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April, 2010

April 12, 2010  11:53 AM

ATM Malware – Part 1

Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor Profile: Dan O'Connor

A former Bank IT worker has been charged with installing malware on ATM machines with Bank of America, the amount of money that he stole is not posted anywhere that I can find but it is above $5,000. There is no specific information about the malware that he used to commit the fraud. On a...

April 12, 2010  8:51 AM

Problems with BGP

Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor Profile: Dan O'Connor

From what I would think was a configuration error a small Chinese ISP effectively hijacked part of the Internet.

IDC China Telecommunication announced routes for tens of thousands of 
networks -- about 10% of the Internet. Typically this small ISP 
announces about 30 routes.
The bad...

April 7, 2010  8:21 PM

Miracle on Thirty-Hack Street

Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor Profile: Dan O'Connor

The Ethical Hacker Network has posted the results of the Miracle on Thirty-Hack Street contest. The answers are posted here. Here are the answers. 1) “What is the name of the following mathematical property? If a=b and b=c,...

April 7, 2010  6:59 PM

The Financial Management of Cyber Risk

Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor Profile: Dan O'Connor

This was posted on a couple of days ago, it's worth reading but you will have to register. Some of the statistic's in the report are pretty interesting and the shear amount of financial loss quoted is staggering.

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