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Oct 13 2012   3:35PM GMT

No Politics Here

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

So it’s been a while since I have posted here and I think it’s time I post something. Sorry for the long delay. I have a post I am getting ready to explain why I have been gone and you will understand the complexity of what I have been working on.

It’s another political season and with that brings out the political comments. I am NOT going to get political but I am going to tell you why, from a technical perspective, no one gives a “rats rear end” about your political opinion.

Other technical people, new and old come to blogs like this to learn something by stay in tuned with the technology they support.

That is it!

If you think a Lotus Admin or Lotus Designer is remotely interested in your political opinions you could not be more wrong then you are right now.

Sadly I feel into this trap four years ago when I was using my own blog as a place to voice my political opinions. Others were doing it was well and frankly it got way out of hand so much so the Lotus Community was permanently fractured. The people who are still posting political opinions are the people who IMHO did the most harm and continue to. Harm is a funny word what it does is alienates Technical Professionals who might have engaged you to ignore you.

This bit of advise goes to people who own a small business, have a blog and talk politics. Frankly I don’ think it’s good for business and wonder how many potential customers you drive away with your politics. The number is not measurable since the people who will not do business with you are never going to call you and say “I would have used you but you our politics are very different.”, they are just not going to call you.

As the Lotus community continues to retract from the political post they are not slowing down. So if you are a Lotus Expert or Professional and you have a blog….or just an IT professional….keep the politics to yourself and stick to what you know. Most people know who they are going to vote for and don’t care what your opinion is, nor do they think you can sway them. Stick to what you know….technology….no one is going to argue with you there unless you are wrong and that can be proven one way or another where as politics is a matter of opinion.

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  • BetterWay
    Good thoughts. I feel fairly free to share my politics on Twitter and Facebook but my blog is not the place; there's plenty of controversy to stir up just in the tech world.
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  • David Vasta
    I have stayed away from it on Twitter and Facebook as well. It's hard at times to not post or comment, but I find you are not going to change anyones mind.
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  • berntrop
    Hear hear!
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