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Feb 5 2013   10:32PM GMT

Blackberry 10 – The King is Dead…Long live the King!

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

Last week I was in Orlando at IBM Connect. I was able to see the new Blackberry10 get released . I was also able to play with it, touch it, and learn more about why it is the device that fits both of your worlds, fun and business. I can tell you it is a really neat device that is fast, and is a whole new way of thinking made very easy.

Full disclosure : I am a Mac Users. I have a 17″ Macbook, a few iPads, and iPod, and an iPhone5. I love my Apple products. They are simple and they work.

With that said the Blackberry10 is the device that will save the company. Yes, I said it, the BB10 is going to help turn around Blackberry and increase the sales globlaly.

There are a lot of people out there saying RIM or now Blackberry is done, over, finished, but they all fail to remember they still have a huge customer base. A customer base that is still growing and with two new devices about to come out plus the ability to manage all your devices in your Enterprise without buying anything new…can you say AWESOME!

The gadget heads out there only know gadgets are not able to measure the Blackberry. So if you look at it from a device level, then yes I can see that you would be explaining the soon to be demise of Blackberry. The gadget heads all forget about the companies, large companies that have invested in Blackberry, over the past 13+ years), because of it’s security and reliability. The gadget heads all forget about this part. They don’t understand business. All they understand is Angry Birds, texting and Facebook.

There are also the media tech types who have been waiting for Blackberry to fall, and while I find this to be nothing but FUD, it continues even after the BB10 launch. RIM started cleaning up house and reorganizing a year or so ago with the intentions of make the products and the company stronger. Any other company would have been applauded for this but Blackberry/RIM have suffer a year of people waiting outside the hospital room ready to rejoice when they pass away. In todays society I don’t know why we get excited when companies or people fail? We should want them to succeeded even if they stumble along the way. Blackberry will probably admit later that the Blackberry7 was not their best work and by no means helped, but it woke them up!

Blackberry has always been about making your data secure and connecting your back end systems to your front end mobile devices. They have made this very easy with the new devices and the new ways to connect.

Blackberry had a couple of missteps but they sat down and gave the world a good long think and came up with Blackberry10 and BES10. They are both going to change the way you do Mobile. The upside is for all you enterprise folks out there you don’t have to do all that much to get going. It’s the same reliable technology you have been using for over a decade. The new BES10 can also do MDM for iOS and Android devices. So no need to have that third party MDM laying around wasting more of your companies money. Throw it out! Use the BES10 (renamed from the Blackberry Fusion Server)

The Blackberry10 is hot, they are going to make you re-think mobile from the MDM level and the device level. Blackberry will not be able to win over the Apple and Android fan boys who don’t understand how secure mobile computing works, but they don’t have to. If you are a company and your IT shop is not looking at the new Blackberry10 for any reason you are clearly dealing with bias and prejudice and might want to rethink your mobile IT staff while you rethink your secure mobile device strategy.

There is a way to do easy reliable secure mobile computing and not sacrifice on the device side now and it’s call Blackberry10!

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