web based client that can easily manage mail, chat, Quickrs and Domino Databases without having to know a ton about a client and how to find a DB on a server. I have seen Vulcan and I love it. Make it happen!
  2. The Administration client goes 100% web based so that Admins can run Windows, Mac, BeOS, OS/2 or Linux as the desktop.
  3. IBM and Lotus work together to offer a discount to people who put Lotus Domino on IBM Power Hardware using Linux or IBM iOS so that the best OS, Hardware, and Application Server is all being used eliminating all the underlying Windows based problems with random hardware, drivers, and OS issues. If you don’t pick up what I am throwing down. Windows sucks as a Server OS and has way to many variables that create issues. IBM Blade+Power+(Linux or IBM iOS)+Louts Domino = More Domino Stability . . . hope you are reading this Frank Soltis!
  4. The Developer Client needs to be multi-platform as well. Way too many people are coming out of college not using Windows. They use Macs mostly and then a close second with “geeks” is Linux. If you want to energize the developers to using your free developer tool you have to put it on a platform people are using. Windows in colleges is dying and it is time IBM and Lotus pull out the big wooden stake and drive it through the heart of Microsoft instead of playing footsie with them.
  5. It’s time to crush Microsofts products and stop playing nice with them about marketing. Microsoft is down on the mat and it’s time to start beating the crap out of them like they have Lotus. The problem over the past few years is that Microsoft takes the gloves off even when they are making it up, and Lotus stands by and plays facts and figures (Nothing wrong with that of course.) and it’s gotten old. Start hitting them like you mean it.
  6. Lotus needs to be more open in colleges and universities. What do I mean about this. Why not start paying for a few “Domino Designer” instructors to come in and teach it as a class and while you are there have a few Domino Admin classes too….for FREE! See what kind of buzz you can create. I think if you did this in 20 or 30 medium sized colleges or tech schools you might surprise the hell out of yourselves when the class is packed and has a waiting list. Show the power of the product without flooding the class with marketing jazz.
  7. South America and Africa are both emerging markets. In the next 20 years they are going to be HOT HOT HOT! It is time now to jump in both regions with your products and sell them like crazy keeping in mind that the marketing you use in the US and Canada will not work. You have to think like a person and market to them by being more hands on and willing to help with their business. They are both very tight nit areas of the world where family matters and you have to win them over with trust. They have to see you as family before they will trust you.
  8. Find small to medium size businesses that have or are considering Lotus and give them some free development & administration time from someone at IBM to get them going. If you infiltrate the company with useable application hosted on Domino and they company uses them, then you have your big fat foot in the door.
  9. Lotus might also want to find companies that are old established customers and offer some FREE or discounted services to make sure Lotus stays in place. Too many companies like the idea of booting Lotus out for something new and shinny when in fact the new and shinny is old and broken, only it is new and shinny to them….
  10. Take the marketing gloves off! It’s time to stop preaching to the chior and time to tell people who you are. There are too many IT people who still see R5 when they think of Lotus. Lotus is great when it comes to energizing the Lotus Geeks of the world, but you miss the mark by not explaining what you do to normal IT people who still think of Lotus in the same light they do a mainframe! Start marketing like you mean it.

Add some of your own in the comments and tell me where I am wrong. I will add more as I get them stuck in my head. Lets see if Lotus and IBM can address any of my wish list.

October 28, 2010  11:14 AM

Lotusphere 2011 – Sign up now!

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

I am looking forward to seeing some faces in Orlando this year, and wanted to remind you Lotus people out there that Lotusphere 2011 is right around the corner. Make sure you sign up now to save some money and get the hotel room you want. Good luck and see you in Orlando!

October 28, 2010  8:29 AM

Pretty Lotus Icons

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

This is worth a repost. I love pretty icons and Lotus has stepped up to the plate with pretty with version 8.

LINK :: Pretty Icons

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