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Mar 7 2010   8:57PM GMT

Updates to BIND

Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor Profile: Dan O'Connor

There has been a new release of BIND.

DNS is one of those services that should really be patched sooner than later, the fixed bug list of the release is here.

--- 9.6.2 released ---

2850.	[bug]		If isc_heap_insert() failed due to memory shortage
the heap would have corrupted entries. [RT #20951]

2849.	[bug]		Dont treat errors from the xml2 library as fatal.
[RT #20945]

2846.	[bug]		EOF on unix domain sockets was not being handled
correctly. [RT #20731]

2844.	[doc]		notify-delay default in ARM was wrong.  It should have
been five (5) seconds.

--- 9.6.2rc1 released ---

2838.	[func]		Backport support for SHA-2 DNSSEC algorithms,
RSASHA256 and RSASHA512, from BIND 9.7.  (This
incorporates changes 2726 and 2738 from that
release branch.) [RT #20871]

2837.	[port]		Prevent Linux spurious warnings about fwrite().
[RT #20812]

2831.	[security]	Do not attempt to validate or cache
out-of-bailiwick data returned with a secure
answer; it must be re-fetched from its original
source and validated in that context. [RT #20819]

2828.	[security]	Cached CNAME or DNAME RR could be returned to clients
without DNSSEC validation. [RT #20737]

2827.	[security]	Bogus NXDOMAIN could be cached as if valid. [RT #20712]

2825.	[bug]		Changing the setting of OPTOUT in a NSEC3 chain that
was in the process of being created was not properly
recorded in the zone. [RT #20786]

2823.	[bug]		rbtdb.c:getsigningtime() was missing locks. [RT #20781]

2819.	[cleanup]	Removed unnecessary DNS_POINTER_MAXHOPS define
[RT #20771]

2818.	[cleanup]	rndc could return an incorrect error code
when a zone was not found. [RT #20767]

2815.	[bug]		Exclusively lock the task when freezing a zone.
[RT #19838]

2814.	[func]		Provide a definitive error message when a master
zone is not loaded. [RT #20757]

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